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Scorpion, otherwise known as the Specter of the Netherrealm, has faced many challenges. But, will he be ready for his latest quest? Scorpion is sent by his master, Quan Chi, to retrieve the soul of Princess Celestia in the newly discovered realm known as Equis. Upon arrival, Scorpion makes the acquaintance of six of Equis' citizens. These six ponies at first only see a demon, but over time, they come to realize the truth behind Scorpion. Will they be able to make him realize just how much he's needed a friend, or will Scorpion simply brush them off to complete his task? This is the tale of Scorpion, the Specter of the Netherrealm.

This is my first crossover fic, and I'm doing this based roughly off of my knowledge of Mortal Kombat, which is limited, and more specifically, my knowledge of Scorpion himself. Expect some violent scenes, filled with gore and powerful combos. I may refer to some combos by their names as given to them by Mortal Kombat 9. I will be including Fatalities and X-Ray moves. I hope you enjoy the story, and more specifically, the violence.

I take no credit for the cover art, which I must say looks extremely badass.

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 348 )

Scorpion is amazingly awesome. Adding to read later list.

Probably a prologue considering it sets the scene. Now for the comment that I came here to make.

Something about it made him feel… unmanly

Dear lord in heaven you just defined how I felt every time I said pony before I got into the show.

ahhh man i was waiting for a fic like this. Added to read later.:rainbowkiss:

I wouldn't really consider Celestia to be a goddess, just a powerful magic-user with centuries of experience. However, that does not make her something equivalent to a divine being. I honestly believe Scorpion would be more than a match for her.

And as for her and Luna sensing Scorpion's energy: if they did indeed possess the ability to sense another's presence I have to wonder why they didn't use it to sense a disguised Chrysalis in the season finale; or the return of the Crystal Empire, which is more than likely ladened with magical eneriges, so it would only make sense they sensed that as well. Would have been much better than a random guard storming in and saying 'it' had returned (it would've actually been eleven times better than that damnable 'it' cliche). EDIT: However, the princess(es) sensing someone's magical energy is a nice way to kick things off.

Did I mention I'm tracking this?

2822351 Yeah, I noticed that you are tracking the story, and I thank you for that. You bring up some valid points, but for story purposes, I am going to just have the Princesses be extremely powerful. If they weren't, Quan Chi wouldn't necessarily have need of the soul of Celestia. As for them sensing stuff, I've read plenty other stories in which they "sense" magical stuff. All I can say is to just go with it. Honestly, the only reason I have that part in the story is because I needed it for the story to pass moderation. I was told the story didn't pass because the pony world wasn't mentioned, even though Quan Chi mentions Celestia like three or four times. I dunno, just go with it I guess. Thanks for the fav again, and if you've got any constructive criticism for the story, I'd be glad to hear it. :pinkiehappy:

Damm mortal kombat has lousy combo names. Hadn't noticed that until now.

I wonder how long they've been standing there...

2822429 Lol, their not that bad. The only reason I'm going by the names is because it'll get really repetitive if I keep writing the exact moves for a combo.

Well girls. It's been nice knowing you.:fluttershysad:

this story is almost as awesome as this video:

me like this shit getting GOOOOD :pinkiehappy::rainbowwild::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

I wanted hem to kicked her ass so badly too....

Scorpion was just confused. And he underestimated the Mane Six. There was a reason to him to lose.

I love how you wrote their reaction to his hands. Most authors describe what they look like (from a pony's POV), so yours is really a breath of fresh air.

2827830 Haha, thanks. Who knew a quick, easy description would be better than the thought out ones? :rainbowlaugh:

*Uses Spear on Fluttershy*
*Fluttershy uses Stare*

FINALLY! Another Mortal Kombat fic for me to read :)

when scorpion gets up everyones dead

This is what I didn't like about Mortal Kombat 9. Scorpion is more of a neutral character, neither good nor evil, and he serves no one but himself. MK 9 merely made him Quan Chi's lapdog and I feel that ruined his character.
But aside from that personal complaint, this is a nice start.

2838312 I agree. After learning more on Scorpion, and from what I already knew, I pretty much knew he was a neutral character in the MK Universe. But, for purposes that obviously are story related, he has to kind of be Quan Chi's servant. He wouldn't just go off killing Celestia or visiting Equis/Equestria of his own free will. But, again, I do agree with your point.

Am just waiting for a big fight to happening

2849845 10 bucks say he will kcik the ruler ass so badly she have to sit on her face and eat food with a tube.

Ohohoho Scorpion you clever bastard.

I'm sure he'll gain their sympathy once he tells them how his clan was wiped out by the Lin Kuei, thus letting their guard down.

found story today, updated 2 hours later ,you are god/goddess:yay::scootangel::twilightsmile::heart::pinkiehappy::moustache:

2850081 Yes, there will be a few others, and they will have epic parts, at least I think so.

2850121 God, and thank you very much. :pinkiehappy:

great so far plus you did a good job describing scorpion's appeance hope you update soon

2850143 So, how long till Raiden and some agents of the Outworld show up? If Shao Kahn shows up, they're boned

2850579 I won't tell who's coming into the story, only that you can expect other guys to show up.

2850579 20 bits say Princess Celestia will get her ass wrap badly

2850705 Don't underestimate Celestia, or Luna. They've both got enough power to take on most, if not all of the fighters from MK, just not all at once.

2850673 I just had a wierd thought: Assuming that after this, the other realms learn of Equis, and Shao Khan will undoubtedly try to conquer it. Does that mean we'll be seeing ponies in the next tournament?
And now you have a squel

2850722 true, but hey she got her ass warp my a bag pony so what not to say a few bad ass fighters can do say?

2850736 Actually, that was my original idea for a Mortal Kombat crossover, but I love Scorpion too much, so I gave him a dedicated fic. I'm not sure if I'll do a story like that though, I've got too many other stories in mind.

2850739 If you mean the incident with Chrysalis, then that was because Chrysalis absorbed enough love energy, which as we saw demonstrated, was extremely powerful in Cadence and Shining Armor, enough so that it was able to manifest itself as a wave of energy.

2850758 ture, but hey we have never seen their full power on the show really just them moving the sun I know that take a lot of magic, but really, the show just say her moving stuff.

i look at this way, she like a war hummer power but like fast and movement to to a fast kill making to many openings. But a combat knife in the other hand can do less power but the killing speed it do in the right hands can cost alot of damage

2850787 Uh... grammatical fixes please, that was a little hard to understand

2850805 ok what me redo that.

It's true but what you say about their power but in the show we have only seen them move the sun and the moon and that's about it right there.

What I said about her is that I see her as a war hammer, sure it's powerful and with one blow to one part of the body your dead for sure but in the end its slow and can make way to many openings for someone to kill her or to get a clean cut or stab or what ever.

Now however with specter and the other fighters from the game I see them as a combat knife or a double eagle sword, fast and deadly and you can land more blows

2850846 Here's my take. Celestia and Luna are powerful, and for any one charachter to fight them, one on one, would be a stupid idea, because they would lose. On the other hand, when do the bad guys ever do things one on one. With the machinations of Quan Chi, and Shao Khan, Celestia and Luna could be in some real trouble, because I doubt that a guard would be any kind of match for say, Bakara, or Sub Zero, leaving the Princcesses pretty defenseless from a surprise attack. But, that's where Raiden, and the other champions of Earthrealm come in. They would be weary of such trickery and would be able to stop all but the most elaborate schemes.

2850893 true about that.

I would like to ask what weapon you she them as than?

2850919 Do you mean what weapon I see Celestia and Luna as?

2850933 Well... I don't exactly see Celestia as a weapon. I see her as a shield, a spiked shield to be more specific. Luna... well, I see her as a spear, or maybe a lance. Celestia is more of a protector, she's more worried about what's behind her than what's in front of her, but that's not to say, if you punch her, you're not getting your face bashed in. Luna, because she's not commonly seen doing anything, but in my head cannon, she's a vicious fighter when focused on it, like a lance, not dangerous to anything but what you point it at.

2850969 good ponit i like how you ponit about them and may i say nich pick of weapons.

2850988 Thank you. If I were to extend the weapon analogy to the main six as well, Twilight would be, a bo staff, quite effective, but not exactly lethal; Rainbow would be, like nunchucks, rapid strikes, or maybe brass knuckles, either way, rapid attacks, with not necessarily a lot of punch, but they add up; Rarity, well, I think of her as more a rapier, elegant, more for show than actually fighting, but still with some ability to fight, especially with quick decisive attacks. Applejack, well, warhammer/ mace, heavy hits, lots of damage, not exactly the fastest. Pinkie and Fluttershy... well, there is no comparison for Fluttershy, and Pinkie is too erratic to make a good analogy.

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