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Crystal Blue

Do I really need to do this?... *sigh* Hello, I'm 4572 years old last never. I am a womprat and here's your T-16, fire when ready.


One day, eminent archaeologist and puzzle extraordinaire Professor Hershel Layton receives a peculiar package from a pair of princesses. Little did the gentleman know of what adventures and peculiarities awaited him... Standard crossover, with MLP:FiM. Characters will be added as the story is continued.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and all related characters are property of Hasbro inc. and creator Lauren Faust. Professor Layton is the property of Level 5 inc. and Akira Tago. Puzzles created thus far by the author (Russell Smith, a.k.a "Crystal Blue"), with one map courtesy of Google, 2012.

Chapters (30)
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Comments ( 130 )

There are a few things I'll read ob principle. Crossovers with my favorite games is one of them. Hope my hope isn't unfounded for this one.


Professor Layton?!

And puzzles?!


Here he comes...:pinkiehappy:
Dis gonna be gooooood.

Ok, this is fantastic! I would like to make a request, though. While I love that you've thrown your own puzzles in, it would be really nice if you gave the solution to each one at the end of the chapter, along with an explanation of how to figure it out for those who get stuck. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, add hints before each answer.

I saw a Layton crossover and I had to read it. I like how you inserted puzzles into the story, just like in the games. It keeps it like an actual Layton story. And, three alicorns? Is this a reference to Upheaval or another story, or is this foreshadowing? Dun dun duuuuuun! :rainbowderp:

Oh good golly...let's...let's read us some puzzle busting.

This is brilliant. Absolutely magnificent. The description and characterisations are astounding! The only things I can whine on about is that the puzzles are ridiculously hard ( I remember the games were easier) and that you didn't bring Luke along. I would maybe have ponified Layton - I guess most people have no idea what a human is, and would be startled, maybe even scared if one would show itself.

I love the Prof. Layton games, and so far I'm thoroughly enjoying this crossover. However, while I do love solving the puzzles, I'll admit that I'm only briefly looking at each one, especially since they're without an explanation as to how to solve it. Whether Layton explains it himself or if you put it at the end of each chapter I don't care, but I'd love to see how you can go about solving some of them because they're quite good.

And now I give a gentleman Spike, to show my love of this fic. :moustache: On second thought have another. :moustache:

Hello, everypony. The slightly nutty author here. I never realised that everyone would take so quickly to the story! (Waking up with 30 e-mails in your inbox after 2 months of receiving nothing but occasional Amazon and Ebay ads is a surprise, to say the least.) Many have requested solutions as we go. As I intend on releasing the story in three-chapter bursts, I will put in an extra chapter after each burst with solutions to the puzzles. This is due in part to not having anticipated the thirst, but also to make sure people don't just look at the problems, give up, look at the answers and go 'meh'.

Thank you again, everypony. May your days be pleasant!

Russell "Crystal Blue" Smith


I did intend on bringing Luke along, but a little canonicity stomped the idea flat, what with the events of 'The Lost Future'. I am still trying to gauge the level of difficulty for the puzzles, and comments like yours are helping greatly. I appreciate the feedback, it is very useful.

Thank you again!:twilightsmile:


It is a reference to an upcoming event in the show itself, namely that of Princess Cadence.

You,my sir, are a genius. But when's Luke going to appear?

Lol answered my own question


Of course, references shall be made to Luke. I'll see how the story flows and where would be best to include Master Triton. The one thing I would want to avoid is shoehorning him uncomfortably into the story, else it would just be jarring.

APPLOOSA!?! What was Luna thinking!

Well, it is far afield, just not as far as Celestia was thinking.

Great story, so much like the real professor Layton

Uhh.....Do you have the answers for Puzzle #007 through #009?


Excellent observation! Those completely escaped me. I have put them in their rightful place in the first solutions chapter, and you have been namechecked for your vigilance.

Thank you!

I think you also forgot to add in Puzzle #017 through Puzzle #019


Oh, consarn it. You're right. I swear I'm getting dopier in my old age... What?! I'm 23? When did this happen?!

Anyway, thank you again, and credit is yours to wield in the appropriate solutions chapter.

256377 I'm sad to say that things only get dopier if your not careful. Of course now I feel like a crazy old coot due to you saying that.... and I'm only 28 darn it.
But I'm loving this story so far. And my fresh new item just came in for use. So you shall have the honor of receiving this first.

Perfect. Now all we need is a PvsZ Crossover (somehow) and I'll be all set.

Beautifully well-written, and thanks for using his first name. It makes the whole thing seem more...professional(?) somehow.

Read the narration with Layton's voice; it makes the whole thing 20% cooler.

Mr. Big Hat. You, sir, just made my day. I don't know why, but you did.

Why do I think I know who it is, and Layton knows who it is, and neither of us are telling anyone because we are trolls?


Who knows? Maybe we're both completely innocent.:scootangel: Or maybe it will turn into a trollfest, courtesy of :trollestia:.


You might be onto something there, although I've never really played PvsZ. The one character that would go through a conflict for such a story would doubtlessly be Fluttershy.


I am deeply honoured. I shall continue onwards, to make sure the muffin is well-deserved. :twilightsmile:

Oh man, this is getting all my likes.
I'm sad that there's no Luke though...I wanted him to tag along.

I really miss Luke...his reactions to Equestria would be great :/

Oh good, an answer to why Luke isn't here. I was starting to get scared...
This has piqued the interest of my Layton fanboyism...watching/tracking!

I GOT MOST OF THEM! :pinkiehappy:

A little bit of a teaser for this week's (Friday 2nd March) unleashing: Guess who's back?

Oh, yes. Yes I did!

Russell "Crystal Blue" Smith

Possibly the best crossover story I've read to date... Good job!

Great story and I love the puzzles so far. I just want to make the point that your first puzzle here has two solutions. See also:

My recommendation would be to move the central windmill down a square, leaving your solution as the only one (and not significantly decreasing the difficulty of the problem). Love the crossover, still, and can't wait to read more! (Oh heavens, Luke is going to try and talk to Angel at some point, isn't he? That's a disaster waiting to happen. Or worse; he might talk down to Spike.:moustache:)

Either Layton is uncharacteristically stupid in this fic (he's found out more complicated things in less time), or he is waiting until Trixie is in front of a crowd to tell everyone.

Yay :yay: first! =)
anywho, love the story tracking, again ^_^


What makes you think it'll be Trixie? :derpytongue2:

287984 Double Subversion!


Magnificent! I have included your solution, and you have the credit. Thanks again!

:yay:Yay, update! I just got 'The Last Specter" yesterday and I'm so excited. Can you say if any other characters from the Layton series will be making appearances (as themselves or as pony versions) without giving away any big surprises? I think a pony Chelmey would be hilarious (but his personality better matches that of a donkey).


Hmmm, good question. I may be able to draw parallels of characters between the two universes, but I'll need to research the MLP character base before I can be certain. As it is, I'm releasing them in bursts as they're written (hence why this update is a little later than previous ones). You'll enjoy The Last Specter' (or 'The Spectre's Call' for us Brony Brits). It's very strong indeed. Thanks!:twilightsmile:

Dammit, now Not only are you keeping me from homework, you're making me add all the Laton games to the "Giant List of Games I must one day own!"

It's agony I tell you!

FIRST :yay:
Love the story plus I love the Layton games.
Good work :yay:

If Spike saw that, he would be jealous :moustache:

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