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Rapid Souffle was a bold bisexual bombshell. Crisp Press was the shy stallion who had a long, severe crush on her.

Rapid liked to party and flirt. Press just wanted to hang out with her.

Rapid likes mares. Press might just pass for one.

Spin-off from the Pounding Pumpkin series.
Collaboration between Viking Hoof and Digital_Hex

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Omg our collab's first chapter is out. So exciting! And First!

2823298 :ajsleepy: awww... But it's sure to pass so...

Oh jeez. This could be all kinds of hilarious.
Think of me as a girl, just with unusual parts...

Interesting enough. I'm in.

You've got my attention. As usual.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Oh for crying out-Press just tell her already.

2823534>>2823526 hey! Liking our collab so far?

A crossdressing colt going to a bar to hit up his bisexual best friend so he can hook up with her?

I'll keep track.

Best description I've seen yet. You win an internet.

2823631 I'd call this start a success, how about you?

Completely. Go check out the second chapter, it's on the joint account. PM if it's good to go.

2823298 I'm pro because I read that comment a few minutes after you put it :pinkiecrazy:

2823715 I seriously suck by myself compared to this, and all I did here was the idea and final adjustments... *sigh* I need more skillz

Oh well. How long until you think you'll be done tidying up chapter two?

"Bold bisexual bombshell."
I love that alliteration.

2824359 I can't access a proper editing device until tonight. Any sooner and I risk FUBARing it, but if you need it sooner I can try.

Is the title image an aged up babs?

It's supposed to be what Rapid Souffle looks like, but it probably is.


Her coat and mane don't look exactly like Babs', but they're close.

Interesting concept. I may have to read this... :trixieshiftright:

>A wild Waldo found you!
Waldo: If you do decide to read it, be aware that chapter two is being released tomorrow, effectively finishing the story unless Vikinga wants to add her clop chapter!
>Wild Waldo fled!

2824738 I can't think of anymore changes to make to second, but I have a hilarious idea for a epilogue.

Do continue, I like the concept

Holy hell, this is gonna be hilarious!!! And wow, he gets his cutie mark in crossdressing and didn't know it...:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Dude, this is going into my favorites, despite that it's in progress. Faved as well!

When are they both gonna realized that both Rapid and Crisp are bi? It's a whole lot easier to be bi than for one to say they are 100% gay/lesbian. I personally think that if someone says they are gay/lez, 9 times out of ten they are bi.

2827029 crisp is straight, and Rapid is shamelessly bisexual. Clothing preferences and sexual preference aren't the same thing.

nice story. is it over, or will there be a sequel? (or a continuation in pounds for pumpkin?)

Ah man its finished already?

Well it was good.

What if both rapid and crisp are in a relationship but they go out to the bars where they swing with either other couples or single ponies. Also crisp has to be in drag the entire time.

Ok, clop or not this needs a sequel. You two did a good job with the characterization and the interplay... and it cries out for more story. Whether or not it crosses with the series it spun off of (Press getting drafted into a support position while Rapid winds up in a combat division comes to mind) is immaterial. Heck, you even have a few months of time to play with these two before those events... just saying.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Crisp Press and Rapid Souffle in the future...

2827986 Press couldn't even pass the draft for a support position.

2827976 Crisp isn't a swinging kind of colt-filly.

soooo is that the stallion??? cause if it is, he really DOES look like a mare

i sometimes get confused for a girl, my voice is high pitched and i have long-ish hair......... It pisses me off how dumb people are, i don't even have a girls face

I want more. You are a really good writer. Both of you. So, what do you say???? answers: more, more, or, more :pinkiehappy:

yeah I figured that out after reading the fic

I for one am starting the prequel to Just Blink. It took some mental debating, but I will finish the first chapter for that before I return to anything else.

Wait, hang on. First the summary says she's bisexual, and then it says she likes mares and implies that she doesn't like stallions.

That's not what bisexual means.

She is bisexual, she just prefers mares to stallions. Doesn't mean she doesn't like them. It actually does touch on that a couple times throughout, in that sense of mares and then stallions on her preference list.

I'm confused about what the cutie mark means. Cutie marks can't change can they? and even if they could, what does swan --> rose mean?

The swan is a symbol of innocence and purity, the rose is a sign of rebirth or renewal. A bit of deep symbolism there.

“No, I, uh... I'm usually working and-”
“Wow you're successful,” Rapid blurted out.

Is that a Dick Figures reference I spot? :rainbowlaugh:

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