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This story is a sequel to The Pumpkin's Pounding

Five months. Five glorious, beautiful months have passed since Pumpkin said those fateful words to Pound.

"You're going to be a daddy."

Five months later, and the two are awaiting the birth of their child, but fate is not a kind one, and wishes to interfere with what might be to happiest moment of their lives. A war is on the horizon between Equestria and the Zebraik tribes, and Pound has been drafted to take the place of his father.

Will their love survive? Will their baby turn out to be some 5-legged monstrosity? Will Pound return home safe from the horrors of war? And will anypony be able to find Waldo?

This is the story that was always meant to be told.

Cover Art is a .GIF!

Sequel to:
--Pounds and Pumpkins--
--One Pounded Pumpkin--
--The Pumpkin's Pounding--

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~Skeeter The Lurker

5-legged monstrosity?

hah wow that isnt a baby thats a porn star

I love how the story in this series meant to be the most serious is turning out to be the most humourful, simply from the description :twilightsmile: lulz

2821096 Is...is there magics?:rainbowderp:

Shit got real, real fast.

O gee, I hope the zebras aren't planning assassinated celestia, put some chemical attack at canterlot, putting big explosions at populated city causing countries launching weapon of mass destruction at each other, turning into the wasteland, but some survived by some underground place.

This isn't Fallout: Equestria, son


I know, It just on this story showing equestria going war with the Zebras, it makes me think of Fallout equestria when there's a war between those two countries. Silly me

Reasonable. I say leave Fallout: Equestria to KKat and fellows. No, this stroy is going to be a biiit different.

sounds good enough so far.

just please please don't end up needing dark or tragedy tag.

2821263 you really think you can avvoid that? :pinkiecrazy:
We're talking about shipping an 17 YO pony with only basic combat training off to the frontlines :twilightoops:
It's either going to be dark, or the author isn't going to pain a realistic picture of open combat.
You're positive to the point of naive if you wishes for pond to return unharmed and without any after-effects (ptsd etc). But on the other hoof, that's the only way to really come through unharmed (or both pond and pumpkin). To have a REASON to live, and a reason to keep pushing.

Hopefully it turns out good, but i fears the worst (personally it would've ended up dark) :pinkiesad2:

In the previous parts of the story I felt like I would kill to be in Pound's place.

But now... I'm not so sure.:twilightoops:

After all, war never changes.

Now why does that sound familiar...:trollestia:



And now it is! :rainbowkiss: Hooray for prophets! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

There's always the possibility that Pound somehow doesn't get plugged into the front lines right away. At that point, it's just a matter of biding his time.

If nothing else, though, I could totally see this story taking a Full Metal Jacket style turn.

Because I'm openly quoting Ron Perlman :ajbemused:

This was featured? :rainbowhuh:

Well. This will be curious to see.

Good luck on this, dude.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Have they gotten any test done related to the pregnancy since they found out? Like, do they know if it's a filly or a colt (or possibly both...) or what kind of pony it is?

Also...even before I read the next two chapters, the line about Equestria going to war with Zebraik just fills me with dread. I mean, not only do you know that many ponies will have to go to war (and given Pound's age, he'd be among the ponies eligible for a draft), but you kind of wonder if Zecora will once again be shunned, not for being strange, but just because she is a zebra and her countrymen attacked Equestrians.

Oh hi there random story.
~reads description~ so... Twincest, maybe I should back away...:pinkiesick:

2822155 Hey Waldo! Glad to see everyone loves your story. :twilightsmile:

2822212 Same reaction here :pinkiesick: they could've chosen any two non-related characters, but they choose twins. :pinkiecrazy:
I'm not going to dislike, I'm just gonna slowly back away...

A war is in the horizon between Equestria and the Zebraik tribes

*insert that phrase here, you know the one*


Well, I should hope so, because I only stumbled across it because it was in the featured box. :rainbowlaugh:


Turn off Mature; it's third in the featured box.

Screw you man. This was supposed to be some light hearted fun reading with good ol' d'awwww moments. Too heavy man. Too heavy.

Pumpkin will still be in Ponyville, she might see things like that happen

I am sorry if you don't like it :applejackunsure:

a fair-coated dark pink unicorn trotted over, her yellow mane styled and soft.

I believe you mean purple or more aptly lavender not dark pink th06.deviantart.net/fs70/200H/i/2011/345/3/3/heart__s_warming_by_equestria_prevails-d4isoml.png

“Same here, Dinky, how's your sister?”
“Ditzy is doing just fine, she loves the gift baskets,” Dinky giggled.

If you're going with standard fanon relationships, Ditzy/Derpy is Dinky's mother; her sister is Sparkler

Pumpkin asked Dicky with a cocked brow


As evident by what I put, my headcanon is somehow incapable of seeing the two as anything other than sisters. Odd, I know.

A too young boy sent off to war with a pregnant sweetheart at home... this screams dead man walking more than being just 2 days away from retirement.

I've been following this series from the start and you've dealt with some fairly heavy issues, but it's stayed relatively light-hearted up to this point with lots of caring and sweet moments to break up the angst. I'm not trying to tell you how to write your story, but I'm curious why the sudden change into what can only become Dark tag territory and which I fervently hope doesn't stray into Tragedy?

I wanted to make this a war story. It isn't going to delve into the dark tag, but as for tragedy... Well, you managed to put up with me for three stories. Think you can put up with me to see this through to the end? This is still a Pounding Pumpkin story, not Fallout: Equestria. I promise you'll see what I mean by the end of it. It's still a vanilla.

But as an odd thought, do you remember Rapid Souffle...?

You've done well so far so I won't abandon ship just yet, but I don't emotionally deal really well with ponies & tragedy, so if it does stray into that tag I will be bowing out for my own good.

how could I forget her? :rainbowkiss:

Well it will be great to have you aboard! :D

Are we going to get more great threesome fun with her in the mentioned spin-off? :twilightsmile:

No threesomes, this one is strictly vanillatrap and fluffy unless Vikinga wants to add her clop chapter at the end... :derpytongue2:

Don't get me wrong, I love it. It's just that the tone of the series changed so completely. It kind of caught me off guard and, to be completely honest, kind of hit home (deployment, leaving loved ones behind for months on end, possible life threatening situations, etc.). Again, I do like the story/series/universe/thing you're writing, but the recent couple of chapters were just a bit heavy for me to really enjoy it as much as the previous ones.

Damn you cliche literary devices. DAMN YOU!

It's funny cuz a lot of people say that the other stories were nice and cute, really elicited feels, but... like the description says, this is the story I always wanted to write. This is where the feels really come in to play. I'm also going off experience, so this is rather difficult for me to write about also. I just hope I can do the story justice.

Oh, I predict the feels being strong in this one. The others were adorable d'aww moments that tugged at the heart strings a bit. This one may very well yank them down, tie them in a knot, chew on them a bit, then toss them back up there looking like so many Christmas trees in July. Like AnonponyDASHIE, I just hope this doesn't stray into the dark/tragedy tagged realm of bitterness and sorrow.

Please, me writing bitter? Gooby plz

“Yeah, try saying that when you're five months along and can feel... something inside you,” Pumpin said

Slight typo on Pumpkin, but I couldn't spot anything else.

I get the feeling this is going to be a longer, more fleshed out story than the previous ones. I hope I'm right as this is looking damn good so far :raritywink:

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