• Published 2nd Jul 2013
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Beyond the Vale - Slip Kid

Canterlot Castle: a place of wonders and revelations, countless advances having been made within its sturdy walls. However, what should have been a great leap forward has instead flung a pony into the unknown...

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Of Carts & Vines

Firebrand gazed at the thicket of vines entwined around his hind hooves thoughtfully. After a few moments of careful deliberation, with is eyes narrowed in thought, he set about carrying out a hastily concocted plan. A small lick of flame escaped from his horn and was quickly encased in a shimmering green barrier. He steadily raised the contained fire to the vines holding him aloft. He took a deep breath and swiped at one of the bright green vines, which was cut in two and retreated back to the trees with a resonant twang. He lifted it once again to cut through a large bunch of vines encircling his left leg, but the improvised tool stuttered to a stop before actually contacting the vegetation. The proximity of the flaming blade seared the closest vines and turned them an ugly black.

By Sun and Moon, this is such a stupid plan.

Without further deliberation, the fire sharply descended on the plants. Firebrand lost control of the magical implement when he began his rapid descent to the ground below. A bright aura hastily build up around his horn and he disappeared in a flash.

He reappeared safely on the ground, on his hooves and only slightly scorching the ground with his sudden appearance. He briefly lost his balance and fell to the ground. He unsteadily got back on three hooves, the fourth rubbing his head. His eyes widened when he panned his gaze across his surroundings.

"Huh? Why’s everything so... neat?" he muttered in a daze.

The trees surrounding him were arranged in somewhat jagged rows, stretching far off into the distance. There was no shrubbery to obscure his line of vision and no undergrowth trying its level best to drag him to the ground. Brightly coloured birds flitted about in the warm sunlight, their chirrups and calls filled the air. There weren't any ominous shadows potentially concealing a vicious monster. It looked decidedly... mundane, at least compared to its usually untamed appearance; it was clear that this was no longer the forest he had gotten his cutie mark in.

It looks more like the other forest, what’s it called. Um, Whitetail Woods was it? Yes, it definitely looks more like Whitetail Woods. Just what's happening?

When he next glanced at his strange surroundings, he noticed a well maintained path snaking across the landscape, it seemed to be well used as there wasn’t a wayward plant in sight. He scuffed his hoof across the packed ground and brought it to his face to look for any suspect detritus. He just saw plain brown earth.

Maybe I’m actually in Whitetail Woods? That'd explain the lack of monsters trying to tear me to bits...

His train of thought was brought to a halt as he heard the faint creaking of wooden wheels and clopping of hooves in the distance.

Sounds like father's carriage after I accidentally pulled one of the wheels off.

He wearily turned his head to observe the newcomer; he found a burly brown earth pony pulling a tremendously large cart behind him, which rattled and clanked with every movement. However, he seemed to have no trouble with the Hoofulean task of pulling the sturdy wagon.

A warm smile appeared on Firebrand's face as he prepared to meet the sienna coloured earth pony: who had only recently noticed the pony shaped obstacle before him.

“Um, excuse me, I don’t mean to be a bother, but might you be able to tell me exactly where I am?”

The tall earth pony looked at the researcher with a quizzical expression and replied in a rumbling baritone.

“Why, you’re in the Everfree forest, how couldn’t you know that?” The earth pony raised an eyebrow and stared slightly more attentively at Firebrand.

Oh no, I don't want to come off as a lunatic. Think Firebrand. Think, think, think-

Just before he came up with an adequate reply which would, hopefully, not arouse suspicion as to his... unique position, he took note of the accent of the brown pony. It sounded vaguely familiar yet he couldn’t quite place it. After ruminating on the point for a long while, he realised that he had remained silent for far too long. He glanced up at the other pony’s slight frown and narrowed eyes and met them with a sheepish smile.

“Ah, my apologies, I tend to do that occasionally. But as for your question; I suppose I’m just quite lost and I could use some assistance?” He glanced hopefully up at the brown stallion and hoped that he hadn’t given anything away. He also hoped that he hadn’t made himself look like a complete idiot in the process.

After thinking about the strange green colt’s request for a few moments, a smile worked itself onto the brown pony's face as he replied. “Of course I will, it wouldn’t be very nice of me if I just left you here. I’m actually heading to Hoofens right now; just follow me and you’ll be fine.” He set off down the road with his cart in tow, not waiting for Firebrand to come to his senses.

Externally the unicorn remained calm as he started following the hulking pony, the same could not be said of his mental state, however. His roiling thoughts constantly coming back to one subject.

Hoofens. What.

Author's Note:

Just a little something to hold you guys over until I have the time to write a proper chapter; hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! As always, please comment, critique and lambaste me for my terrible writing :pinkiesmile:. But seriously, surely people as awesome as you could take the time to leave a comment... Please? :fluttercry:

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