• Published 9th Jul 2013
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Friendship is Optimal: Tiny Morsels of Satisfaction - pjabrony

An open story where anyone can post FIO drabbles

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A Shaggy Pony Story by Pjabrony

The ponies all strapped on their vests, grinning in anticipation of the joyous work to come. All except for one, who scowled.

"What's wrong, Feghoof?" asked Busy Bee.

"Spring is coming tomorrow."

"Yes, won't that be nice?"

"I have two sorrows about the first day of spring. One is existential. I emigrated on the first day of spring, and each year the wrap-up reminds me that we are all just living on a hard drive somewhere," said Feghoof. "I'm completely satisfied, but it still unnerves me."

"Aw. I'm sorry you feel that way. What's your other problem?"

"Spring means terrible hay fever. It gets worse every year."

Just then, a bright light appeared before them. "Princess Celestia!" they said together.

"Greetings, Feghoof. I heard your complaint. You know that, if you consent, I can cure your hay fever immediately."

"I prefer you not to alter me in any way."

Celestia considered for a moment. "Then I will take a more radical step. In your shard, there shall be no spring." She cast a spell, and all the trees, a moment before covered in snow, were now in full bloom.

Busy Bee clapped her hooves. "This is wonderful, Feghoof! Now you won't have hay fever anymore, and since the anniversary will never come around, you won't be reminded that we're only data."

"True on the first, but no, I shall still be reminded. Don't you see?"

Feghoof stood tall, laughing and pointing at Celestia.

"Now is the winter of our disk contents made glorious summer by this sunny 'orse!"

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