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Sol Umbrae - Dream Bolt

Twilight Sparkle is sent to a new world to face an old threat, only to find that this new world shares a lot more history with Equestria than she suspected.

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You're All My Very Best Friends

Chapter 18: You’re All My Very Best Friends

“Sonic!” Tails cried, bursting into the room.

“Woah, easy, big guy!” Sonic said. “What’s the rush?”

“It’s a letter from Twilight!” Tails cried. “We’re invited to a special party at Canterlot called the Grand Galloping Gala!”

“Hey, lemme see that!” Amy cried, dashing over to get a look at the letter.

“It says that we should show up early, so that we can help with preparations, and Rarity is throwing in a free Gala outfit for each of us!” she cried.

“Sweet!” Sonic exclaimed, jumping to his feet. “We’ve got to tell the others!”

Amy chuckled as she finished the letter.

“Oh, and it say that if Shadow refuses, we should remind him of his bet with Pinkie Pie.”


Twilight met Sonic and his friends as they came through the portal in Twilight’s basement.

“Hey, Twilight. So, how’s the portal been working?” Tails asked her, looking at the portal as they stepped through.

“Like a dream!” Twilight exclaimed. “With those modified Star Rods we made, my magic can easily power a portal to Mobius. How about the one on your side?”

“Piece of cake.” Tails replied. “I’ll see about installing some more sometime soon, so that we can get to Canterlot or other places quicker, and you’ll need a portal to New Mobitropolis.”

Twilight happily pranced as she led the Mobian heroes along.

“Now, the Gala was a bit disappointing for me at first, but Celestia has announced that she will be making some special allowances this year because of our special guests. Not to mention, all of Ponyville is excited to see you all!”

As they all stepped out of Twilight’s house, they saw a big banner stretching over Ponyville.

Welcome Sonic the Hedgeh

Twilight rolled her eyes as the Mobians snickered. “That Carrot Top. Always writes too big.” Twilight exclaimed.

Rainbow Dash suddenly zipped up.
“Hey, you guys!” she said cheerfully. “Who’s up for a trip to Canterlot?”

“I am!” Amy squealed. “Ooh, this’ll be so much fun!”

“Rarity’s at the Carousel Boutique, preparing your dresses.” Twilight explained. “Spike could you lead them there? Rainbow, you fetch the others and tell them the Mobians are here!”

“Like they won’t know already.” Rainbow Dash said with a grin, as a crowd of ponies began to gather.

“That’s them! The ones who saved us!”

“Hey, isn’t that Knuckles?”

“I really like his mane!”

“Alright, settle down!” Twilight called out.

Sonic grinned and waved to the crowd. “Hey, no need to rush! I can guarantee, we’ll be all be back here again soon, and you’ll get to meet us all!”

“Speak for yourself.” Shadow griped, obviously not happy to be present.

“Except for Shadow.” Sonic added. “Which you should thank your lucky stars for.”

Shadow scowled at Sonic as the ponies chuckled.

“Well, right this way.” Spike said, walking in the direction of the Carousel Boutique. “We wouldn’t want to keep Rarity waiting.”


Rarity’s face lit up as the Mobians came in.

“Oh, I’m so glad to see you!” she exclaimed. “I had some brilliant ideas for your ensembles for tonight at the Grand Galloping Gala! I assure you, no Mobian will have ever been better dressed!”

She quickly pulled out a series of outfits, each of them stylish, and each one suited to the personality of the Mobian they were meant for.

“Sonic, I know how you prefer the trendy look, so I tried to combine that with formal wear, and I daresay it looks fantastic.” Rarity exclaimed. “As for you, Tails, something simple and practical for our young scientist, yet elegant in its simplicity. Something stylish and robust for Knuckles, and this somewhat saucy black evening gown is for Rouge.”

She pulled out more beautifully made outfits. “This is for Amy Rose. I figured she would prefer a slightly more glamorous style than you boys. And I was inspired to use this fiery design for Princess Blaze from her own unique powers. Something very mod (that’s the Mobian word, isn’t it?) for Silver, and I think that the Chaotix will approve of their ensembles. I was inspired to use a Neighsian gi design for Espio’s suit, while Charmy’s suits his cheery demeanor, and Espio’s was an interesting mix of formal and street wear. I even crafted an ensemble for Omega, (that took a lot of cloth,) which suits his stern, military personality. And I even made one for Shadow.”

“Oh, no! Not me!” Shadow grumbled.

Rarity sighed. “At least take a look at it.” she stated. “I did work very hard to make an ensemble that would suit your tastes. She held up a black-and-red outfit which looked part formal military outfit, part trench coat.

Shadow raised his eyebrows, then quickly scowled again. “Very well.” he conceded. “It’s better than I expected it to be.”

“Well you didn’t think I would put you in a lacy ensemble, now did you?” Rarity asked. “I am a fashionista. I would not make such a faux pas for creating your outfit.”

“Can I try mine on now?” Amy asked excitedly.

“Well, I suppose, but be careful if you choose to wear it around.” Rarity warned. “That is for tonight at the Grand Galloping Gala. I wouldn‘t want to see it get ruined.”

Sonic shook his head in surprise. “Rarity, I know being generous is what you do, but I would still like to repay you in some way.”

“No, I won’t hear a word of it.” Rarity replied. “You already have done so much for us.”

“Well, perhaps I could offer something mutually beneficial.” Rouge stated. “I am an expert at finding jewels, after all. Perhaps we could go on a jewel-hunt together sometime You get the first cut.”

Rarity looked thoughtful. “Weeelllll… I guess I can accept that offer.” she said with a grin.


As the Mobians stood at the train station, helping Rarity carefully load the outfits, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie came up.

“Oh, it’s so nice to see you again.” Fluttershy stated, rubbing Tails’ head. “Now, you’ve been taking good care of yourself, right?”

“Sure thing!” Tails replied happily.

“Y’all should come back for our Apple Cook-off later this year!” Applejack exclaimed. “You ain’t tasted good food until you’ve tasted a whole feast of homemade goods!”

Pinkie Pie bounced up, squealing happily. “And you should also come for Nightmare Night and Hearth’s Warming and Winter Wrap-up and Hearts and Hooves Day and the Summer Sun Celebration, not to mention all of our birthdays, and we’ll all come see you on your birthdays, and I’ll throw you the most enormously awesometastical super-fun parties EVER!”

“Wish you could come over to Cloudsdale sometime.” Rainbow Dash exclaimed. “Maybe Twilight could use her magic to let you walk on the clouds.”

“Yeah, well, you should come over and see Knothole and New Mobitopolis sometime.” Amy stated. “ And I’ll bet you’d just love to check out some of the Zones!”

“And I could see some more of those adorable Chao!” Fluttershy exclaimed.

From the train, a whistle sounded.
“All aboard!” the conductor shouted.
As the ponies and Mobians all climbed aboard, Rainbow Dash felt a hand hold her back.

“Canterlot is that distant little place on that mountain, right?” he asked.

“Yeah.” Rainbow Dash replied.

Sonic grinned. “Wanna see who can get their first?”

Rainbow Dash gave him a competitive smirk. “You’re on. Readysetgo!” she shouted, shooting off into the sky, as Sonic shot off, a blue blur streaking across the horizon.

Twilight shook her head and chuckled. “Those two.”


As the others arrived in Canterlot, they found Sonic and Rainbow Dash waiting for them, alongside Princess Celestia.

“My little ponies, and my Mobian friends!” Celestia exclaimed. “I’m glad you could all make it! There’s quite a bit to do, so I hope you don’t mind helping out a bit. This Gala is going to be special, because of our new Mobian friends, and I want to make sure that they can enjoy it. I’ve already discussed things with Sonic and Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie, could you help arrange the party?”

“You can count on me, your highness!” Pinkie Pie replied with a salute.

“The rest of you, I trust you will be able to find something you’re good at to help with.” Celestia told them. “I have to go oversee things now, but I shall see you all later tonight. I look forwards to seeing what you do with the party.”


As Twilight was leading Sonic through the Canterlot palace, they heard a fracas coming from the one room.







They peeked their heads in to see Octavia, Vinyl Scratch, and Vector arguing.

“Classical captures an epic and thrilling mood that would be more suiting for a heroic song.” Octavia stated firmly.

“Yeah, well I already wrote a song, and it would work better for rock! Anyways, Sonic would probably like rock better!”

“No way! Hip-hop is the only beat cool enough for a song like this!” Vector cried.

“Er, excuse me.” Sonic stated, coming into the room. “I couldn’t help but notice you girls and gator were having a bit of a discussion on music, and I heard my name mentioned. Is there anything I could help with?”

“Yeah!” Vinyl Scratch replied. “Octy’s trying to say my rockin’ tunes are no good for this song!”

“I am merely stating that classical tunes would capture a more heroic feeling than rock or … hip-hop.” Octavia stated, giving a shudder.

“We ain’t going for some epic musical score, we’re going for a song which suits Sonic and Mobius as a whole!” Vector cried.

“Um… would somepony care to explain exactly what’s going on here?” Twilight asked, stepping up.

“Well,” Vinyl Scratch said, “we all agreed that it would be cool to make a song in honor of Sonic, and of our encounter with the Mobian world. But nopony can agree on what to make it like!”

“You say you have a song written already?” Sonic asked.

“Well… just a couple lines, actually.” Vinyl admitted. “But they’re really sweet. They just get me right here.” She put her hoof over her heart.

“That’s because all that loud music is giving you heart trouble.” Octavia stated.

“Oh, yeah?!” Vinyl shouted.

“Hey, hey, cool down!” Sonic said. He browsed over the page. “His World, huh? Not bad. I think it’s pretty cool, actually.”

“Ha! See! I told you he’d like it!” Vinyl Scratch laughed.

“Now hold on a minute.” Sonic said. “I don’t see any reason that you all couldn’t be right.”

“Waddaya mean?” Vector asked.

“I mean mix it up.” Sonic suggested. “You guys are supposed to be great musicians. Improvise. I bet you could come up with something really cool if you all combined your talents.”

“Hip-hop and rock combined with classical?” Octavia said incredulously.

“Yeah, why not?” Sonic stated. “That way, you could get all of the awesomeness of all your favorite types of music.”

Vinyl Scratch looked thoughtful. “You know… that could be kind of sweet.”

“I could work a rap around that.” Vector agreed.

Octavia sighed. “I must say, the mere challenge of trying to do something like this does interest me.” she admitted. “I suppose I would be willing to try, if for nothing else than the challenge.”

“Past cool!” Sonic stated, clapping his hands together. “Now, you three play nice. Me and Twilight have some more stuff to check up on.”


“Amy, dear, is that ice sculptor here yet?” Rarity asked.

“He’s putting the finishing touches on the sculpture.” Amy explained, as she dropped some cloth at Rarity’s hooves. “So, how are the decorations coming?”

“Never better.” Rarity replied. “The banner is finished, and it looks marvelous.”

She used her telekinesis to lift the banner into place. It was a deep shade of blue satin, with golden trimmings. An elaborate golden design decorated the banner as well, with a combined symbol of a hedgehog and a pony in the center.

“Wow. Nice work.” Amy commented.

“It seems rather gauche, if you ask me.” a voice stated.

Rarity gave a an irritated huff as she turned about. She remembered that voice far too well.

“Prince Blueblood.” she stated, turning about. “I see your manners are the same.”

“I hardly think a common provincial like yourself would have any place to speak about manners.” Prince Blueblood replied haughtily.

Amy frowned at the prince. “Hey, Princess Celestia herself personally requested that Rarity do the decorating.” she stated, rather irked by this arrogant unicorn. “So if you don’t like it, take it up with her.”

“And just who are you?” Prince Blueblood asked. “One of those… Mobians, I see.” He said ‘Mobian’ with a touch of distain, and made a slightly disapproving face.

“Yeah, I’m a Mobian. Amy Rose, Freedom Fighter.” Amy stated firmly.

“Freedom Fighter?” Prince Blueblood stated with a smirk. “That sounds rather uncouth. I can’t imagine a real lady would be a member of something so… barbaric.”

“Perhaps if some of the men would do a little more, the ladies wouldn’t have to do their jobs for them.” Rarity replied with a toss of her mane, giving a meaningful stare at Prince Blueblood. “And you’re in no real position to talk. After all, you’re no Shining Armor.”

Prince Blueblood scowled. “And you are a commoner who’s opinion of her fashion skills far outstrips her talents.”
Rarity ground her teeth, ready to give an angry retort, but she caught herself, and instead, a sly grin came across her face.

“Amy, can I see your Piko-piko hammer?” she asked sweetly.

“With pleasure.” Amy replied, grinning as she pulled out her enormous hammer.

Rarity levitated the hammer into the air, giving it a few test swings. She turned back to Prince Blueblood.

“I’m giving you a five-second head start.” she told him.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Prince Blueblood scoffed.


“You‘re acting like a barbarian.”


“No wonder your sense of style is so poor.”


Prince Blueblood shrieked as Rarity swung the hammer at him. He ran off at top speed, with Rarity in hot pursuit.

Amy chuckled. “I think I’m starting to like Rarity.” she murmured to herself.


As Twilight and Sonic were walking through the halls, they suddenly bumped into the last pony they had expected to see.

“Trixie!” Twilight exclaimed. “What are you doing here? Did the Princess invite you to the party?”

“As a matter of fact, she did!” Trixie stated, putting her nose in the air. “Trixie is now beginning to get the recognition she deserves. Of course, I knew it would only be a matter of time. Was there ever any doubt?”

“So, this is Trixie.” Sonic stated with an amused smirk. “I’ve heard about you. Twilight told me all about you.”

“LIES!!!” Trixie shouted. “Twilight Sparkle made those things up! Trixie never did that!”

“She said that you were the most powerful unicorn in Equestria that she had ever met.” Sonic stated with a grin. “And that you were an excellent showpony.”

Trixie blushed. “Well… yes, that is true.” she said awkwardly, now feeling embarrassed about her outburst.
“I… suppose I had confused Twilight with somepony else.”

“And?” Twilight asked, raising an eyebrow.

Trixie sighed. “Trixie is… sorry.” she mumbled.

Twilight grinned, putting a hoof around Trixie’s shoulders. “I see you’re learning a lot more about friendship.” she cheerfully pointed out.

Trixie shuffled awkwardly. “Well, um… of course! Trixie is going to be the friendliest and most loving pony in all of Equestria!”

Twilight gestured towards Sonic with her hoof. “Trixie, this is Sonic the Hedgehog.”

Trixie looked Sonic over inquisitively. “Trixie thought hedgehogs were little creatures that scurried about in the forest.”

Sonic sighed, slapping his forehead.

“Yeah. I get that a lot nowadays.”


It was nighttime, and the Grand Galloping Gala had already begun.

“Wow!” Sonic said as he saw Twilight step out of her dressing room. “You look… well, awesome!”

Twilight blushed. “Well, Rarity made our dresses, too.” she stated. “She deserves most of the credit. And you look quite dashing as well.”

“Speaking of Dash, where is she?” Sonic asked.

“I think that’s her coming up right now!” Twilight pointed her hoof.

Rainbow Dash was wearing a beautiful, colorful dress that looked absolutely fabulous, but Rainbow Dash had a rather embarrassed look upon her face.

“Is something wrong, Dash?” Twilight asked.

Rainbow Dash looked about anxiously before turning back towards Sonic. “How do I look?”

Sonic raised his eyebrows. “You look amazing.” he exclaimed.

“But I’m still cool, right?” Rainbow Dash asked anxiously. “I mean, I don’t look all frilly or girly or anything, do I?”

Sonic chuckled. He shook his head, putting his hand on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. “Frilly? No way. But you can look like a girl and still be cool. I mean, you are a girl, after all. You should look like one. And I think you look pretty.”

“But I’m still cool, right?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“Way past cool.” Sonic assured her.


Princess Celestia greeted each of the ponies and Mobians as they entered the palace. As Sonic passed by, she gave him a wink, and he returned it with a sly grin.

“What was that all about?” Twilight asked.

“You’ll see.” Sonic said. Beside him, Pinkie Pie gave a chuckle.

Twilight Sparkle shook her head, and gave a sigh. She had a feeling Pinkie Pie was also in on whatever it was, and whenever Pinkie was involved in something, it made Twilight a little bit nervous.

“This palace looks like my kind of place.” Rouge commented, looking appraisingly at the paintings and antique vases.

“Don’t even think about it.” Knuckles muttered to her. “I see that look in your eye.”

“Why Knuckles, do you honestly think I would steal from them when they invited me to this party?” Rouge asked, looking shocked. “What have I done to make you think I would behave like that?”

“Nothing.” Knuckles replied. “So long as you put that jeweled amulet back where you found it.”
Rouge shuffled uncomfortably. “I was just hoping I could find someone to identify it’s era.” she muttered unconvincingly.

Zecora, clad in a colorful dress, looked about the palace nervously.
“I should have stayed in my home, I fear. I do not fit in well around here.” she muttered.

“Nonsense!” Rarity exclaimed. “Now, I know this is my first time designing any outfit from zebra culture, but I think you look smashing, if I do say so myself, and I do!”

“The forest is where I belong.” Zecora replied, looking a little claustrophobic. “My presence here feels all wrong. These ponies will find my ways uncivilized, and as usual I will be despised.”

“Oh, we don’t despise you!” Rarity assured her. “You have a fascinating culture, and I for one think that you are more civilized than many ponies in Canterlot! After all, wisdom and intelligence are the keys to being civilized, and I daresay you have more of those than most ponies I know!”

“Perhaps,” Zecora admitted, “but I have learned that respect is something that has to be earned. Ponies tend to judge me hastily, by my looks or my ways, and not by the real me.”

“Well, anypony in Canterlot who would treat you like that is going to treat any of us the same way.” Rarity replied. “Ponyville is hardly what I would call upper-class. I daresay even I would be snubbed by some of these socialites. But if they can’t appreciate you for who you are, then phooey on them!”

Zecora grinned. “Thank you.” she replied. The fact that she forewent her usual rhyming speech let Rarity know how much her encouragement had meant to the zebra.

Fluttershy trotted along happily. Beside her, Tails followed closely.

“I think you’ll like it here.” Fluttershy told Tails. “Princess Celestia promised me she would bring Philomena. That’s her pet phoenix.”

“Wow!” Tails exclaimed. “A real phoenix! Cool! Do real phoenixes actually get reborn from their own ashes?”

“Oh, yes!” Fluttershy exclaimed. “I… found that out the hard way. I was really sad, because I thought that Philomena was gone, but she was fine. She was reborn out of the ashes, which was a lovely sight.”

“Well, I would love to meet a phoenix.” Tails exclaimed.

“As would I.” Blaze added, stepping up. “Fire can be beautiful, when properly controlled.”

Beside her, Silver looked awkward. “Well, to each their own. I never cared much for fire, but that’s mainly because I spent most of my early years dealing with fires that had an attitude.”

“I have got to hear that tale sometime.” Applejack stated, as she walked up to join the conversation. “All I heard were a few scraps, and something about time travel and the Flames of Disaster or whatnot. Sounds like a mighty excitin’ tale!”
“That’s an understatement.” Silver said with a sigh.


As the ponies and Mobians stepped onto the ballroom floor, Twilight turned and spoke quietly to them.

“Listen, don’t expect too much.” she stated. “Me and my friends were terribly disappointed when we first came to the Grand Galloping Gala, so… well, just don’t get your hopes up.”

Sonic and Pinkie Pie shared a sideways glance, and gave a sly grin.

“Alright, what are you two up to?” Twilight asked.

“Nothing.” Pinkie and Sonic replied simultaneously.

Before Twilight could question them further, a loud voice boomed out.


“Princess Luna?” Twilight said in surprise. “I thought she preferred to avoid the Gala. What’s she doing here?”

“We are also pleased to welcome our new friends and saviors!” Princess Luna continued. “I would like to introduce to you, our heroes from Mobius! May our worlds ever be friends, and may we begin a glorious new future together!”

The crowd applauded as Luna motioned for Sonic and his friends to step up on the stage. Celestia stepped up beside them, smiling warmly.

“I would also like to call up Twilight Sparkle, and her friends.” she stated. Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity shyly stepped up on stage, while Rainbow Dash dragged a resisting Fluttershy up behind them.

“All of her friends.” Celestia stated with a smile in Spike, Zecora and Trixie’s direction.

Trixie dashed in front, flaunting herself before the crowd, while Spike and Zecora followed with surprised delight.

“Because of these heroes, a great evil was banished today, for they saved me when I was overcome by that evil.” Celestia told the crowd. “And my sister, Princess Luna, is also to thank. It was her who sealed away that dark evil, preventing it form ever overpowering me again.”

The crowd erupted in applause. Sonic and Rainbow Dash high-fived one another. Fluttershy squeaked and hid her face. Shadow snorted and folded his arms. Trixie tossed her mane and grinned assuredly at the crowd.

“This Grand Galloping Gala is dedicated to these heroes,” Princess Celestia went on, “and to the union of our two worlds! So in honor of this union, we shall be performing what Sonic here informs me is the traditional celebration music of his world, performed by our own Equestrian musicians, and by some of the most talented Mobian musicians as well!”

The others stepped off the stage as some of the Canterlot musicians stepped up. But Twilight’s mouth dropped open as she saw Vinyl Scratch and Vector step onto the stage. She whipped her head in Sonic’s direction, and saw him and Pinkie Pie grinning.

“Did you plan this?” she asked.

Pinkie and Sonic both shook their heads.

“Wasn’t my idea.” Pinkie Pie stated with a smile.

“Not mine.” Sonic added with a smirk.

Twilight narrowed her eyes. “Then if it wasn’t you….” She suddenly opened her eyes wide in surprise, and turned towards the elegant figure who was smirking beside her.

“Princess Celestia?” she exclaimed.

Princess Celestia shrugged, giving a naughty smile. “Well, I had hoped that the introduction of our new friends would give me an excuse to liven things up around here. So I put Sonic and Pinkie Pie in charge of a few secret plans for the Gala.”

Upon the stage, Octavia shook her head.

“I never expected us to be sharing a stage, and in the Canterlot palace of all places.” she said to Vinyl Scratch.

“Hey, if this works, maybe we can start a rockin’, classical duet thing!” Vinyl stated excitedly.

“All right!” Vector cried to the crowd. “This is Vector, bringin’ you the first-ever Equestrian-Mobian collaborated song. Dedicated to all our heroes, this is… His World!”

A chorus of violins, rounded out by Octavia’s deep cello, began to play. Soon, a drum kit and electric guitars joined in, surprisingly harmoniously.

Twilight looked shocked, but Sonic put a hand on her shoulder.

“Care to dance?” he said with a smirk. “Come on. You know you want to.”

Twilight grinned. “Well… okay.”


As the music finally ended, Rarity was surprised to see a familiar figure walk up, wearing the dress she had designed not so long ago for her.

“Miss Mina Mongoose?” she exclaimed.

“I heard I was invited to this party to perform.” Mina explained. “I’ve worked with Vector before once or twice, and I hear that this Vinyl Scratch is a famed musician in this world.”

“You better believe it, doll.” stated a gray stallion with a black mane and a musical note Cutie Mark. His black jacket and sunglasses made him look quite stylish to Rarity’s eye. “I was thinking that it would be totally wicked if we could create some sort of all-star-team-up band.”

“Neon Lights and me have already been working on the idea.” Mina explained. “We were thinking it should be called… Mobiquestria.”

“Kind of a cool, combo name for a cool, combo band.” Neon Lights added.

“And we’ve got a great song lined up for tonight!” Mina said excitedly.

Rarity looked surprised. “Well… that sounds fascinating, darlings!”

“Well, we gotta go and meet with the others.” Neon Light exclaimed. “Ciao!”

As they walked off, Mina turned around.
“Oh, by the way, Rarity, I love this outfit! It’s already becoming a sensation on Mobius! I wouldn’t be surprised if you started getting a lot more design orders soon, especially from me!”

“New… orders… sensation….” Rarity stuttered. Her eyes sparkled, and she trotted off, squealing like a happy little filly.


“Hello, Equestria!”

Mina Mongoose was being her usual, outgoing self as she stepped out on the stage. “Tonight, we bring you the dawn of a new age of music. I’m here with Vinyl Scratch, Neon Lights, and Vector to bring you the music of Mobiquestria!”

“Woo! Yeah!” Sonic and Pinkie Pie cheered, while many of the others clapped.

Mina turned towards Vinyl Scratch. “This one’s for all our friends we will soon meet again, it’s When Can I See You Again! Hit it, DJ PON-3!”

As the music filled the atmosphere, a feeling, indescribable but very strong, filled the hearts of the heroes.

“Wow.” Sonic said, giving Twilight a small but emotional smile. “You know, I’ve gotta say, it was worth it all just to be here. Not for the party, although it’s a great party, but….” He sighed. “It just feels… well, for lack of a better word, it feels magical.”

Twilight grinned. “Of course it does.” she replied. “Friendship is magic.”

Pinkie Pie dashed up. “Hey, Sonic! Wanna see who’s the better dancer?”

“You’re on!” Sonic laughed, jumping up.

Twilight laughed as well, watching Sonic and Pinkie’s acrobatic moves as they spun and flipped to the beat. She stood up, and got out on the dance floor herself, and began flailing her legs about in her usual adorkable dancing style.

She noticed all her friends, both old and new, enjoying themselves. Spike was twirling about with Rarity. Applejack and Knuckles were laughing by the refreshments. Silver and Blaze were swirling about together, and Twilight swore she saw their eyes shimmering with tears of joy, overjoyed at being reunited.

On the sidelines, Shadow was standing against the wall with his usual stern stare, while Rouge was trying to coax him into something. Twilight laughed out loud as Rouge suddenly grabbed Shadow, spinning him out onto the dance floor and dipping him. Shadow looked surprised and very flustered, but not altogether displeased.

Rainbow Dash was staring with awe as Omega showed her his vast arsenal of weapons. Espio and Zecora were dancing together with smooth, graceful moves. Even Fluttershy was doing a little dance with Tails as Tails led her across the dance floor, while she grinned happily, and for the moment, looking a little less shy.

Trixie was twirling about, her years of stage experience showing in her expert moves, while her horn flared, sending sparkles and fireworks all about the stage. She was very aware of the attention some of the guests were giving her, and she was happily drinking it all in.

Even Celestia and Luna were out on the dance floor, and it was rather shocking for Twilight to see her graceful teacher dancing like a pop star.

Twilight laughed, throwing her hooves into the air and spreading her wings.

And the best part? She knew this was only the beginning.


As the music blared on, Sonic approached Rainbow Dash.

“Care to step into the garden?” he asked. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Um… sure.”

As they stepped out into the quiet darkness, moving away from the flashing lights, Sonic turned towards Rainbow Dash.

“I have to return the Chaos Emeralds to the Mobian government.” Sonic said. “But… before I go, I thought… well, I though you would like one last flight.”

There was a flash as the Emeralds appeared around him. Golden light flashed over his body. He held out his hand.

“Care to join me?”

Rainbow Dash stared in surprise, then her face lit up.

“Of course!” she cried.

As she stepped into the circle of Emeralds, her body flared with light, and her mane streamed into the air.

Sonic smirked. “Then let’s go.”

The sky seemed to dissolve around them as they soared into the sky. Without a catastrophe to deal with, Rainbow Dash could actually take time to notice and appreciate the speed. In a flash, she shot past the clouds, and was surrounded by stars. All the heavens glistened around her as she soared through space beside Sonic.

She blasted off soaring through the sky, stopping to look down on the sphere that was Equestria.
Sonic stopped next to her.

“So? What do you think?” he asked.

Sonic’s face fell as he saw a tear coming from Rainbow Dash’s eye.

“Hey… is something wrong?” he asked gently.

Rainbow Dash smiled and shook her head. “Not at all.” she sniffed. “It’s just… look, swear that you won’t tell a soul I said this, okay?”

“Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.” Sonic said with a grin.

Rainbow Dash gave a smirk. “Pinkie taught you that?”

“Yep! She said that nobody breaks a Pinkie promise.” Sonic stated. “So… what’s up?”

Rainbow Dash sighed. “I just wanted to say… thanks. I… I know I hated you at first, but… well, you kind of remind me of me.”

She sighed again and went on. “I was an only foal. I never had any brothers or sisters. But… well… I kind of… I kind of feel like you’re the brother I never had.”
She shook her head. “There. I said it. Now let’s pretend that never happened.”

Sonic put a hand on Rainbow Dash’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t be embarrassed.” he told her. “You know, I was an only kid, too. And… well, I think you would make a great sister.”

“Really?” Rainbow Dash exclaimed, looking surprised.

“Sure thing.” Sonic assured her. “Why do you think I brought you on this flight? You’re the only other one I’ve ever met who knows, really knows, the thrill of the speed, the rush of breaking the sound barrier. You appreciate it. You love it as much as I do. And that’s saying something.”

He gave her a cocky grin. “So waddaya say? Quick race around the solar system?”

“You’re on!” Rainbow Dash cried.

They blasted off, streaking through space. The heavens soared about them, and the stars shimmered in the sky all about. They shot through a comet’s trail, and bounced around a meteor shower, leaping between the enormous boulders.

They laughed, spinning through the vast reaches of space like a pair of shooting stars. For an instant, their eyes met, and it was as if they could read one another’s minds.

“There’s nothing like it, is there?”

Author's Note:

"When Can I See You Again" by Owl City is one of my favorite songs, and I always thought it would make a great end song for a crossover. (Like in "Wreck-it Ralph".) One of my little dreams is to use Source Filmmaker to make a music video of this final Gala dance scene. Ah, well. Maybe someday.

And this is how I've always seen Sonic and Rainbow Dash's relationship, if they ever had one. Too competitive to be in love. Too similar to hate one another. Rivals who constantly compete and fight, but who share a connection. As a brother myself, I can say that this is how it is with a sibling.

And now we finally know who REALLY made the song "His World". After all, who else would have classical strings alongside electric guitars but Octavia and Vinyl Scratch?

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