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Sol Umbrae - Dream Bolt

Twilight Sparkle is sent to a new world to face an old threat, only to find that this new world shares a lot more history with Equestria than she suspected.

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Sun of Darkness

Chapter 16: Sun of Darkness

Rainbow Dash stood beside Sonic, looking out over the armies of robots.

“You worried?” Sonic asked.

“Nah.” Rainbow Dash replied, despite the nervous knot in her stomach. “The princess is here, and the royal Canterlot army is on coming in on the horizon.” She pointed towards the hordes of air balloons that were soaring in, delivering the troops.

Rainbow Dash ran her hoof over her mane. “Plus, we’ve got me.”

From behind them, Vector chuckled. “You sound just like Sonic when you say that.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Rainbow Dash replied with a grin.

From above them, Celestia cried out. “My little ponies, and my Mobian friends! Today marks a great day! Today, for the first time in over a thousand years, our world once again are working together, to create harmony and defeat the forces of evil! Friendships you have made! Now, fulfill them all, for love and land!”

Sonic crouched next to Rainbow Dash. “You ready to play my game?”

Rainbow Dash pawed the ground.

“Let’s do it to it.”

Celestia’s voice rang out, using the Canterlot voice for the first time in ages.



Eggman’s forces began to pour out of Ponyville, firing lasers every which way. Shock-missiles soared into the pony ranks. A few detonated and zapped a few ponies, knocking them out, but many were caught by the unicorns and hurled back at the enemy. From above, pegasi soared about, mustering up storm clouds.

Down the hill they charged.

Then, they clashed.

The robots were smashed apart as the ponies crashed into them. With the might of the Canterlot army marching before them, the ponies were now far more formidable.

But the robots still had numbers. Giant robots, towering as tall as the houses, trudged forwards, while hundreds of crab-like robots scuttled out of their hiding places, crawling along the walls like spiders.

But their line was broken, as two blurs, one blue, one rainbow, blasted through their ranks, cutting a path for the others to charge into.

Knuckles and Applejack were the first to charge through the breach. Knuckles’ powerful fists crushed their way through the large robots, while Applejack pulled one down with her lasso, then bucked another over with a single kick.

From above, Tails soared, bombarding the enemy with Dummy Ring Bombs, while trying to keep his distance from Derpy, who was destroying virtually everything in reach, (although not always on purpose.)

A wave of resonant dubstep tore through a horde of mechanical soldiers as Vinyl Scratch blasted her way through. Beside her, Vector ripped through a robot with his powerful jaws.

“I like your style.” he said to Vinyl Scratch, looking admirably at her bass cannon. “I’ve gotta get one of those!”
Pulling off his headphones, he aimed them at another robot, turning the volume up all the way. The sonic blast threw the robot back, smashing it against a wall.

“And I used to think my headphone trick was cool!” he cried, turning the volume down as he strapped the headphones back on.

“Are you kidding?!” Vinyl Scratch cried. “That was awesome! I want some!”

“Keep your mind in the fight, Vinyl.” Octavia reminded her, dashing past and cutting down the robots with her sword.


A horde of robots were blasted to pieces as Shadow leapt out at them, firing a prototype G.U.N. rifle. As a couple robots got too close, he smashed them with his homing attack.

“Wee! This is fun!” Pinkie Pie cried out as she leapt to his side, holding a strange, colorful gun. “I see you’ve got a bot-popper, too!”

Shadow snorted. “This is a prototype military rifle that fires armor-piercing, concussion-tipped bullets.”

“And this gun shoots cupcakes!” Pinkie replied cheerfully, firing off a clip of pastries at the robots, filling their joints with frosting and causing them to short out and catch fire.

Shadow shook his head and sighed.

Pinkie Pie patted his shoulder. “It’s okay.” she said comfortingly. “No need to be jealous. I can make you one, too.”

Shadow slapped his forehead. This battle was going to be too long.


Rainbow Dash was shooting along beside Sonic, tearing through the robots.

“You know, you ponies would make great Freedom Fighters.” Sonic stated with a grin, pulverizing a few robots with a Sonic Spin.

“Yeah, well, we’re the Element of Harmony. We can hold our own.” Rainbow Dash replied, looping through the air as she pummeled a horde of airborne robots. “Except maybe for Fluttershy. She’s more of a medic than a fi….”

Rainbow Dash was cut off as a blur of yellow shot past her, smashing into a robot. Fluttershy was smashing the robots with a fury, tearing open the metal casing and battering them to pieces.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” she said, helping the little animals out of their robotic shells. “I hope I didn’t scare you.”

A robot aimed its laser at Fluttershy. “Surrender and stand down from those animal batteries.”

“NO!” Fluttershy squealed, grabbing the robot and wrenching it open, pulling out a sparrow inside.

“Are you okay, little fellow?” Fluttershy asked sweetly, stroking the bird’s feathers.
She then turned towards the Egg Dome.
“You… big… MEANIE!” she shouted, hoping Eggman could hear her. “You won’t touch another little animal!”

Rainbow Dash gave Sonic a surprised glance as Fluttershy shot off in search of more animals to liberate.

“Er… well, she can get pretty defensive if animals or her friends are involved.”

“I noticed.” Sonic replied, looking a little shocked himself. “I’m glad I’m on your side.”

Suddenly, the sun was blocked out. Everyone looked to the sky, and their hearts sank.
Above them, dozens of giant airships hovered. The sky was blackened as they filled the sky, each one the size of an aircraft carrier.

“Sonic… are we going to take on all of those?” Rainbow Dash asked.

The blue hedgehog merely stood silently, looking grim. From the ships, thousands of robots began to pour out, flying down.


Sonic sighed. “This… looks bad.”

But suddenly, there was a flash of magenta in the sky. Beams of bright pink energy began to fly all about, blasting through the robots, and all about, more robots were swept up and pulled along like a magnet as a figure glowing with teal light soared among them.

“It’s Twilight!” Rainbow Dash whooped.

Twilight Sparkle and Silver swooped down, landing beside Sonic and Rainbow Dash. Spike dismounted from Twilight, looking rather dizzy.

“Sorry we’re late.” Twilight said awkwardly. “We were… well, it’s a long story.”

“But we’ve brought backup.” Silver said cheerfully. He made a backhanded gesture, tossing a bunch of barrels into a group of robots without turning around.

A streak of flame streaked past as Blaze dashed through the hordes of robots, burning through them and leaving a trail of flame and molten metal behind her.

“Hey, Blaze!” Sonic said, giving a wave. “Long time no see!”

“We can catch up later, Sonic!” Blaze cried, hurling a fiery bolt at a flying robot. “I just hope Cream isn’t in this.”

“She’s safe and sound on Mobius.” Sonic assured her.

Suddenly, there was a flash of smoke, and bolts of magic flew out from it, striking the robots. A caped figure leapt out from the billowing clouds, sending a stream of fireworks into another group of robots.

“Fear me, metal minions! For you have invoked the wrath of the Great and Powerful Trixie!”

Rainbow Dash glared as Trixie trotted up. “What’s she doing here?”

“Trixie is helping you, as you obviously need it.” Trixie replied. Then she looked thoughtful for a moment. “But you’re very powerful, too! Not as great and powerful as Trixie, but you’re still pretty good!”

Rainbow Dash stared in surprise. “Did… did you just compliment me?”

“Trixie is trying to build others up more.” Twilight explained. “She’s still kind of pompous, but I think she’s got a good heart.”

Rainbow Dash shook her head. “Well, even with your help, how are we going to take all those airships?”

“I think we’ve got that under control.” Twilight stated.

As she spoke, one of the airships was suddenly struck by a beam of pale blue light. In a flash, it suddenly appeared upon the ground, plowing through armies of robots, crushing them beneath its hull.

The ship slowed to a stop just in front of Twilight, Sonic, and the others. There was a flash of blue magic, and upon the bow, Luna stood proudly, an excited expression upon her face.


Her horn flared, and the crashed ship was suddenly lifted into the air, and was sent hurtling into another airship, causing a fiery explosion.

Sonic whistled. “That’s quite a feat, ma’am.” he stated.

“Tis nothing.” Luna replied. “We raise the moon each night. To lift these ships is filly’s play!”

Suddenly, above them, all the ships stopped moving. Then, surrounded in a golden haze, they began to move backwards. One after another, they hurled with great speed, towards the portal from which they came.
Everyone stared in awe as the entire fleet was tossed about like leaves on a breeze, disappearing back into the portal.

“Woah.” Sonic breathed. “Luna… you did that?”

“Nay.” Luna replied, pointing a hoof towards a light upon the hill, a light that shone like the sun. “Tis my sister.”

“Princess Celestia.” Twilight breathed. “We have to warn her!”

“About what?” Sonic asked. “She just trumped the Egg Fleet singlehan… er, singlehoofedly. What’s she got to worry about?”

“Everything.” Blaze said, her face grim. “I can feel their power. The Sol Emeralds are here.”

“And if the Sol Emeralds are here,” Spike said with trepidation, “then that means….”

“So is Mephiles.” Twilight finished.


Eggman was inside the Egg Dome, shouting orders, when there was a brilliant flash of light. As he turned about, he saw a tall, white mare with a flowing mane like an aurora. Her wings were spread, her eyes were blazing, and fire licked from her hoofsteps.

“Your evil ends here, Dr. Eggman.” Celestia said. Her gentle voice was now firm and commanding.

The surrounding robots tried to attack her, but Celestia’s horn flashed, and they all turned to stone.

“P-please… don’t hurt me!” Eggman cried out, falling to the ground as he tried to scuffle away.

“I shall not stoop to your level.” Celestia stated, slowly striding forwards. “But you will be punished for harming my subjects!”

Her horn flared, and she stepped towards Eggman.

Suddenly, Eggman’s expression changed from fear to triumph.

“HA!” he shouted, pressing a trigger he had hidden in his hand.

Quicker than Celestia could react, strange machines began to pop out of their hiding places, surrounding her. There was a jolting shock, and she fell to the floor, weakened. Before she could teleport away, the machines grabbed her from every direction, while coils were attached to her horn. As it flared, the coils simply absorbed the energy.

“Do you think you are the first demigod I have bound to my command?” Eggman laughed, now striding about confidently. “For all your magic, for all your power, you are just as vulnerable as anyone else once your defenses are broken.”

“How…?” Celestia gasped.

“The Sol Emeralds, of course!” Eggman cried with glee. “They house your very own power! With them, I can use them as a channel to redirect your powerful magic and harness its energy! With all seven of them, I shall use them to drain your energy and power the very armies you sought to destroy!”

“My… energy… is the full might of… the sun. You… cannot hold me… for long.” Celestia stated as she strained. Her horn blazed with light, and the lights in the room began to grow brighter from all the excess energy, while some of control panels sparked.

“I don’t have to.” Eggman replied. “I didn’t want you for a battery. I wanted you as a weapon.”

One of the nearby shadows twisted and moved, and the figure of Dusk Flicker stepped out.

Celestia’s eyes grew wide. “Eggman, you have no idea what you’re doing!” she cried.

“Oh, I think I do.” Eggman replied smugly. “Mephiles. Nightmare Moon. The shadow that has the power to control gods. And now… it will control you.”

Dusk Flicker gave a smug smirk, dissolving for a moment, before reforming into the ghostly form of a figure Celestia had hoped never to see again. A figure that brought back the worst memories of her life.

Nightmare Moon.

“You thought I was gone forever, didn’t you?” Nightmare Moon’s ghost stated mockingly. “You thought you could destroy me? Well, you were wrong. Luna may be Nightmare Moon, but Nightmare Moon is not Luna. I am eternal. I always have been.” Her face shifted, flashing as Mephiles, as Dusk Flicker, and many other faces as well.

“I will never give in to you!” Celestia shouted. She cried out as another shock suppressed her and weakened her yet again.

Nightmare Moon laughed. “You little foal! Don’t you see? The Doctor’s machines do not just drain away your energy. With the help of the Sol Emeralds, they can infuse you with it as well. He has proven to be very helpful, despite our… earlier problems.”

“And this little blood sample is all we needed to make the infusion complete.” Eggman said with a grin, holding up a small glass phial. As he stuck it into a cavity in one of the nearby control panels, the red liquid drained away, coursing through the machine.

“Eggman… Ivo, I beg you!” Celestia cried. “You’re dooming yourself! You’re going to doom all of us!”

“Dooming myself? Hardly.” Eggman replied. “Dooming everyone else? Well, that sounds like a wonderful idea! Finally, that blasted hedgehog shall be MINE!”

As the machine powered up the ghost of Nightmare Moon laughed. She disappeared into the machinery.

Eggman threw a switch. Celestia shuddered as shadows began to pour through her veins.


A sound like a buzz saw on metal rang out as Sonic cut his way into the Egg Dome with a Sonic Spin. Twilight teleported in front of him as they came through. Close behind them, the heroes of both Equestria and Mobius were rallied.

“Eggman!” Sonic shouted. “It’s over!”

“Not by a long shot, Sonic!” Eggman shouted. He pressed a button, and his hovercraft unfolded from beneath his feet.
“So long, Sonic!” he cried, soaring off as a pair of bay doors opened up in the roof to let him out. “I shall enjoy seeing your demise from a front-row seat!”

As Eggman floated away, Twilight dashed to Celestia’s side, as she lay unconscious on the metal slab of Eggman’s machine.

“Princess? Princess Celestia?” Twilight cried worriedly.

Celestia mumbled, giving a violent twitch.

“T-Twilight? Is that you?”

The others tried to rush to Twilight’s side, but as Silver saw Celestia, his face went whiter than usual, and he pulled them back with his psychokinesis.

“No!” he gasped. “Don’t get near her!”

“Silver, she’s hurt!” Twilight shouted. “We have to help her.”

“T-Twilight….” Celestia moaned.

“Yes, Princess?”

Celestia gasped. Hey eyes snapped open. But it wasn’t her eyes.

They were pink, with green, catlike irises.

“Please….” Celestia strained to say. “Run.”


Everyone suddenly felt themselves being dragged through the air as Silver pulled everyone away.

“Git off of me with your magic!” Applejack hollered. “I ain’t leavin’ the Princess!”

“That’s not Celestia!” Silver cried. “That’s Sol Umbrae!”

“No….” Twilight murmured in a horrified daze. “W-we failed.”

The Egg Dome suddenly exploded in a blast of fire. The heroes all dove for cover as shrapnel flew all about.

As the smoke cleared, a figure strode out of the smoke. Her mane was a cosmic fire, her wings flickering with flame. She was black, and clad in golden armor. From her mouth, a mocking voice cried out.

“At last! At last! My revenge shall be complete!” Sol Umbrae cried. “I am now the sun!”

She turned to look at the heroes as they arose from their shelters.

“Pathetic.” she laughed. She turned towards Shadow. “Well, it appears we meet again.” she stated, giving a smug grin. “Although it is not your form I take this time.”

“Mephiles.” Shadow said, coldly and evenly. “I stopped you once. What makes you think I can’t do it again?”

“Because this is different.” Sol Umbrae laughed. “You always rely on killing. On destruction. But if you kill me, you doom all of Equestria to eternal night. Though I doubt my sister would object to that.”

“You are not Celestia!” Luna cried, stomping her hoof. “You are not my sister!”

“Well, perhaps not strictly speaking,” Sol Umbrae admitted, “but I still reside in your sister’s body. If you hurt me, you hurt her as well.”

“Celestia! Fight back!” Twilight cried.

Sol Umbrae laughed. “Celestia is gone, little foal. Now, the sun shall become dark, and the darkest day shall begin. And the day shall last forever!”

A bolt of magic shot skywards from her horn. The sun suddenly dimmed to a dark red, dark, but hot.

“Celestia, you can do this!” Twilight continued to shout. “Remember us! Remember your friends! We have faith in you!”

For a moment, Sol Umbrae stared at Twilight, and her face softened. A tear trickled from her eye.

“Twilight.” she whispered.

Then she shook her head, and that mocking rage was back.

“You all have been quite the nuisance.” she stated. “But first, to deal with that fool who thought he could control me. Who forced me to beg for his pathetic aid.”

From on high, Eggman’s floating hovercraft suddenly was pulled to the earth, crashing into the soil. Eggman went sprawling across the ground.

“You fool.” Sol Umbrae laughed as Eggman struggled to lift himself out of the wreckage. “You thought that I would honestly let you control me? Or did you plan to betray me and trick me?”

“I never… I didn’t….” Eggman spluttered, scooting backwards. His fear was quite genuine this time.

“Well, no fear.” Sol Umbrae stated. “I’m not interested in destroying you. Instead, I want you to watch, and see your folly. I want to leave you as an example to all who dare to think that they can defeat me!”

There was a flash, and Eggman cringed. His feet became grey and rock-like, and it began to creep up his legs.

“No! No! NOOO!” he cried, as the magic crawled up him, freezing him into a screaming statue of stone.

Sol Umbrae laughed. In a flash of magic, the Eggman statue appeared atop a pedestal in the town square.

“Fitting.” she chuckled. “He always did love to stand above everyone else. Now he can do so for eternity.”

Sol Umbrae turned towards the heroes. “As for you, I have the perfect punishment.”

Her horn flared, and suddenly the purple chest, housing the Elements of Harmony, appeared before her.

“The Doctor was kind enough to get this for me.” she stated. “Unfortunately, you’ll never reach it.”

There was a flash, and the chest disappeared.

“No!” Twilight and the other ponies cried out.

“Do you want to guess where they are?” Sol Umbrae asked.

Silver looked grim. “I already know. You sent them to the sun.”

“Oh, bravo, my time-traveling hero!” Sol Umbrae replied. “Very good! However, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to get to them. I hear that the weather’s a little too warm for you right now. Ah ha ha ha ha haaa!”

“You… leave… my… SISTER!” Luna bellowed.

Sol Umbrae merely smirked. “Oh, don’t worry, Luna.” she said mockingly. “You won’t have to stay in this dreary land. In fact none of you will. I’ll make sure that you have a nice home, where you can get a good view of my world.”

Sol Umbrae’s horn blazed, and suddenly the world seemed to shoot out from underneath the heroes.

Light surrounded them, then… darkness.


Twilight awoke to feel someone helping her to her hooves. As her eyes fluttered open, she saw Sonic’s face.

“You okay?” he asked.

Twilight shook herself as she stood up.

“No. I’m not okay. We lost.”

“But… can’t Princess Luna teleport us down to the surface?” Trixie asked.

“I am afraid not.” Luna replied. “A binding spell has been placed over me. I cannot use my magic to send any of you back.” She lowered her head. “I am sorry.”

“No… Sweet Apple Acres.” Applejack said, tears forming in her eyes.

“Without the Sol Emeralds, my world is lost.” Blaze stated, falling to her knees.

“Oh… Sweetie Bell is still down there.” Rarity sobbed. “Of all the worst things that could happen, this truly is the worst possible thing!”

“For once, I think you’re right.” Rainbow Dash stated.

Fluttershy began to cry. Beside her, with tears in his eyes, Tails began to dig at the soil.

“We’ve got to do something!” he cried desperately. Maybe I can find some base ores, and then Blaze can melt them down and I can try to build….”

Sonic put a hand on Tails’ shoulder. “Tails.” he said gently. “Come on, big guy.”

Tails shook his head, putting his head in his hands. “Mom and Dad will never even know what happened to me.”
He put his arms around Fluttershy, sniffling as Sonic held them both.

Zecora, staring at the stars, took a deep breath. “We should not fret. We are not finished yet.” she stated. “This moon is our prison, that is without doubt. But no prison exists from which you cannot break out.”

“But if Cele… if Sol Umbrae has bound Luna’s magic, then what can we do?” Twilight asked. “And even if we got back, the Elements of Harmony are out of our reach.”

“Not exactly.”

Everyone turned towards Silver. In his hand, he held an azure jewel.

Suddenly, with a look of hope upon his face, Espio scrambled in his pack, pulling out another. Trixie produced another. Blaze and Knuckles both pulled out two more. Shadow reached for his pack, but found that Pinkie Pie was already holding the gem up.

“Six.” Sonic stated, with a deep sigh. “Only six.”

“But… how did I lose it?” Twilight asked herself. “There were four Chaos Emeralds that we took from Eggman’s portal. I… I must have dropped it.”

“Begging your pardon, Twilight, but… I’m afraid I have something to tell you.” Spike said, shifting awkwardly.

“Well, spit it out!” Vector cried.

Spike gave a dry heave. “That’s… what I’m trying… to do.”

With a burp, he spat out a large red jewel.

Sonic’s eyes lit up, and a glimmer of hope returned to all the Mobians’ eyes.

“Seriously, I couldn’t even dent that thing.” Spike said, wiping his mouth. “I tried swallowing it whole, but it didn’t sit to well with me.”

“Spike, did you try to eat a Chaos Emerald?!” Twilight cried.

Spike gave a an innocent shrug. “Erm… maybe?”

Sonic picked up the gem, despite the dragon slobber.

“Seven.” he said. His familiar, cocky smile lit up his face.

“So, we can teleport back to Equestria?” Twilight asked.

Sonic shook his head. “Nope. You said we need the Elements of Harmony to free the Princess, and that’s just what we’re going to get.”

“But how can we do that?” Rarity cried. “They’re all the way on the sun? Are you going to just teleport into the sun?”

“Nope.” Sonic said with a grin. “We’re gonna fly.”


Everyone was gathered around as they rallied together.

“Stay close.” Sonic stated. “Shadow, Silver, Knuckles, Tails, stay close. Since you’re the only ones who can channel the Chaos energies at this level, you’re with me.”

“I’m coming, too.” Blaze stated firmly. “If you can harness the power of my Sol Emeralds, then maybe I can channel the energy of your Chaos Emeralds.”

“Fine by me.” Sonic said. “We’ll need all the help we can get. The rest of you, stay here until we get the Elements.”

“But… we want to help, too!” Pinkie Pie squealed.

“And we are the only ones who can use the Elements!” Rarity added.

“And y’all did say you need all the help you can git.” Applejack reminded him.

Shadow shook his head, but before he could speak, Sonic grinned.
“I’m going to try something totally wild here.” Sonic stated. “Just a hunch. Twi, Dash, AJ, Pinkie, Flutters, Rares, step up here.”

“It’s Rarity.” Rarity mumbled, but the six of them nevertheless obeyed.

Sonic held up the Chaos Emeralds. They began to flash and sparkle, and they levitated into the air, forming a circle around the six ponies and six Mobians.

“Get ready.” Sonic said. “Assuming this works, this feels kind of overwhelming on your first time.”

There was a brilliant flash of light. Energy coursed through their bodies, filling them, strengthening them.

It felt like being reborn.

When the light cleared, the ponies shook their heads.

“Ugh, my eyes.” Rainbow Dash groaned. “Everyone’s still all shiny.”

Suddenly she looked down at her hooves. They were glowing a brilliant white.

“WOAH!” she cried, jumping back. As she looked, she saw her mane streaming upwards like a rainbow flame.
Sonic grinned at her. He was now golden, and shone brilliantly.

“Looks like I was right about my hunch.” he said with a smirk.

“Oh, darling!” Rarity squealed. “My mane! It’s golden! And I’m shining brighter than the brightest diamond! Oh, I look FABULOUS!” She turned towards Shadow. “And you look quite bit better, dearie. White and red is just so much less… gloomy.”

Shadow snorted and folded his arms.

Surrounded in brilliant white flames, Blaze walked over to Rainbow Dash, and reached out to help her up.

“Ah! You’re hand’s on fire! Don’t!” Rainbow Dash cried out, but as the flames licked against her, she was surprised to find that it was merely rather warm.

“Wh-what is going on?” Twilight asked. “My mane is gold, and I’m all glowing pink!”

“Hey, how come I’m white and she’s pink?!” Pinkie Pie cried. Then she fluffed her mane. “Although, this gold mane and white body look pretty good together.” she mumbled. “What a fun surprise!” Then she whipped about, turning towards Knuckles, who glowed with a pink light.

“Ah-HA! YOU stole my pink!” she cried.

“Nah, he’s always pink when he goes super.” Sonic said with a chuckle.

“Don’t rub it in.” Knuckles growled.

Tails helped Fluttershy to her hooves. Fluttershy stared in awe at her white fur and glowing green mane, then at the shimmering form of Tails, crimson energy flowing behind him like a cape.

“Oh…my.” she gasped.

“Sweet Celestia!” Applejack cried out. “What in tarnation happened to us? My mane is blue, and brighter than an entire orchard of Zap Apple trees in harvest season!”

“It’s what happens when all seven of the Chaos Emeralds are together.” Tails explained. “Only some of us can achieve this form. ‘Going super’, we call it. I gotta say, I’m kind of surprised that you guys can do it, too.” He turned towards Sonic. “What made you think it would work?”

Sonic shrugged. “The Elements of Harmony kind of reminded me of the Chaos Emeralds. I figured they might be some of the few able to channel the Chaos energies.”

“But what is this going to do to help us?” Twilight asked.

Sonic grinned. “It will boosts all your traits to extraordinary levels, for one.”

“You mean I’m even FASTER?!” Rainbow Dash squealed with delight.

Sonic grinned. “Dash, right now, you’re faster than the speed of light.”

Rainbow Dash’s mouth dropped open. For a moment she just stared. Then suddenly, there was a blur around the moon for about a millionth of a second, and Rainbow Dash appeared next to Sonic.

She just stood there, speechless, staring in awe.

“But, how will this help us get to the Elements?” Twilight asked.

“Easy.” Sonic replied. “In super-form, you’re faster, stronger, and pretty much immune to harm. And….”
Sonic levitated into the air, soaring about.

“You can fly.”

As soon as the words left his lips, there was a thunderous boom. Pinkie Pie was soaring in the sky, flying all around the moon. She landed with a crash a few seconds later.

“Wee!” she cried. “This is the bestest thing ever!”

“But how can it protect you from all harm?” Twilight asked.

“It’s like the Power Rings.” Silver explained. “After all, Rings are made of Chaos energy.”

“The problem is, “Sonic said, “this form will only last us a while. Once we move away from the Chaos Emeralds, the energy will start to drain. Once it’s gone, you revert back to normal. And you do not want that happening when you’re dancing around on the sun. Also, taking a hit will weaken that energy as well.”

“Sonic, we have to go!” Knuckles cried. “My control over the Emeralds can’t hold forever. Soon our energy is going to start draining.”

Sonic turned towards the ponies. “So, here’s the plan. Fly into the sun, get the Elements of Harmony back from a possessed sun goddess, and save both Mobius and Equestria. Any questions?”

“Um… so, we can’t get hurt?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yeah, but we’re on a time schedule here.” Sonic stated. “This is our one shot! Are you ready?”

“Yeah!” all the others shouted.

“Good luck to you all.” Luna stated.

“Don’t forget to come back for us!” Vector shouted up.

“And remember the power of friendship, for it is the only way to bring back the Princess and save the day!” Zecora shouted.

Spike gave Twilight a hug. “I have faith in you.”

Twilight returned the hug. “Since when does Twilight Sparkle ever fail?” she asked.

“Well, let’s see.” Trixie began. “There was that time I totally beat you, and that time with the “want-it-need-it“ spell, and….”

“Ah, you’re just jealous you didn’t get to go super.” Spike replied.

Twilight looked skywards as everyone stood back.

“We’ll be back everypony.” she assured them.

She turned about as they gazed towards the dark red sun.

“Come on.” she said. “Let’s do it to it.”

There was a thunderous boom, and they rocketed into the sky.


Within minutes, they were at the sun. They soared downwards, landing upon the burning surface.

“My mane isn’t even singed.” Rarity commented. “I must say this feels a little… unusual.”

“If this was usual for you, I would say you lead quite a life.” Sonic chuckled.

There was a brilliant flash as a solar flare went off. When the light cleared, Sol Umbrae stood before them.

“So, you make one last chance to stop me.” she said. This time, she wasn’t laughing.

“Celestia, you’re stronger than this!” Twilight cried.

“No.” Sol Umbrae replied. “I am stronger. And nothing you do can stop me.”

Solar flares blasted up, knocking everyone into the sky. The fire formed into hands, grasping at the ponies and Mobians.
Applejack soared about, dodging a flare, and bucked the flaming ground.
The entire ground trembled, and fire erupted out from everywhere. Sol Umbrae shielded herself from the shockwave.

“Is that all?” she asked. A beam of light flew from her horn, piercing the heavens with its light and sending Applejack soaring miles away with the impact alone.

A tornado of flame swirled through the air as Tails soared forwards, his tails a whirring blur. He struck into Sol Umbrae’s force field with all his might, but it didn’t even dent it. A beam of solar force blasted him away as well.

Sol Umbrae shouted, and a shockwave of magic blasted outwards, throwing the heroes back.

Shadow wiped his lip, and snarled.


Crimson energy ripped through the air, forcing Sol Umbrae back as she shielded herself. A barrage of Chaos Lances ripped through the burning air, only to strike nothing as Sol Umbrae teleported away.

“Your attempts are feeble.” she laughed. “Your time is running out. I have no limit to my time here.”

She laughed aloud, pulling a meteor from the heavens to crush Knuckles.

“How ironic that it will be the sun that shall spread darkness across all.”

The meteor shattered into pieces, and through it, Knuckles and Applejack soared.

“Not if we have anything to say about it!” Knuckles shouted.


Twilight soared after Sonic as he did a Spin Dash, tunneling straight through the sun.

“I can sense the Elements!” Twilight cried. “They’re at the core!”

“Always the core.” Sonic muttered.

As they burst through, They momentarily stared in awe. An entire palace, made of solid fire, stood about them.

“Has this… always been here?” Twilight asked.

“No time for sight-seeing.” Sonic stated. “We’ve got company.”

Thousands of dark, flaming beasts, the same ones Twilight had seen in the future, were pouring out from the flames all around them.
Twilight’s horn flashed. In an instant, the creatures all disappeared.

“Where did you send them?” Sonic asked.

“The depths of outer space.” Twilight said with a smirk. “That should douse their flames pretty well.”
She grinned. “Wow. This power is… is this what Princess Celestia feels like all the time?”

More creatures began to leap out. There were many that were five times the size of the Ursa Minor Twilight had faced.

Sonic blasted through them, and they disappeared into embers. Twilight’s horn blazed, and beams of magic transmogrified every beast they struck.
Up ahead, Sonic pointed towards a purple chest atop a pedestal.

“There!” he cried, soaring towards it. In an instant, he had snatched it up and soared over to Twilight.

Twilight hurriedly opened the chest and pulled the Elements out, placing the Element of Magic upon her head.

“We got them.” she said with relief. “Now, let’s get them to the others.”

There was a flash, and she and Sonic teleported out of the flaming palace.


“You get out of the Princess, you beast!” Rarity cried.

Crystals, harder than diamond, formed out of the molten slag upon the ground, and a solid tidal wave of crystal struck against Sol Umbrae’s shield, knocking her back. Rarity rode the crystals as they grew from the earth, shattering against Sol Umbrae’s shield again and again.

Sol Umbrae’s horn flashed, and the crystals turned to ash. Rarity continued to soar forwards, but missed and struck the ground as Sol Umbrae teleported away.
Rarity suddenly saw a flash of pink light, and she felt something slapped around her neck.
She looked up to see Twilight, her Element of Magic blazing.

“You found them!” Rarity squealed. Then she whipped about. “Now, it… is… ON!”

“You think I am a fool?” she asked. “I will not simply stand there and let you use the Elements of Harmony upon me!”
Her horn blazed, and suddenly, the flames stopped cold, freezing in their flickering shapes.

“What?” Rarity cried.

“She apparently froze time.” Tails said. “With us unable to get out. By the time the spell wears off, so will our super forms, no doubt.”

“Not on my watch!” Shadow cried. “CHAOS CONTROL!”

There was a flash, and everything began to move again.

Sol Umbrae hissed. “My patience with you grows thin.”

“Then fall already!” Silver cried. He raised his hands, pulling meteors out of the heavens and hurling them at Sol Umbrae, while beside him, Applejack was bucking asteroids directly at Sol Umbrae as well.

But the asteroids merely were thrown to the side as Sol Umbrae sneered.

“I lift the sun and you assault me with pebbles?” she laughed. Her horn flashed, and a horde of giant flaming behemoths arose from the depths.

“My minions shall delay you long enough for your chaos-infused forms to wear off.” she shouted with hateful glee. Your numbers do not even begin to match my armies!”

“Outnumbered, and yet those things are still no match for us!” Rainbow Dash cried. She shot through the monsters like a rainbow-colored laser beam. Multiple Rainbooms exploded in her wake, blasting the minions into cinders.

Rainbow Dash crashed into Sol Umbrae’s shield, and an immense shockwave of colorful energy exploded, shaking the sun almost to its core. Sol Umbrae’s shield cracked beneath the blow, and she teleported away hastily.
As she did, she found herself face to face with Fluttershy.

“Ah, the weeping one.” she scoffed. “Why they brought you, I cannot imagine. You couldn’t hurt a fly.”

“I would never try to hurt anypony.” Fluttershy said. “But you will NOT hurt my friends!”

“Or what? What will you do?”

“It’s not me, you have to look out for.” Fluttershy exclaimed. “It’s my friend.” She then turned towards the heavens. “I mean, if that’s okay with you.” she said to the sky.

Suddenly, a pair of eyes appeared in the sky, and the stars began to move.

Tails gave a gulp. “Wh-what is that?”

“An Ursa Major.” Fluttershy exclaimed. “It’s the first one I ever met! Apparently, I can call animals from really far away with this super… um, thing.”

The Ursa Major swiped its mighty paw, sending further cracks in Sol Umbrae’s shield.

Sol Umbrae teleported away, burning with rage. Her horn flashed, and the Ursa Major was sent soaring into distant space, unharmed but unable to offer any more aid.

Blaze soared at Sol Umbrae. A flame flickered from her chest, and the sun’s fire leapt up to engulf her. Fire poured from her body, forming into the form of Iblis.

Sol Umbra sneered. “You attack me with this weak shard of my own might?”

Blaze summoned up a fireball the size of a stadium, sending crashing into Sol Umbrae’s shield, cracking it a bit more.

“Weak, my tail.” she exclaimed.

Silver stared. “It’s so weird to see Iblis talking with your voice. Or to have him helping….”

“Mind in the game, Silver!” Blaze cried, sending a barrage of fireballs at Sol Umbrae.

Sol Umbrae laughed as the fireballs harmlessly struck her. “You expect fire to harm me? she laughed.

“Well, then let’s try cake!”

A barrage of cake batter blasted against Sol Umbrae as Pinkie Pie soared over, firing a barrage from the hundreds of party cannons surrounding her.

“What?” Sol Umbrae cried.

“That’s nothing!” Pinkie Pie cried. “I call this the Party Star!”

A gigantic, spherical object appeared in the sky. A hum vibrated through the heavens as it charged up. Then a blast of cake and confetti struck Sol Umbrae, sending out a sugary shockwave the size of a large state.

“Where did you get that?” Fluttershy squeaked.

“Oh, you see when I became super it boosted my powers and suddenly I thought I should come up with some bigger weapons to try and break Sol Umbrae’s shield with, so I went to another dimension and stole the plans for it from some bad men in white outfits, and then I rigged it with a giant party cannon instead of a laser cannon. It’s not as big as the plans said it should be, but my time frame was limited.”

“But… how’d you build it all in time?” Fluttershy asked.

“Meh, I built it when the author was taking his breaks.” Pinkie Pie said, casually firing her party cannons again. “He likes to take long walks.”

“Um… okay.” Fluttershy said, looking utterly confused.

Sol Umbrae burnt away the already flaming cake batter, shooting a magical bolt into a small cavity in the large spherical object Pinkie had made. It exploded in a brilliant conflagration of confetti.

“NOOOO!” Pinkie sobbed. “It’s as if all those parties I planned cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced!”

Pinkie was suddenly enveloped in solar energy, and her party cannons were blasted to pieces, although she herself remained unharmed.

“You fools!” Sol Umbrae cried. “You’re energy is nearly spent! And yet you persist? You shall fail! You shall all utterly fail!”

“No!” a voice cried out. Twilight shot through the sky like a bolt of lightning.
“I have never failed a test, and will not fail this one, not when my teacher is at stake!”

Beside her, Sonic soared, his face grim, but with that same old cocky smile.

He blasted forwards. There was a flash like a hundred laser beams as his spin dash hit Sol Umbrae’s shield again and again.

Finally, it cracked, and shattered. It was only for a moment, but that moment was all Twilight needed.

Her horn flared, and she shot a bolt at Sol Umbrae. Enormous chains enveloped the flaming black mare.

“Elements of Harmony, NOW!” Twilight cried. In a flash, Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie were at her side.
Their Elements flared as Sonic and his friends struggled to keep Sol Umbrae down.
The eyes of the six ponies lit up with magical light. Tendrils of rainbow light looped and spiraled, joining the Elements together.

A light flashed and flared, and the darkness began to draw away from Celestia’s face.

Twilight felt her heart leap.

But as it did, Celestia gave her a tearful glance.

“No.” she said. “Banish me. Send me far away. It…it’s too strong. It’s taking hold. I can bind it away, keep it far from Ponyville.”

“No!” Twilight cried. “I can’t! I won’t!”

“I thought the same thing when Luna became Nightmare Moon!” Celestia cried. “But I did it because I had to! Now is the time, Twilight!”


Luna suddenly soared down, hovering beside them.

“I brought this evil into Equestria! I shall not let you suffer for my misdeeds any more!”

“And I shall not let you suffer any more!” Celestia cried. She strained to speak, and her eyes flashed pink for a moment.

“You!” Sol Umbrae cried at Luna. “I bound you!”

“And your power is weakening!” Luna cried. “You’re spell over us grew too weak to hold us.” Luna took a step forwards, talking to the Celestia half now.

“Can you not see, sister?” she pleaded. “It grows weak! You can fight it!”

“No.” Celestia replied softly. “It will only rise again, and each time it is more dangerous than before.”

Sonic shook his head, approaching the princess.

“Look, I am NOT giving up! Not when we came this far!” he cried. “You keep telling your subjects about friendship and teamwork, but you try to do everything yourself! Believe me, I’ve been down that road! It only leads to defeat and sadness!”

“But… I must protect my subjects.” Celestia replied.

“Then stay and make sure they’re protected.” Sonic replied. “And as for you, Mephiles, get out of her. And stay out.”

Celestia’s eyes flashed as Sol Umbrae’s. “So you may try to drive me out.” she hissed. “But I shall have her eventually. You cannot destroy me.”

“Well, you can’t destroy me.” Sonic replied. “You already tried. And even Death itself says that I’m not losing to you.”

“Force me from this body and I will just return to it.” Sol Umbrae laughed.

“Then we’ll always be there to stop you.” Sonic replied with a determined smirk. “And someday, maybe you’ll get the hint.”

“Princess.” Twilight said softly, approaching Celestia. “Fight back.”

“She cannot.” Sol Umbrae cried. “Her very blood is part of me now.”

“But that wasn’t her blood.” Silver said with a grin.

Sol Umbrae’s eyes flickered with surprise for a second.

“It was a decoy.” Twilight said. “Come on, princess. You can fight it.”
She smiled. “I’m not losing my second mom.”

At these words, tears came to Celestia’s eyes.

“You’ve been the daughter I always wished I could have.” Celestia said softly.

Her eyes began to flicker between her normal ones and Sol Umbrae’s.

“No! You cannot force me out!”

“You will leave this instant!”

“If I go, I will take you with me!”

“You will never separate me from my little ponies.”

Twilight turned towards the other ponies. “Girls! Elements of Harmony, now!”

There was a flash, a brilliant light, as the Elements glowed with power. The light swept over Celestia, bathing her in its radiance. And from that light came two voices.

One, an unearthly scream.

The other, a clear and beautiful laugh.

Suddenly, Twilight felt herself growing warmer. She looked at Sonic in worry. Sonic’s golden glow was beginning to grow dim.

“Our time’s up.” she stated. “We’re almost out.”

The twelve heroes soared into the sky, trying to escape the burning atmosphere.

As they soared through space, the shimmering glow suddenly ceased. There was no air. There was nothing.
Only emptiness.

Everything began to blur and grow dim. Twilight couldn’t even concentrate enough to perform an air spell.

Suddenly, a brilliant light bathed them. In a flash, they were gone.

Author's Note:

By the way, "Sol Umbrae" is Latin. Roughly translated, it means "Sun of Darkness". Now you know why.
As a bit of a commentary, this whole story all began with two ideas:
What would happen if someone had to fight Celestia in all her might?
What if Solaris was created from Celestia's blood?
Things just kind of went from there. I tend to write eith the basic ending in mind, but I kind of let the characters' define their own stories, seeing how they would most likely react to a situation. Sometimes, like with the Knuckles/ AJ friendship, I just go with a basic team-up, and then I find things I can use to make that team-up more in-depth. It didn't occur to me that both Applejack and Knuckles had lost parents until I actually wrote that part. It just kind of seems to flow like that.

Also, can't have a Sonic end battle without someone going super. And it would be so AWESOME to see ponies going super!!!

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