• Published 4th Jul 2013
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Pounds For Pumpkins - Crescent Wrench

As Pumpkin's due date comes closer and closer, Pound is drafted into the Equestrian military to defend against an inevitable Zebraik invasion of Equestria. How will they keep their love together?

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Pounds For Pumpkins


Hitting The Fan

“Pound, no...” Waldo murmured as she breathed heavily, Pound's hoof working roughly between her thighs.

“I know you want it,” Pound whispered seductively into Waldo's ear, making her shiver.

“That's... not the point,” she hissed, grabbing his hoof. She wanted to remove it, she really did, but-

She pulled it further in, making her gasp. Pound snickered.

“Told you.”

Pound flicked his tongue along Waldo's ears, trailing it down and swirling it around the inner folds.

Waldo shuddered as she let out a shrill moan. He was good, he was really good-


The two stopped immediately to see Pumpkin in the doorway, a horrified look on her face.

“What are you- how could...” she sputtered, disbelief at the scene before her.

“Pumpkin, I can explain!” Pound tried t say, but Pumpkin cut him off.

“Explain what, you can't even stay faithful to your own mare and child?!”

Pound huffed.

“Maybe I don't even want the child.”

Pumpkin gasped in horror.

“What did you just say?”

Waldo backed away slowly.

“Maybe I'm not ready for a foal!” he screamed.

Pumpkin roared at him before charging over, striking him across the face with her hoof-

With a jolt, all three ponies shot up from their sleep, wide awake.

“What the hell,” Pound muttered as he rubbed the side of his jaw. The dream had been so... realistic.

Pumpkin, however, was trying to control her breathing.

It was just a dream, Pumpkin, it was just a dream...

Meanwhile, Waldo blinked groggily, looking down between her thighs before sighing heavily. The sheets were drenched in her... arousal.

“That was... some dream,” she muttered.

She bundled the sheets together as she tried to shake herself awake. Tossing them in a pile in front of the bed, she peeked out of her room to make sure the hallway was secure.

Nopony seen.

Spying the bathroom door only a few paces away, she dived out, determined to clear the distance-

Pumpkin waddled out of the bedroom, yawning deeply.

They both froze when they spotted the other. A brief moment of awkward tension was shared as the smell of Waldo's dream wafted between them.

Pumpkin mechanically pointed towards the bathroom, a void expression on her face.

“Please, carry on.”

Waldo jumped into the bathroom, shutting the door with a click. A moment later, the shower sprang to life.

Curious, Pumpkin peeked her head into the guest bedroom. Sure enough, the room was thick with Waldo's scent and the bed sheets were balled up at the foot of the bed.

She sighed before heading back to the bathroom. She rapped twice on the door before cracking it open slightly.

“Waldo, did you have an... accident?”

The white mare peeked out from behind the shower curtain.

“I- I'll clean it up! I swear!” she promised.

Pumpkin nodded before leaning back out, closing the door softly. As soon as it clicked shut, though, she let her forehead drop against it with a great huff.

“Was it... really just a dream?” she asked herself quietly. “What if... what if he really...”

And with that, much like when she was younger, a seed had been planted deep within her mind.

- - - - -

A few hours later, and Sugar Cube Corner was rife with business. Waldo had agreed to help out, and was getting quite flustered working the front counter with Pumpkin.

“Wait, you said extra sprinkles on twelve of those?” she asked an inpatient customer for the third time.

The snooty mare groaned before cutting in front of Pumpkin's current customer, questioning the orange unicorn.

“I say, does all of your help suffer from this much incompetence? You shall be the one to assist me!”

Pumpkin looked at the visibly worked up Waldo, who was at the moment looking down at the floor with a mixture of embarrassment and anger. Pumpkin sighed, flipping to a new page of her memo book.

“Waldo, maybe you should go see if they need help in the kitchen.”

Wordlessly, Waldo slunk back into the kitchen as Pumpkin picked up her slack.

In the kitchen, Carrot and Cup were frantically running around. Carrot was running between the order counter, calling out requests as Cup was putting her multi-tasking skills to the test, making sure all of their current products were running smoothly.

Cup glanced at Waldo.

“Why hello, dear! I thought you were helping out Pumpkin!”

Waldo rubbed the back of her neck awkwardly.

“She sent me back here. I guess I'm no good with other ponies,” she admitted.

Cup nodded, not really all surprised. Waldo seemed a little... unsuited for customer service, to say the least.

“I see. How about you go find Pound, see if he needs help. We've got it pretty handled back h- COOKIES ARE DONE!”

As Cup Cake rushed around excitedly, Waldo trotted out of the kitchen. Last she'd heard, Pound was running deliveries.

She stepped out the back door of the building, deciding to grab some fresh air-

A blast of wind threw her backwards as Pound landed on the ground, already grabbing another prepared stack of orders.

He glanced at Waldo before realizing that there was indeed another pony nearby. He immediately retracted his wings.

“Oh, hey Waldo. What's up?”

He set the small package down. He figured he would put a remote order's products in a box and wrap it in a thing sheet for him to carry it by. It had been working very well, and he was rushing order after order as fast as they were called in. After the guard training, he was running better than ever.

Waldo felt her face flush gently as she looked at Pound. His chest was chiseled and defined, the muscles around his body tight and pumped. He didn't have to be a particularly big pony for her to note that he was extremely toned and-

She shook her head. No, Waldo, no.

She pushed the dream from the night before out of her mind, returning her gaze to Pound. His brown eyes blinked as he waited for her to say something.

“Just curious if you needed some help,” she said evenly.

Pound smiled, an obvious wave of relief washing over his face. He visually relaxed.

“Thank Luna, I was getting exhausted!” he admitted. He pointed at a stack of five more packages, plus the one he was ready to grab.

“There's just this stack here, and then all of the call-ins we've received so far will be done! You want to help pass them out?”

Waldo nodded, trotting over and picking up a package with her teeth, biting the fabric knot on top.

“Wherf fis un foo?” she asked.

Pound looked at the wrap, a hastily hoof-scrawled note pinned to it. He rolled his eyes when he read it.

“Looks like we're going to be paying Pipsqueak a visit,” he grunted as he read the recipient of the package he was holding. He snorted before rummaging through the other packages. His bewilderment grew as he went through package after package.

Finally, he facehoofed. “Guess all of these are for Pipsqueak. Why couldn't he just come into the shop and order these?!”

He huffed before flipping his wings out. He then glanced at Waldo, realizing his company was only an earth pony. He laughed nervously before folding his wings back against his sides. He opted to sling the package around his neck, an action that Waldo copied.

“Well, let's get going then.”

Together, the two set off. Pipsqueak lived a good trot away, so Pound decided to try and strike up a conversation.

“So, how're you liking the shop?” he asked the mare.

“It's... okay,” she commented. She was starting to have flashbacks to the dream last night. Her face was getting red.

“Yeah, it gets a little stressful at times but it's pretty fun. Customers weren't too bad, right?”

“Not... too bad,” she said quietly. She could imagine him leaning against her, nibbling on her ear.

“Good. I always worry about Pumpkin dealing with them by herself, but if you say it isn't that bad then it makes me feel better.” He smiled. “So what's up with you recently?”

Waldo responded by drooling lightly, eyes squinted as she imagined where the dream might have gone, Pound propping her up, fondling her flank, flipping out his tool and-


Waldo froze, looking around. Pound had stopped a few paces back, looking at her curiously. Her face was afire with a scarlet flush, her breathing rather heavy and a gleam in her eye.

“Y-yeah?” she asked, trying to sound cool and collected.

“You alright?”

She laughed. “Of course, never better!”

Pound shrugged before turning to his right, heading towards a plain brown home.

“Then come on, you passed Pip's house.”

She did a double-take. How'd she already pass it?! They'd only been trotting for... only for...

Waldo facehoofed as she realized she couldn't remember how long they'd been moving. She'd been... too distracted, obviously.

She hurried to catch up to Pound, who was knocking on the door. No response. Growling, he knocked on the door again.

The door slowly cracked open, not having been closed fully.

Pound shrugged before pushing it open all the way, trotting in. Instantly, he clutched his nose.

The house reeked of Pipsqueak!

“Great Celestia,” Pound muttered. “What did he do, stuff his spunk in every nook and cranny this house has?”

Waldo nearly gagged as she entered. She knew Pipsqueak could get excited, but this...

The two froze when they heard the sharp moan of a mare upstairs. Pound facehoofed.

He climbed the stairs, swinging open the door he knew to open to Pipsqueak's bed.

Pipsqueak was on his back, Dinky sprawled atop of him. His head hung upside-down over the edge of his bed.

“Delivery,” Pound said loudly, leaning on the door frame.

Pipsqueak looked up, lighting up when he saw the packages. Dinky yelped before scrawling backwards. When she saw it was Pound, though, she relaxed a bit. Pound was an okay stallion.

“Yes! The party can start now!” Pip hollered and whooped, trying to push himself up. Instead he fell down, knocking his head against the floor with a solid CLUNK!

“Do I need to go grab the ibuprofen?” Pound deadpanned, smirking slightly at his friend's odd behavior. It was rather endearing, now that he was used to it.

“Not yet!” Pipsqueak yelled at nopony in particular, staggering over to Pound. “But after a couple more rounds- *hyuk* I might!”

Pound directed his unimpressed gaze to Dinky. She smiled innocently.

“Drunk? Really?”

Dinky shooed him off. “Oh come on, he's more fun when he's like this!”

“I thought you hated it when he got himself drunk?”

Dinky giggled. “When he's a complete idiot, yes. But right now, where the only thing impaired is his motor skills, he knows exactly what he's doing.” She bit her lips as she chuckled. “Exactly what he's doing.”

“AAAND THIS IS AWKWARD,” Pound said loudly, slipping off the package and taking Waldo's as well.

“Just pay up, and you two can... enjoy your kink all to yourselves.”

Dinky scoffed. “Says the one who knocked up his sister.”

Pound visually deflated. This wasn't lost on anypony in the room. Pipsqueak, drunk as he was, shot Dinky a disapproving glare before slinging a hoof around his best mate.

“Come on, it was a joke, Pound. S'not like it's ANY-” he shot Dinky another glare, “of our positions to judge ya. I mean, yer gonna be a daddy! That's great, right!”

Pound shuddered at the thought.

“Oh, uh... yeah.”

Waldo looked at him curiously, noticing his sudden discomfort.

“So there we go!” Pipsqueak said before adopting a serious face as he shoved a hoof towards Pound. “Now shut up and take my bits.”

He dropped a bag of bits into Pound's hoof before taking the packages, giggling to himself. Opening a package up, he pulled out a lovely heart shaped cookie. He turned on Dinky with an evil smirk on his face.

“Now where were we about showing our love?”

Dinky's eyes went wide as her pupils shrank.

“Pipsqueak, what are you-”

“FEEL MY LOVE!!!” he cried as he hurled the cookie at Dinky. It shattered against the wall a good leg distance away from Dinky, sending bits of cookie flying all directions.

“What are you doing, Pip!” Pound shouted, trying to grab at Pipsqueak as he readied another cookie. Pipsqueak easily side-stepped, throwing his baked affection back at Dinky. His shot was lousy again, and almost hit the ceiling before raining down over the foot of his bed.

“LOVE HURTS!” he cackled, trying to grab another cookie. Pound growled before smacking Pip's temple and the base of his neck simultaneously. Pip fell down, snoozing softly. Pound learned about that weakness during basic, after a rather... stressful day of training.

Dinky breathed out a sigh of relief. As sweet as Pip was at times, she really didn't want to be spiked full of cookies.

“I'll bring the other boxes over,” Pound told Dinky, who nodded as she climbed out of the bed to poke at Pipsqueak's side. He giggled and rolled over, out of it.

Waldo followed after Pound as he left the house, catching up to walk by his side.

“What was that in there?” she asked him.

“He was being an idiot, I was tired of-” he started, but Waldo cut him off.

“Not that, the... you locked up when they mentioned you being a father. What... what was that about?”

Pound shivered involuntarily. “N-Nothing.”

Waldo rolled her eyes.

“Pound, I know what nothing is. This is definitely not nothing.”

Pound sighed.

“It's just... it was exciting, at first but... I don't know if I'm ready... you know?”

She nodded as the scene from her dream played in her mind.

“Yeah...” she murmured. “I just hope Pumpkin doesn't...”