• Published 3rd Jul 2013
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Sol Umbrae - Dream Bolt

Twilight Sparkle is sent to a new world to face an old threat, only to find that this new world shares a lot more history with Equestria than she suspected.

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Let's Do It to It!

Chapter 11: Let’s Do It To It!

The Ponyville Freedom Fighters were discussing their next course of action.

“Alright, first off, we all gotta try and round up any other ponies that managed to escape.” Granny Smith stated. “There’s strength in numbers, as they say.”

“Agreed.” Octavia concurred. “I’ve made a list of the various places that any escapees would be most likely to take refuge in. There is actually a possibility that many ponies will come to us, in hopes of finding Zecora. Speaking of which, where is Zecora, Miss Bon-Bon?

“Nowhere to be found.” Bon-Bon replied. “She wasn’t here when I came to ask for some ingredients a few days ago either, and that was before the invasion.”

“Do y’all think she might have gone with Twilight?” Applebloom asked.

“I don’t know.” Bon-Bon replied. “But, though I don’t like the idea of borrowing things without permission, I recommend that we see if Zecora’s house holds anything useful.”

“Woah, Bon-Bon!” Lyra exclaimed. “Are you, you of all ponies, suggesting breaking and entering?”

“Yeah, and who knows how to make potions and stuff?” Scootaloo added.

“I have learned a few recipes from Zecora and the other zebras.” Bon-Bon stated. “You don’t think my magical candies just appeared out of nowhere, did you? And I would not suggest this if this weren’t an emergency. I’m quite sure that Zecora would approve.”

“Well, Bon-Bon, you see what you can find at Zecora’s.” Octavia stated. “My suggestion is that we send as many of us as we can to explore the hiding areas I have surmised are most likely to have refugees. I think our first target should be Sugarcube Corner.”

Vinyl Scratch tossed her subwoofer bass cannon onto her shoulder. “Then let’s rock and roll.”


Sneaking into Ponyville was harder than the Ponyville Freedom Fighters had expected. Robots were patrolling the streets everywhere.

“I still don’t like the idea of bringin’ the fillies into this.” Big Macintosh mumbled.

“Sweetie Belle’s… newfound abilities will be invaluable in detecting other ponies.” Octavia stated.

“And the Cutie Mark Crusaders ain’t about to be split up.” Apple Bloom whispered.

Big Macintosh shook his head, but remained silent.

“So, what’s the plan?” Lyra asked.

“We’ll need some cover.” Octavia stated. “Some fog would be helpful.” She turned towards Carrot Top. “Miss Harvest?”

Carrot Top looked shocked. “I… Octavia, I’m not sure I can do something like that.”

“There is a difference between humility and underestimating yourself.” Octavia replied evenly. “I have faith in you.”

“Don’t forget, Ditzy Doo might be in there.” Vinyl Scratch added.

At the mention of Ditzy Doo, Carrot Top’s face grew stern. “Very well. I’ll try.” she said.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Standing up on her back hooves, she put her front hooves together above her head, then crooked her right hind leg against her left.

“What’s she doing?” Scootaloo asked.

“Shh! Let her concentrate.” Lyra hushed.

Carrot Top spread her hooves. A flicker of green fire licked across them.

Suddenly, a cloud of fog rolled in about them, blanketing them in thick, impenetrable mist. They could barely see one another now.

Carrot Top approached out of the mist. “I… I think this will be good enough.” she stated.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders stared in shock. “D-did you just use magic?” Scootaloo asked.

“But y’all are an earth pony, like me!” Apple Bloom said in surprise.

Carrot Top gave a shy grin. “I learned from Zecora. It’s… a really, really long story.”

“Understatement of the year.” Vinyl Scratch chuckled.

“We can reminisce later.” Octavia stated. “Right now, our goal is to reach Sugar Cube Corner undetected. Ponyville Freedom Fighters, move out.”


“I can sense lifeforms nearby.” Sweetie Belle said quietly. “I think you were right, Miss Octavia. They seem to be coming from Sugar Cube Corner.”

When the group finally arrived at Sugar Cube Corner, it looked like a war zone. Sparking remains of robots, covered in frosting, pastry, and whipped cream lay in the streets.
Apple Bloom dipped her hoof into the remains of an apple pie, tasting it.

“Fresh.” she murmured.

Gingerly, the ponies approached Sugar Cube Corner. Big Macintosh went first, slowly peering into a window.


Suddenly, a purple mare with a light pink mane and a triple daisy Cutie Mark smacked Big Macintosh directly in the face with a banana cream pie.

“Big Mac!” Apple Bloom cried, as Big Macintosh stumbled backwards in a daze.

The purple pony suddenly looked horrified. “Big Macintosh? Oh, I’m so sorry!”

“Miss Cheerilee!” the Cutie Mark Crusaders cried out.

Cheerilee turned towards them, and her face lit up. “Girls! I was so worried about you!” she cried. “Quickly, everypony inside! Mr. and Mrs. Cake, open the door!”

There was the sound of moving furniture, and the door to Sugar Cube Corner swing open. The yellow stallion holding the door open looked extremely relieved, as was the blue mare with the magenta mane beside him.

“Thank goodness!” Mr. Cake breathed. “We thought you were more of those robots.”

“We’re so glad you’re all right!” Mrs. Cake added. “Hurry, get inside before they see you!”

Everypony dashed inside as quickly as possible, and Mr. Cake slammed the door and began putting furniture against it to brace it.

Cheerilee ran up and hugged Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. But she stopped for a moment when she saw Sweetie Belle.

“Dearie… are you okay?” she asked concernedly.

“I’m still Sweetie Belle in here.” Sweetie Belle replied.

“And she saved our lives!” Apple Bloom and Scootaloo chimed in.

“Well!” Cheerilee exclaimed, giving Sweetie Belle a hug as well. “You’re still my student, no matter what. And I’m glad to see that you’re still yourself.” She turned toward Big Macintosh, blushing a bit. “And I am so sorry about that pie. You aren’t hurt, are you?”

“Eenope.” Big Macintosh replied.

A pair of twin mares, one light pink with a smooth, pale blue mane, one pale blue with a smooth, light pink mane, came rushing up to Big Macintosh and began scrubbing off the cream and pastry.

“Oh, you need a good cleaning.” the blue mare said in a European accent. “We’ll have this all washed up in a… Aloe! Stop scraping off the cream on him and eating it!”

“Oh, lighten up, Lotus!” Aloe replied, sucking on her pink hoof. “It’s tasty!”

Lotus sighed. “Forgive my sister. She’s just… exuberant.” she said to a slightly embarrassed Big Mac as Aloe scooped another hooffull of cream and putting it in her mouth.

Carrot Top marched over to the Cakes and Cheerilee. “So, who else is here?” she asked.

“Well, a few of my students are here.” Cheerilee replied. She pointed underneath a table. “There’s two of them. I feel sorry for the poor dears, but they’ve done nothing but bully the others and complain this whole time.”

“And about the food, of all things.” Mrs. Cake huffed. “This is Sugar Cube Corner! You couldn’t have gotten trapped in a place with better food outside of Canterlot!”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders gave one another jaded looks. “That attitude sounds familiar.” Apple Bloom mumbled.

From beneath the table, a pink filly with a white and purple mane crawled out, followed by a grey filly with a silvery mane.

“So, you finally showed up.” the pink filly said grumpily. “I suppose you were off crying like babies.”

“Or hiding under your beds.” the grey filly added.

“Well, you two are the same old bullies we knew.” Scootaloo retorted. “And if I heard right, Diamond Tiara, you and Silver Spoon here were doing most of the whining.”

The pink filly gave a scoff. “And just what were you doing? Running for your mothers?”

“Actually, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom came to rescue me.” Sweetie Belle said, stepping up. At the sight of the robotic filly, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon fearfully shied away.

“After we all escaped Eggman’s base,” Sweetie Belle continued, “we went and rallied the ponies at Sweet Apple Acres and went into the Everfree Forest to prepare our next move. And I personally battled timberwolves and a cockatrice all by myself! So there!”

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon merely gulped, unwilling to argue with this little juggernaut.

Meanwhile, Carrot Top was still asking about who else was present.

“Is there anypony else here?” she pressed.

“Let’s see.” Cheerilee mused. “You already met Aloe and Lotus. Roseluck and Berry Punch are here, too. And Nurse Redheart is looking after Screw Loose. (The poor girl is getting stressed by the situation. Started barking again, and was a little embarrassed about it when the fighting stopped.) And then Wildfire is….”

“What about Ditzy Doo?” Carrot Top said desperately. “ Where is she? Where’s Derpy?”

Cheerilee and the Cakes shared awkward glances. “Um… she… she doesn’t want to see anyone.” Cheerilee stated.

“So she’s here?! Carrot Top exclaimed. “Where?!”

“She… wants to be alone.” Mrs. Cake replied. “She was captured for a while, and… well, she managed to escape, but….”

“Where. Is. She?” Carrot Top demanded, grabbing Mrs. Cake’s shoulders.

Mrs. Cake sighed. “In the basement storage room.” she finally relented. “But….”

Carrot Top was gone before she could say another word. She swung open the basement door and dashed down.

“Derpy, it’s me!” she cried. “It’s me! Carrot Top!”

“G-go away!” a voice in the corner cried. In the shaft of light from above, Carrot Top saw a grey hoof, a blonde mane, and a flank with a familiar Cutie Mark of bubbles. In the dark, a pair of golden eyes, facing in different directions and sparkling with tears, stared out.

“Ditzy, it’s me.” Carrot Top said softly, slowly approaching her.

“Don’t come near me!” Derpy cried. “I… I don’t want you to see me like this!”

“See you like what?” Carrot Top asked. She reached out a hoof into the shadows, and smoothed it over Derpy’s soft mane, and down to her wings.
Suddenly, Carrot Top’s hoof clanged against something hard.

Something metal.

“D-ditzy?” she said concernedly. “A-are you okay?”

“No.” Derpy replied. “S-something happened. I accidentally broke something in the robot-making machine, and….”

“Derpy, let me see you.” Carrot Top asked softly.

Sighing, Derpy put her left hoof forwards. It clopped upon the hard floor.

But her second step clanged.

Carrot Top gave a small gasp as Derpy stepped out of the darkness. Her wings, her right front leg, and both back legs, were made of metal.

Derpy sighed. “I just don’t know what went wrong.”


Carrot Top couldn’t help but stare for a moment.
“Y-you’re half robot?” she asked.

Derpy sniffed “I know you’re probably scared of….”

She was cut off as Carrot Top threw her hooves around her.

“I’m just glad you’re safe.” Carrot Top said happily, tears of relief in her eyes.

“S-so you’re not scared of me?” Derpy asked.

Carrot Top gave a laugh of pure relief. “Of course not! You’re the sweetest mare I know!”

Derpy’s face lit up. “So you don’t mind that I’m like this?!”

“You’re still the same old Derpy!” Carrot Top laughed. The suddenly her face went serious. “Oh, my.” she thought to herself. “She is the same old Derpy!” Carrot Top instantly though of Sweetie Belle and her newfound strength.

“Maybe you should just rest and take it easy.” Carrot Top said. “I mean, well, Sweetie Belle had something similar happen to her, and… well, she’s a lot stronger now. And no offence, sweetie, but you do tend to be a little clumsy.”
Derpy gave a big grin. “Oh yeah? Guess who trashed about half those robots outside?” she asked. “If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s breaking stuff.”

Carrot Top grinned. “I’m not surprised.” she replied. “I knew you’d make a good hero. And there’s no need to be ashamed of how you look. I’m sure we’ll find a way to change you back.”

“Just one thing, Carrot.” Derpy asked.

“What’s that?” Carrot Top asked.

Derpy shuffled her hooves. “Um… do you think… if we have the time, that is… we could maybe make some muffins?”

Carrot Top laughed. “Of course, Derpy.”


“Well, let’s see what the Cakes have.”


Vinyl Scratch stared out of the window into the streets. The fog had already begun to lift, but a dark cloud still hung over Ponyville.

“So, what about the other towns?” she asked Mr. Cake. “Is Eggman attacking them, too?”

“He seems to be focusing on building up his forces here.” Mr. Cake replied. “More and more robots and flying ships come through the portal all the time. He’s building up an army.”

Vinyl sighed. “So, Octy explained the idea to you guys?”

Mr. Cake nodded. “I don’t like the idea of going into the Everfree Forest, but I can’t keep my wife and the babies here. I suppose, for once, the Everfree Forest is the safest place to go right now.”

“Not that idea.” Vinyl replied. “Eggman has the Elements of Harmony, and their wielders are in another world right now. We’re hoping that we can get the Elements somehow and maybe see if Princess Celestia can’t do something with them to help us.”

Mr. Cake looked alarmed. “That sounds dangerous!” he exclaimed.

“It’s either that or hide in the Everfree Forest for the rest of our lives.” Vinyl Scratch replied. “Which is not cool, if you ask me.”

“Maybe we should wait for the princesses to claim the Elements.” Cheerilee suggested.

“Rainbow Dash would never wait around for the princesses to save us!” Scootaloo cried out.

“Rainbow Dash doesn’t wait for anything, dearie.” Cheerilee reminded her.

“But Applejack would do the same thing!” Apple Bloom stated.

“And so would Rarity!” Sweetie Belle added. “She may be prissy, but she wouldn’t ever give up!”

Mr. and Mrs. Cake exchanged glances. “I can’t say Pinkie Pie wouldn’t do the same.” they agreed.

“So, we’re doin’ it?” Vinyl asked excitedly.

Cheerilee shrugged her shoulders. “I suppose our options are very limited.” she admitted. “But I’m not allowing the foals on such an excursion.”

“Agreed.” the other ponies said, despite the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ disappointed arguing.

“So,” Octavia said thoughtfully, “we must return to the Everfree Forest. We should all carry as many supplies as we can. From there, we can make our plans.”


It was rather difficult to sneak out of the overrun Ponyville, but eventually they made it. Big Macintosh had managed to haul virtually everything but Sugar Cube Corner itself out to the hideout, and everypony was now preparing for their next move.

Bon-Bon returned, her saddlebags laden with potions. “I already have made three trips.” she stated, setting the potions down near a pile of other elixirs. “Big Macintosh, do you think you could help me carry the rest? I could never hope to lift Zecora’s cauldron on my own.”

“Eeyup.” Big Macintosh agreed.

“I’ll help out!” Lyra volunteered. “A unicorn could be handy for grabbing all that stuff up quickly.”

Meanwhile, Octavia, Granny Smith, and Cheerilee were trying to design a strategy for getting the Elements of Harmony.

“We all know Ponyville like the back of our hooves.” Granny Smith stated. “Gettin’ to that big ol’ egg-shaped thingamadoo ain’t the problem. It’s what’s inside that we ain’t familiar with.”

“And the girls were only in there a few minutes.” Cheerilee stated. “And anyways, I would not want to bring them into this.”

“I don’t like the idea of going in blind.” Octavia said, looking thoughtful. “We’ll need a spy to give us some idea of where to go.”

“Um, excuse me.” a voice said.

The ponies all turned to see Derpy standing there awkwardly, shuffling her hooves.

“When, um… this happened,” she said, holding up a metal hoof, “I was also made to know stuff, too. I have a map of the Egg Dome inside my head.”

Carrot Top came up next to Derpy. “I know it might sound crazy following Derpy’s directions, but… well, I trust her on this.”

“Not to be rude, but Ditzy Doo’s sense of direction is rather muddled.” Vinyl Scratch spoke up.

“I know.” Derpy agreed. “But not here! It’s like I just know. Everything makes sense. I’m not trying to guess the path. I already know it. It‘s like a special map so the robots won‘t get lots in their big home.”

Octavia sighed. “It’s not like we have much of a choice.” she admitted. “I don’t like the notion of sending anypony in there alone to spy, considering all the security.”

“What about the security in the town?” Carrot Top asked.

Vinyl Scratch grinned. “That’s where the strike force comes in.” she said, shouldering her bass cannon.

Granny Smith nodded. “Well, if’n we’re finished here, I’m gonna go help the Cakes whip up some pies and pastries. Celestia knows we’ll need ammunition tomorrow.”

“I’ll help.” Carrot Top said, following after her.

In the corner, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were whining about everything from the weather to the living conditions. A bit further away, the Cutie Mark Crusaders were sitting and stewing.

“After all we did to help, they won’t let us go!” Scootaloo huffed.

“T’aint fair.” Apple Bloom grumbled.

Sweetie Belle, however, was standing alertly. “Girls,” she said, making sure to whisper so nopony could overhear them, “I don’t think the other know I can hear them. They talked about Derpy having a map in her head because she’s part robot now.”

“So?” Scootaloo asked.

“So, I’m a robot now!” Sweetie Belle whispered. “Maybe we can sneak in while the others are distracting Eggman, grab the Elements, and run!”

Scootaloo and Apple Bloom instantly were at attention.

“We’ll need disguises again.” Apple Bloom mused. “I’ll have to get to work on those. Scootaloo, y’all get to the Crusader Tree Fortress and get me some supplies. Sweetie Belle, you go with her for safety. I‘ll cover for y‘all so nopony knows you’re missin’.”

“I’m on it!” Scootaloo said with a salute.

“You can count on us!” Sweetie Belle said as loud as she dared.

They quietly slapped their hooves together above their heads. “Cutie Mark Crusader Super Spies! Yay!”


The next morning, before dawn, the Ponyville Freedom Fighters quietly approached the edge of Ponyville. Big Macintosh, Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, and Derpy headed the group. Close behind them, Carrot Top had an oversized carrot strapped to her back, and her mane tied back with a green bow. Lyra was walking along on her hind hooves, her front hooves encased in magical energy that formed into hands, both of which already held a pie. Bon-Bon walked quietly alongside them, her saddlebags bulging with magical candies. She was chewing some gum to help calm herself.

Behind them, Aloe and Lotus carried an odd arsenal that they had salvaged from their spa. Incense, shampoo, perfume atomizers, soap, and dozens of other things filled their saddle bags. Lotus looked determined as she strode forwards to reclaim her spa. Aloe, however, looked excited, and was smearing herself with a bottle of massage oil to make herself harder to grab.

At the rear, Mr. Cake was pulling a large cart filled with a huge assortment of pastries, and beside him marched Granny Smith in a soldier’s helmet. She had flat-out refused to stay behind, exclaiming that she was still a dead aim with a pie. Behind them, more ponies trotted along, each carrying as many pastries or other type of weapons as they could.

Octavia waited at they reached the edge, quietly gesturing for ponies to get to their positions.

“When the sun rises, we charge, with Celestia to guide us.” Octavia stated. “Vinyl, get ready to sound the charge.”

Vinyl Scratch grinned, holding her bass cannon towards the sky. Octavia drew her rapier. Big Macintosh pawed the ground. Derpy munched on her muffin.

“Prepare yourselves.” Octavia whispered.


Behind the group, following discreetly, the Cutie Mark Crusaders marched along in their disguises.

“I sure hope this works again.” Scootaloo mumbled.

“Don’t worry, Scootabot!” Apple Bloom said jokingly.

“So, what’s the plan again?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Simple.” Apple Bloom stated. “When everypony’s distracted by the fight, we slip inside, y’all use your robot senses to find the Elements, we grab ‘em, then git outta there before anypony notices! Easy!”

Sweetie Belle sighed. “The last time you said that, we got covered in tree sap.” she muttered.


The light of the sun slowly rose above the hills, and the sky was turning purple and orange.

“Ready, Vinyl?” Octavia asked.

Vinyl Scratch nodded.

The sun slowly peek over the first hill, and a shaft of light struck the Ponyville Freedom Fighters.
Vinyl Scratch held her bass cannon high, and a deafening blast of dubstep shattered the morning tranquility.

“CHAAARRRGE!” Vinyl shouted.


The streets were filled with robots. As soon as they heard the raucous sound of Vinyl Scratch battle cry, they rallied to meet the opposition.

But the got quite a surprise.

Big Macintosh charged through first, plowing through the machines like a newly tilled field. He smashed through even the towering giant robots which stood high above everypony.

Octavia was dashing about, deftly avoiding attacks and cutting down the robots with an elegant ease. She moved swiftly and agilely, propelling herself off of awnings to leap into the heat of the battle.

Ponies began to swarm the streets, filling the air with pies and cakes and rocks and magic and fruit and whatever else they had acquired.

Carrot Top leapt from roof to roof, hurling pumpkin pies at a series of wasp-like robots. She dove from the edge to land atop a towering robot, smacking it in the face with a pie, then shoving it and steering it so that it crashed into another giant robot. She leapt to the ground, landing on all four hooves. As a platoon of robots approached her, Carrot Top then grabbed the giant carrot from her back, holding the stalk in her mouth. As she charged, she bashed through the robots, smacking them with the oversized vegetable.

As she came to a stop near Mr. Cake and began to reload on pies, Mr. Cake stared in shock.

“Long story.” Carrot Top explained, seeing his expression. “Zecora had to teach me a few things to save my special somepony.”

“I have got to hear that story some time.” Mr. Cake said, tossing a couple black forest cakes at the surrounding robots.

An ear-shattering blast filled the air, and a huge group of robots went flying.

“I sure hope everypony’s having as much fun with this as I am!” Vinyl Scratch shouted, letting another sonic blast loose that caused the ground to shake as a crowd of robots was thrown back.

“Yay! I am! I am!” Aloe cried. She was tossing bunches of incense sticks like smoke bombs. A robot got too close, and Aloe smashed it with an overly-vigorous back massage.

“Keep your mind in the fight, sister.” Lotus shouted, blinding a robot with a towel before delivering a few well-placed strikes. She tossed a bottle of shampoo on the ground, slipping another group up, then sprayed another robot with a bluish mixture from her perfume atomizer. The robot quickly turned pink and sticky as it collapsed into a pile of bubble gum.

“Nice work with the Poison Joke potions!” Lotus called to Bon-Bon.

Bon-Bon was holding a pump and spraying the robots with sticky treacle. “It’s basically just Poison Joke in liquid form! Very simple!” Bon-Bon shouted in reply. “Don’t get any on yourself!”

Bon-Bon suddenly gasped as a group of robots landed around her, surrounding her. She tried to spray them with the treacle, but they grabbed her.

“Hey!” Lyra shouted angrily. “No one hurts Bon-Bon!”

Dozens of hands made of golden magic soared over to Mr. Cake’s cart, and picked up a pile of pies. Soon the air was filled with an unstoppable barrage of pastry.
The last robot was grabbed by a giant golden fist, and hurled into the river, where it shorted out.

Lyra landed next to Bon-Bon, standing on her back hooves.

“Th-thanks.” Bon-Bon gasped.

“No biggie.” Lyra said brightly, turning to send a couple more hands to throw back more of the approaching robots. “You looked like you needed a hand.” She gave a big, cheesy grin at the pun.

Suddenly, there was a great crash, and the sound of jet engines and lasers. Derpy skidded through the robot crowd, doing more damage as Big Macintosh, although not necessarily on purpose.

“Oops! My bad! Look out, everypony!” Derpy cried.

Her robotic wings were shooting out flame as they jetted her about, skidding along on her back, while she tried to control the laser gun in her front hoof. She became airborne again, and began to fly about in dizzy spirals, crashing into a group of towering robots and knocking them down like dominoes.

From below, Carrot Top shook her head. “Derpy’s destructive enough as her normal self.” she mumbled. “With cyborg powers, I almost feel sorry for Eggman.”

“Well, Derpy’s great at breakin’ stuff, and that’s exactly what we need right now!” Granny Smith cried, hurling two apple pies at once.

A crowd of robots nearby was smashed as a huge robot topped over on top of them. Big Macintosh leapt up on top of the mechanical behemoth, giving it a final smash.

“The way’s clearin‘ up!” he bellowed. “Let’s move, everypony!”


The Cutie Mark Crusaders snuck up to the Egg Dome.

“This’ll be a cinch.” Apple Bloom whispered. The three Crusaders strode over to the guards.

“Ah, Robo-pony! Scootabot! Good to see you again!” the one guard stated.
“Yes! You look different. New upgrades, perhaps?” the second added.

Suddenly they looked at Sweetie Belle.

“Wait a minute.” the first guard said suspiciously.

Suddenly, he hit a button on the wall. An alarm started to blare.
“I need support down here, ASAP!” he cried. “I recognize the rogue roboticized unicorn! I believe units Scootabot and Robo-pony are in league with her!”

“You idiot!” Eggman’s voice came over the intercom. “There are no robots in service with those names! They are imposters!”

Suddenly, more robots appeared and grabbed the Crusaders. They struggled, but even Sweetie Belle couldn’t break free.

“We’ll have to install some new hardware onto the unicorn to suppress her free will.” Eggman stated. “As for the other two… take them to the roboticizer. They won’t be keeping their free will this time.”

Author's Note:

Yeah, even background ponies don't go down easily!

Again, if you have any confusion about Carrot Top's abilities, I am working on a still-unpublished fic in which she and a few other background ponies go on a big adventure. it will all make sense when I publish it. Trust me.

Also... Derpy has cyborg powers.
Eggman is so doomed.

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