• Published 4th Jul 2013
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Ponyframe - SolidFerret

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All of the ponies gathered on the balcony once more to see the arrival of their friend. Fluttershy awaited eagerly for her friends return. Spike looked while still being hugged by Rarity. Pinkie bounced up and down while Rainbow Dash flew out and met the drop ships as they once more, approached the balcony.

Excalibur and Twilight landed down safely. Flash Sentry ran up and hugged Twilight, who was taken back a little but returned the hug.

Flutteshy ran over, a happy smile that quickly went away when she noticed somepony was missing.

Twilight gave her a look of sympathy and sorrow that gave her the clear message while Excalibur only hung his head.

The butter colored Pegasus began to bawl as she realized that he wouldn't be coming back to her.

"How could you do that!?" Fluttershy exclaimed.

"He was attacking you, I had to protect you." Edge responded.

"But that pony was practically murdered. You did it again!" Fluttershy wailed.

"I know, I've been trying to control it. I just don't know why it keeps happening."

Fluttershy looked back at him with tears in her eyes. "Maybe you should take some time alone, to figure out why!" She said as she ran off

"No, come back!" Edge looked down and began to cry. Even if he didn't attack her, he still hurt her.

Edge looked up, his eyes ,for the first time, glowing blood red instead of a comforting blue.

"Don't go." He sobbed. "I lov-

A smack across the face from the butt of a gun awoke Sharp Edge from his slumber as he was dragged across the ground.

"Quit whining, she dumped your sorry ass cause how much of a freak you are." The marine taunted. Edge wasn't jaded by the least as he was used to comments like these. (Just like when you guys comment on my stories. Bazinga. That means JK)

"Now get ready. General Sargus Ruk has some words for you." The marine told him as the two threw him on the ground.

Edge looked up to see a rather large crowd of Grineer hooting and hollering. Ruk stood silent above them all. He raised a hand to signal the marines to quiet down.

"I'm sure you want to go back home." His voiced echoed. "I'm willing to let that happen for a weak pony." He semi-taunted.

"How?" Edge asked himself quietly.

"Of course, you have skills. We took care of your head piece. And the armor won't matter in a few moments." Ruk roared.

"You have to prove yourself worthy to escape. Kill Everest and you can leave."

A glowing Grineer flipped over the crowd and landed in the arena below them. The marines cheered as Everest donned his cleaver.

"You gotta be kidding me." Edge shook his head lightly as the Orikin corrupted Captain spun his cleaver around.

"You're lucky I didn't find you first on the ship. You would have been gone by now." He taunted as his echo-y voice began to grow more insane sounding.

"Great, he's nearly lost it." Edge said.

"Now let's fight." He said as he lunged at Edge, who quickly dodged the first strike and countered the second by forming a blade.

The fight was on, Everest began to fire projectiles that were made of burning light. Edge ran and reflected them with his sword. Edge quickly waited for him to stop then quickly charged at him, landing a few strikes. Everest made a shock wave from his energy that blew the pony away. Everest formed a bubble around him that blocked any attacks.

"I'm fucking invincible!" He yelled out. The shield faded away and Everest was met with Edge giving him a fury of sword strikes.

"My powers are no match for you. Give up Pony!" He swatted Edge away and walked over to him.

Edge coughed a little before looking back at him.


He got up and tried to strike Everest, who only pushed Edge back down.

"Have to do better then that!" His voice fully insane now.

Edge got up and swung his blade down. Everest blocked it with his cleaver. The pony tried to counter but was blocked even more. Everest gave him a blast of energy that blew the pony back once more. Edge tried to get back up but couldn't find the strength.

"Down already. I thought so. Guess your friend will have to find a new boyfriend." He taunted.

"How... the hell... did you know?" Edge asked, panting from the battle.

"I know all. I found your picture of you two." He said he pulled it out and threw it on the ground. "She used to be your love. Now she's the source for your pain. The reason you go insane." He told him.

Edge had enough, his body began to glow. "No, she's not." He said as he stood up without a hitch.


"You may be right, she can be a reason for why I lose control. But you're wrong when you say she's the source of all my pain." His body glowed even more.

"What are you doing? Go back to dying." Everest said madly.

"She's the reason i'm fighting you." Edge opened his eyes. "To make sure you never hurt her." he declared as the light fully engulfed him.

When it cleared, Edge's body was rather reflective and see through, kinda like a,

"Crystal... pony?" Everest stated, confused.

"Yes." Sharp Edge said as he charged forward. Two magic blades formed and slashed at Everest. they went right through him.

Everest fell to his knees. He looked up to see Sharp Edge, not the angry fighter, but the dedicated pony.

"You... I see why he was after you. You fight good." He cooed as he fell to the ground.

The Grineer marines above were silent. They were in awe at the fight that the pony gave. Ruk actually was shocked to see a pony kill a Captain. Nonetheless, he pointed his hand to the door out.

Edge ran off, his crystal form remaining.

'I did it.' He thought, he was bursting with joy. 'I get to see them again.' He thought happily.

Edge ran to the pods and got it. They took off and made their way to Canterlot, where Fluttershy moped in a forming puddle of her tears. She looked to the balcony. She wished to see Sharp Edge standing there. Open hooves to greet her.

"I'm so sorry." She sobbed. No one was around though. She was alone in the throne room.

Her ears perked up at the sound of a drop ship. She looked out, expecting to see them leaving. No, this one was coming for Canterlot. It stopped at the balcony like the rest.

"Who could that be?" Fluttershy wondered.

The doors opened to show a pony, exhausted, fall to the ground, his emerald mane covering his face.

He looked up to see the shy, yet kindest pony he had ever met, standing there. He smiled to himself.

Fluttershy looked to see the blue eyes she knew looking up at her.

"I made it." Sharp Edge said.

Fluttershy began to tear up happily. No words could express her happiness to see her friend return from what was his death. She began to sob madly as she nearly tackled him into a deep hug. The two shared the reunion, unaware of Lotus, the warframes, and the ponies running into the throne room.