• Published 4th Jul 2013
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Pounds For Pumpkins - Crescent Wrench

As Pumpkin's due date comes closer and closer, Pound is drafted into the Equestrian military to defend against an inevitable Zebraik invasion of Equestria. How will they keep their love together?

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Pounds For Pumpkins


Doves Cry: Part One

Pumpkin hummed to herself as she finished washing up the last bowl from the sink. The day had been busy, so she wanted to be very thorough as she went through her standard procedure for cleaning. She looked at the bowl again, carefully. She checked it twice to make sure it was nice, then after wiping it dry she set it aside.

Smiling to herself, she pulled the plug in the sink, letting all of the yucky water swirl away down the drain. She wiped her hooves off, putting away the dishes where they went before giving the kitchen a once-over, immediately followed by a sweep from the broom, levitating it with precision. In the end, the room was immaculate, just as she always left it.

Letting out a long-deserved sigh of relief at her work, she left the room, pulling herself up the stairs of the house, her legs tensing up. Her back was really tight, too. She'd have to ask Pound if he could give her a back massage.

Making her way over the final step, she noticed Pound laying along the couch in the upper landing, reading a book. She grinned, trotting over before climbing int the couch next to him. She snuggled up next to him.

He responded by moving away, making ample room for her. Pumpkin frowned. She wanted to snuggle!

She scooted closer to him. He responded almost in sync by scooting slightly away, not even looking up from his book. It was a Daring Do title. Pumpkin growled.

“Pound, I'm trying to sit with you,” she said, irritated.

“I know,” he murmured, still engrossed in the text. He hadn't read anything since he left for basic, and sweet Celestia he'd missed the act! He flipped the page excitedly, following Daring Do as she narrowly escaped a collapsing temple.

Pumpkin huffed. “Then why do you keep scooting away?”

Pound opened his mouth, but-

He tore himself from the book, looking at Pumpkin. What was he doing, again?

“I'm sorry? What's up?”

Pumpkin rolled her eyes, letting herself clamber off of the couch, upset. “Nothing, Pound. Go back to your book.”

Pound set down the book. “Wait, Pumpkin! I was distracted, what were you saying?”

Pumpkin didn't even look back as she let herself into their bedroom.

“Don't worry about it!” she barked before disappearing through the threshold. Pound groaned before falling back into the couch, rubbing his temple.

“What did I do this time?” he grumbled to himself.

Pumpkin had been acting like this all day after he'd returned from running deliveries with Waldo. She was rather cross with him, it seemed. At least, from what he could tell anyways. It was almost as if she was angry with him about... something.

He closed his eyes as the dream he'd had the night before flashed through his mind. He cringed as he saw himself with Waldo. He almost felt guilty about it all, even if it all had just happened in his head. And then...

“Maybe I'm not ready for a foal!”

He cracked his eyes open, the murky brown orbs misting over.

Why? Why did he agree with himself. Why did he suddenly feel... unsure?

He sighed, letting his head hang back. Pound let out a strangled sigh, flopping his hooves away from him.

“Why am I suddenly thinking about all of these things,” he groaned.

“What things?”

Pound snapped his head to the side, relaxing a bit when he saw it was only Waldo. She must have came out of her room.

“Oh, nothing,” he mumbled as Waldo trotted over, sitting on the far side of the couch. She gave him a concerned look.

“Uh, dude? You should have just seen yourself, you looked like you were about to break down into tears.”

Pound rolled his eyes. “Says the mare who was in hysterics last night.”

Waldo blushed faintly, growling. “I said forget about that!”

Pound cracked a wry grin. “Ah, so you weren't too drunk to forget it all?”

“No, I wasn't!” she barked. Pound raised his hooves in defeat.

“If you say so,” he said.

Silence overtook them as they let themselves wind down. They'd both had a busy day.

After a spell, Waldo piped up, her voice rather quiet.

“Pound, were you... be honest with me. Why are you suddenly freaking out so much about being a father?”

Pound didn't react at first. Slowly, though, he reached up and gently massaged his temple with his hoof.

“I... I don't know,” he admitted.

Waldo looked at him, concerned.

“You seemed so excited about it before,” Waldo said softly. “Is... does it have to do with Pumpkin?”

He shot her a look.

“No,” he said firmly. “It has nothing to do with Pumpkin,” he said confidently. “I just...”

He struggled to speak what was on his mind, but in the end...

… In the end, what was on his mind, really?

“Just... drop it, okay?” he said.

Waldo stared after him. She wanted to say something, but-

“Okay?” he repeated, irritated.

Waldo swallowed. She'd never seen him angry, but... he seemed like he was getting angry.

She slowly pushed herself up, trotting back to her room.

“Alright, whatever dude.”

She trotted into her room, closing the door.

Pound let his head drop back against the back of the couch, groaning in aggravation. He tried to let himself calm down, and once again it was silent.

In the silence, he could barely register the sound of a sobbing mare.