• Published 4th Jul 2013
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Pounds For Pumpkins - Crescent Wrench

As Pumpkin's due date comes closer and closer, Pound is drafted into the Equestrian military to defend against an inevitable Zebraik invasion of Equestria. How will they keep their love together?

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Pounds For Pumpkins


Back Home: Part Two

“So your sister is Vinyl Scratch?” Pumpkin Cake asked Waldo as they trotted alongside each other. Pound and his parents were a little ahead of them. Pound was comparing his experience at basic with his father's.

“Kind of,” Waldo said slowly. “It's kind of complicated, really.”

Pumpkin cocked her head to the side. “How so?”

Waldo took a deep breath. “It's a long story, really boring. You wouldn't be interested.”

Pumpkin merely chuckled in response. “Nonsense, I would enjoy hearing it.”

Waldo cast her right eye towards Pumpkin. She was smiling cheerfully.

Maybe she isn't too bad, Waldo thought to herself. She nodded slightly.

“Fine, if you really want to,” Waldo sighed. “My parents kind of travel a lot, yeah. They have friends all over Equestria, though, and when I was younger they would drop me off with them whenever they went on their... adventures. Vinyl Scratch was the daughter of one such family. I spent over a year living with them when I was... six? Anyways, we grew pretty close and I started referring to her as my sister. It's just a sentimental thing, I guess.”

“That's... pretty interesting,” Pumpkin said, forcing a chuckle. She'd hadn't really been expecting that, but then again... what had she been expecting?

… Exactly.

Waldo took what Pumpkin had said as aggressive, though. She had her reasons.

“Oh yeah? Maybe I find you and Pound's predicament as... interesting.”

Pumpkin blushed faintly before growing slightly irritated. She was trying to show this mare some common hospitality and make small talk, and here she was practically insulting her!

“Why, whatever might you mean?” Pumpkin asked with a sense of pride, sticking her nose up in the air as she trotted along.

Waldo scoffed. “Besides being knocked up by your brother? How does that even happen?”

Pumpkin felt herself shake with a slight anger. Her moods were known to violently change lately, but she seemed pretty fixated on rage at the moment. If she wasn't normally more of a composed pony, she would have beat the insensitivity out of Waldo on the spot.

“How does love happen, you ask? I would expect everypony to at least understand the fundamentals of it.”

Waldo coughed. A nerve was being prodded. She knew if she continued, a line was going to be crossed soon, but-

“Oh, I've felt love before. Just not some fetish of a fling.”

Pumpkin froze. She was going to snap, she was going to freak out.

Calm down, Pumpkin, calm, she's just a stupid mare who doesn't know, she doesn't know, nor does she care, calm yourself.

Waldo noticed that Pumpkin had stopped and allowed herself a small grin of victory. She too stopped, and peeked over her right, expecting to see Pumpkin in a fit of rage.

She instead felt her heart sink as Pumpkin failed to keep from shedding a thick stream of tears.

Pumpkin's bottom lips trembled as her body wracked with shudders.

Waldo slowly approached Pumpkin, knowing she'd crossed that line. She always ended up doing it.

“Y-yeah, your right. You p-probably never did anything l-like me. Who am I-I to judge, falling in l-love with my twin for Faust's s-sake. Just a nasty fetish, right?”

Pumpkin sniffled hard.

“You think I never thought of that? Sometimes that's all I c-can think about, is w-why I chose this path. But it wasn't a p-path I just chose. DO you even get what I'm going through r-right now?”

Waldo gulped. “No, I-”

“You don't, at all. So don't j-judge. I don't expect you to understand what's going on between me and Pound, but... Don't p-piss me off. I want to give you a chance, and that's only because Pound sees you a-as a friend.”

Waldo winced at the word 'friend'.

Pumpkin took a deep breath in, trying to calm herself. The tears were slowing.

Stupid hormones, she thought to herself.

“I will do anything for Pound, so I won't be mad at you. But... watch yourself.”

With that, Pumpkin trotted ahead, giving Waldo a chilling snort.

Waldo lifted a hoof after her, but slammed into the ground, growling at herself.

Why do I always have to do that? Damnit, Warden, don't be such a... bitch, she growled to herself.

Waldo slowly started trotting back towards the group, keeping her head downcast as she kept a decent distance from Pumpkin. Pumpkin had cleaned her face of the tears, and was now laughing alongside her mother.

Pushing on, Waldo shook her head. She needed to work on her tact. She really did.

- - - - -

“Shut up, Sparkler,” Dinky growled as her sister sang alongside her and Pipsqueak.

“... K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

Dinky snorted. “You already know we've done worse.”

“And can't wait to rate your next performance, either,” Ditzy commented, an evil grin on her face.

Pipsqueak was aghast in horror. “You wouldn't!”

“We would!” Sparkler snickered.

“But I would never expect-”

Dinky's eyes shot open. She knew Pipsqueak well enough to know where his mind was wandering to. It was not a good place.

She stuffed a hoof in his mouth.

“Mmf mm hmmf mm mmrrphhmmm!” Pipsqueak exclaimed, completely ignoring the fact that his mouth was full.

Dinky rolled her eyes, imagining exactly what he would have said. A faint blush tickled her cheeks.

“Oh come on, Dinky,” Ditzy laughed. “Let your coltfriend speak!”

Dinky scoffed calmly. “If I let him do that, I don't think you two would leave much left of him.”

“Oh?” Sparkler asked, her interested piqued. “And whatever does that mean, little sis?”

Dinky cocked an eyebrow. “Do you really want to know?” Her voice was thick in amusement.

“Why of course, baby sister!” Ditzy said with a silly smile. “We care so much about you, after all!”

Dinky laughed before retracting her hoof from Pipsqueak's maw.

“Don't say I didn't warn you,” she snickered.

“So,” Sparkler started, “what were you saying there, Pip?”

Pipsqueak coughed before retrieving his signature smirk. It made him look like a cross between a goat and a foal.

“I was going to suggest an orgy, us four. Maybe you could put your mouth where your- well, you know.”

Dinky closed her eyes, grinning at her small victory over her sisters. Showed them to try and act smart around Pip.

A moment later, she heard the solid sound of two hooves impacting Pipsqueak's face from either side.

“O-ow...” he groaned.

- - - - -

“And this is the house!” Pound exclaimed to Waldo, pointing to Sugar Cube Corner with a hoof.

Waldo blinked. She'd passed by Sugar Cube Corner a few times before being drafted, but she couldn't imagine anypony actually lived there.

“That's, uh... neat!” she commented, trying to sound enthused. She was trying, she really was. Pumpkin's little scene earlier was cutting pretty deep with guilt.

Waldo glanced over to Pumpkin. She was completely avoiding eye contact.


Carrot Cake opened the door, and the five ponies all made their way inside.

Waldo didn't really know what to expect, but she had to admit she was surprised.

They'd came in the back door, and it opened up to a small hallway with a couch along one wall. There was a staircase heading up to their left, while an open walkway to the right led to the kitchen area. Straight forward led to the backside of the front counter.

Waldo looked up to see an open area, a banister set against thee second floor. It appeared their common area was there.

Overall, she was impressed. It was a very nice layout.

“Come on,” Pound said, trotting ahead. “Let me show you around a little!”

Waldo smiled sheepishly before following after him, looking around. There were a lot of pictures of the family on the walls, many of them dotted with a rather bright pink pony as well. Waldo recalled meeting her before, for sure. What was her name... Pinkie Cake? Pinkie Pie? Yeah, Pinkie Pie. She was.... odd. Definitely odd.

“This is the kitchen,” Pound said as he swept a hoof towards the kitchen. “Our pantry is also there, feel free to help yourself when you like.”

Waldo nodded as Pound spun around and trotted along the hall, taking him behind the front counter.

“This is the point of sales,” he continued. From there, Waldo could see the common area of the shop, with a bar along one wall and a couple tables dotting the floor. The front counter itself had a glass display, and was furnished only with a display tower and a cash register.


Another staircase was to their left, accessible from the front of the shop as well. Pound motioned for Waldo to follow him up.

Waldo glanced back, seeing that the other family members were heading up the other staircase already.

“Pound, wait.”

Pound stopped, looking back.

“What's up, Waldo?”

Waldo sighed. She hated confrontation usually, no matter what it was about, but... she had to at least try and do the right thing. Her father would have wanted at least that much from her.

“I... I was talking with Pumpkin earlier, and I said something I really regret.”

Waldo waited for Pound to respond.

Pound thought about it for a moment.

“So why are you telling me this?”

Waldo blinked.

“You're her brother, I figured I should say something-”

“But you didn't say the things to me,” Pound interrupted.

Waldo cocked her eyebrow, looking rather odd with only her right eye visible.

“Excuse me?”

“Look, I don't know what you said, but I noticed Pumpkin was a little upset. Between you and me, she's really shook up right now. I could tell right off the bat. A lot of things are going on for her right now, she's dealing with a lot. So... if you think you did or said something wrong... just go talk to her about it. Explain yourself, apologize if you have to.”

Waldo swallowed. Pound definitely cared for his sister, she could tell that much. She... she really felt awful about what she'd said to Pumpkin. She wasn't being fair.

“Thanks, Pound,” Waldo said. “I'll do that.”

Pound smiled. “Good. Now c'mon, there's more to show you!”

With that, Pound led her on a quick viewing of the upstairs, ending in the common room. Two couches along with a large sitting chair circled the open room, a small table in the middle. One wall indeed ended in a railed balcony that opened up to the hallway below. A window was set in the wall above the hall, and from the common room it gave a beautiful view of Ponyville's market square.

“It's a really nice house, Pound,” Waldo commented. Pumpkin was lounging on one of the couches, eyes closed. The parents were back downstairs, setting up for sales. The shop couldn't stay closed for forever, after all.

“Yeah, dad and I did a lot of remodeling after auntie Pinkie Pie moved out,” he chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. He glanced at his sister before looking back at Waldo.

“Hey, I'm going to go see if anything much has changed here, see if Pumpkin did anything different with the room... you can wait here, I guess.”

He cocked his head over to Pumpkin while he said this, making his intended point clear. With that out of the way, he slipped his way towards his old bedroom.

The earth pony coughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of one of her legs. She and Pumpkin Cake were the only ones in the room.

“Yes?” Pumpkin asked, audibly irritated.

Waldo sighed. “Look, I'm sorry that we got off on the wrong hoof earlier.”

Pumpkin opened an eye, glancing at the other mare.

Waldo was blushing profusely, refusing to make eye contact. Obviously, apologizing wasn't necessarily something she was used to.

Pumpkin flicked a hoof, as if saying go on.

“I know it's not my place to say anything about your relationship with your brother, and I'm... sorry that I was being a bitch earlier.”

Waldo sighed.

“Your brother is a great guy, and I can tell just how much he cares about you. If it means anything to you, I'm somewhat happy for you two.”

Pumpkin couldn't help but smile. And here she'd thought Waldo was just a common douche.

“Thank you,” Pumpkin said. “And Waldo?”

Waldo looked at her with a quiet grunt.

“You don't need to share anything about your family with me if you don't want to. That's... that's your personal information, and I'm sorry for prying.”

Waldo chuckled.

“Nah, it's fine. Just don't go asking about my love life, and you'll stay sane.”

Pumpkin's ears perked at that.

“Love life, you say?” she asked with a wicked grin.

“No, no,” Waldo murmured as she took a step back. “I really don't want to talk about it.”

Pumpkin laughed. “If you insist.”

Raising herself from the couch, Pumpkin rolled onto her hooves. She gave a slight huff of exertion before making her way down the hall.

“Come on, Waldo,” Pumpkin said as she passed the white mare. “I'll show you the room you can stay in.”

Waldo smiled.

They really weren't so bad at all.