• Published 18th Feb 2012
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My Little Naruto: Friendship is--WHERE AM I!? - DragonLS

Naruto's life is given a second chance in the world of ponies... beyond his will.

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CH3: Misunderstood

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Editor: DaMobbs
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One who is of a particular brand…

Will not find others that can understand…

This will be revealed, all in due time…

If these two powers should correctly align…

But even then, in this world of unknowns…

How will one force himself, to accept, and be shown?


Chapter 3: Misunderstood

Naruto was tired; his eyelids felt heavy, and his entire mind, his body, even his own sleeping… It all felt... different. Not in a wrong kind of way, but just different. All he wanted to do was sleep…

But even if he wanted to dive into that slumbering abyss, it wasn’t happening. Something kept jabbing him in the side, sharp enough to hurt without piercing. He grudgingly dragged his mind out from under the proverbial blankets and shoved it into gear, yawning at the same time. He opened his eyes, trying to make sense of who or what was taking away from his sleep. Everything in his surroundings looked blurry and vague, like looking into a mirror after a hot shower. Blinking more rapidly, his surroundings became clearer. Bookshelves full of books, books, and more books. It looked like he was in a study, or maybe a library, or just a storage room. He blinked a few more times, still trying to fully wake himself up, when the poking began again.

“Hey, you awake, big guy? You alright?”

Naruto flinched, not expecting the voice to be inches away from his ear. It sounded childlike. He turned his head towards the voice and froze. Whatever stood next to him was covered in purple scales and had sharp, green eyes. Its underbelly, however, was green but still had the telltale scales covering the rest of its body. What seemed to be green fins stuck out at regular intervals, starting from the top of its head, ending at the tip of its tail. A lizard then, Naruto thought, but a weird one at that. Naruto blinked a few times, slightly freaked out by the lizard’s appearance but tried to remain calm, attempting to control his irregular breathing and heart rate. This was not the first time he had talked to sentient animals.

~W-who are you? Some kind of lizard thing?~ Naruto asked.

The purple lizard tilted his head, hearing an unknown language. It held its chin, as if in thought, before sitting down next to the bed.

“Wait, say that again? Didn’t catch that the first time,” the lizard said, cupping an ear with his hand.

This time it was Naruto’s turn to tilt his head in confusion. What was the lizard saying? He couldn’t understand a single word. Not a single one of it was Japanese. Or maybe he’s just losing his mind from all that sleep he had? He decided to say something just to make sure.

~Er… I didn’t catch that, what did you say?~ Naruto asked.

The Lizard raised a brow as he just shook his head and crossed his arms.

“Oh boy… Um… Language barrier...,” the lizard said. He stood up from Naruto’s side. “Um, let’s see… uh…” The lizard started using his fingers. He pointed at Naruto then down at the ground below him. Naruto looked at the ground, and then looked back up at the lizard.

It’s telling me to stay put then, he thought.

He hesitantly nodded, hoping that that was what the lizard wanted him to do. It smiled back, revealing two rows of razor-sharp, white teeth, before running out the door.

Naruto just shook his head. Where was he... and why did that lizard speak a language he’s never heard before? From what he could tell, the lizard couldn’t understand him either, so he was in quite a position. He didn’t know where he was nor speak the native language. His only form of contact was with that of a purple lizard. He scratched his head in confusion… only to realize his scratch confused him even more.

He felt something hard and rough. He paused. He was using his hand, right? He blinked a few times, not wanting to know what was scratching his head, but he needed to. He slowly brought his hand in front of his face… only to see it wasn’t a hand, but a round, circular stub: a horse’s hoof, to be exact. Naruto raised both his brows as he twisted his hoof around, examining it closely. He brought his other hand up, and it, too, was a hoof! The color in his face slowly drained away as he lifted up the covers to see what else had changed.

‘This was all a trick... some extremely elaborate genjutsu... it had to be.’ He thought.

He was still wearing his jacket, but that was where any familiarity ended. His lower end had also morphed into that of a horse, complete with a fox-like tail, swaying slightly by itself. Getting out of the bed proved to be an intense challenge as he became entangled in the sheets before hitting the floor with a solid thump. Extricating himself from the mess was just as hard due to the lack of fingers or opposable thumbs but given time, he managed. In the corner of the room, stood a tall mirror that was taller then he was. He stumbled over to it before freezing in place.

~Wha… What the hell is this!?~ He blurted out, shocked beyond all belief.

He was a freaking horse.


“What do you mean you can’t understand him, Spike? All ponies speak Equish,” Twilight Sparkle asked, slightly peeved. She was busy reading a book before her assistant barreled into her room, interrupting the peaceful quiet she was thoroughly enjoying. Then again, she did ask him to let him know when their mystery pony awoke.

“No, not a word… He keeps saying a bunch of gibberish that I’ve never heard before,” Spike said, scratching his head. “It’s really weird; I never heard anything like it.”

“Well… what did he say?”

“Umm… He said something like ‘Nandato’ and ‘Nani ga Itta’… Sounds like a sandwich or something. I don’t know…”

Twilight Sparkle closed her book and sighed. None of those words sounded familiar to her either. It was a long trek finding the mushroom for Pinkie Pie and then, to top it all off, she found a mysterious earth pony at the entrance to the Everfree. What piqued her interest was just why in Equestria would a pony be hanging around the Everfree forest to begin with? Dangerous monsters lurked just within its borders. The situation was bizarre enough until her friends decided to pay her a visit after hearing about how she was dragging an unconscious pony through town.

She shooed them all away, stating that she had this situation under control and that she just needed to talk with the strange pony. Now, here she was, babysitting a pony she didn’t know—or at least Spike was—wanting to know just who he was and why he was next to the forest.

She took the book off the table using her magic, placing it back in its proper place among the bookshelves before getting to her hooves.

“Let’s see if I can figure out what he’s saying.”


Naruto went back to the bed, still stumbling over his new pair of legs before laying back down. Not even ten minutes had passed since he came to, and he was already tired. As he contemplated his next move, he heard footsteps coming from the doorway. He sat up, hoping whoever came through could explain what was going on. Was it the lizard? No… the footsteps were too heavy to be that small thing. A purple horse with a beautiful purple mane walked through the open doorway. Even her eyes were purple. What seemed to be a horn extended out from her forehead—at least he assumed it was a girl, judging from the color palate and the curves of its face—and on her butt was a tattoo of a five pointed star. Two streaks of color ran down the center of her hair and continued down the tail, one red and the other a slightly lighter shade of purple.

What happened next, almost made him jump out the window.

“Can you understand me?”

It spoke. The horse thing spoke. He didn’t understand a word, but it spoke. He stared blankly at the purple horse, tilting his head at the same time.

~You can’t understand me, can you, horse, um, thingy?~


As she heard the yellow pony speak, she hung her head.

“You’re right Spike, I can’t understand him either…”

“What should we do, Twilight?”

“Hmmm… Maybe...”

Twilight started to think. There had to be some way to convey herself to the pony in front of her. If words wouldn’t work, what else would? Something tugged at the recesses of her mind, struggling to get out into the light. Of course! She remembered reading a book about first contact between the Griffin Kingdom and Equestria a few weeks ago. Princess Celestia herself figured out how to communicate with other sentient species that spoke different languages using a modified telepathy spell.

“Hey Spike?! Could you grab that book on Pony/Griffin History?! I know I left it somewhere in my study!” she yelled down the staircase.

An affirmative grunt was heard before, moments later, spike trudged into the room, carrying the book in question. She grabbed the book using her magic, sending Spike sprawling onto the floor, clearly not expecting such a rapid exchange. Still nonplussed, he muttered to himself as he walked back downstairs, presumably to finish his daily chores. She opened the book, scanning for the pages detailing the spell, before stopping at a seemingly random section. A few seconds later she had the basics of the spell memorized and ready to use.

“It’s alright… I’m not going to hurt you. I’m just going to see if I can read your thoughts… that’s all…” Twilight’s horn shined with magic as she brought it up towards Naruto’s forehead. Naruto didn’t shy away, now staring avidly at the shining horn. With a small jolt, her horn touched his forehead, sending a small shock through his body, giving him a slight headache.

Twilight closed her eyes, focusing more magic into the spell, trying to probe Naruto’s head for any way to communicate. Naruto was a bit scared. Whatever she was doing, something felt off. Almost like an itch on the nape of his neck or that eery feeling when you think your not alone in an empty room.

‘Can you hear me?’

Naruto blinked, his eyes now the size of saucers. What was that?

‘I said can you hear me? Can you understand me? I’m trying to talk to you through my thoughts.’

Whoever was speaking, it still didn’t make a lick of sense. Now he was just plain aggravated. The headache was becoming more painful as each second ticked by, and he was still stuck at square one. It was the purple horse’s doing with that stupid, shiny horn, he thought to himself. He lifted his front leg, shoving the horse away from his head.

That's when it happened.

As he distanced his forehead from the tip of her horn, a bright purple line of... something was attached to either end. Before he could think about it even more, Twilight opened her eyes in shock, the once solid purple beam of light changing into a bubbling red. The beam of light slowly collapsed in on itself. Then it exploded.

The house rocked slightly as the small explosion took place in the library, filling it with red smoke and sending them both into coughing fits. Naruto tried to speak, coughing all the while.

“*cough*, w-what the heck just happened *cough* you darn horse-!?” Naruto said before stopping himself. Something was off. Did he just speak differently? But it sounded all the same to him.

Even Twilight tried to speak through the smoke.

“Spike, who are you calling… cough… a darn horse!?” Twilight said in the smoke. Spike ran in through the doorway, seemingly unaffected by the smoke, worry written all over his face.

“Twilight! Are you okay!? I... didn’t call you a darn horse...” said Spike, now slightly confused.

As the smoke cleared up and the coughing fits stopped, he could see both of them, wondering what just happened. Naruto actually understood what they just said. His mouth felt different, but he could understand what he was saying too. Did that freak accident have something to do with it?

“Hey… I can understand you!” Naruto said in gleefully.

Twilight and Spike went wide-eyed as they saw AND heard Naruto talk!

“I… I can understand you too!” Twilight said with a smile.

“M-Me too!” Spike said.

“B… But how? What was that weird glowy thing you just did to me? I couldn’t understand you before!” Naruto asked, curious.

“Neither could we!” Twilight said.

“So how…?”

“I… I don’t know…” she said with a frown. “I was trying to read your thoughts, so maybe I could find some way to understand you, but then something interrupted the flow...” She trailed off into incoherent mumbling. She didn’t know what happened nor could she explain it.

“Maybe your spell backfired, Twilight?” said Spike.

“No! It couldn’t have been, I had it right…”

Twilight slumped onto the floor, feeling a bit ashamed and refusing to believe it had backfired. She always thought her magic was perfect to the T, but that was just wishful thinking at best. Then Naruto spoke up.

“If you ask me…” He sat up onto his haunches, both forelegs behind his head, ”I think that mistake was a rather good one. Now we can all understand each other. I mean, what more could you want?”

Twilight lifted her head up and stared back at Naruto. He sported a magnificent grin, rivaling that of Pinkie Pie. She found herself smiling back.


“Believe it!”

Twilight shook her head, a blush slowly invading her cheeks. “Well… thanks, I guess. It all worked out after all!” Naruto nodded, satisfied that she wasn’t sad any more. One crying girl was enough.

“I do have one question though…” Naruto asked. Twilight looked back, brow raised.

“What is it?”

The blonde pony scratched his head with his own hoof, still trying to get used to the odd feeling of no-fingers.

“Where am I?”