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This is dedicated to all the cuties out their.

Markus Rhodes was just your average everyday Brownie till one day he was eaten by something. now as the Alicorn/Zebra/changeling/Greek god/noodle conveniently named Markus rode he must save Horeseplace from all kinds of dastardly villains like Albert. These are quick excerpts from his adventureseses .

DISCLAIMER: Reading this story is the equivalent to cuddling with the engine of a speed boat.

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Someone told me that at some parts the spelling get's unreadibly bad. Point those out and I'll make them slightly less bad.

He really is gone... R.I.P TheaterCritic. You will be missed.
1/7/13 Never Forget.
...lol you should write a ship fic with Wrestleforever and Felixdawn.

I LOL'd.

This is some funny but messes up shit. It's also funnier if I imagine Theatercritic to be the human involved.

2811847 Markus Rhodes is anyone you want him to be.

Ah a pseudonym. Makes sense then.

2809891 It hasn't been 24 hours yet. I think we might know better later tonight.

Right now no, it's only 706 words and needs to be at least 1000 to pass.

Beyond that, you should be good to go.

Why the fuck is this fanfic in my group? :ajbemused: :facehoof:

Yay! Now it's brilliance is up for all to see.

Potato knishes indeed.

i fell 500 hundred ft into the sky before i finally hit the ground

the main 5 and Applejack

omg i died

2817888 I love it when people catch the little things.

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I can't type a comment to explain my feelings towards this, I just can't. This fic is just horrific and amazing at the same time!

Y u end this?

Y u do dis?

I Njoyed averything yu wrote.

13/C wuld cum agan.

I reached between my noses for to begin. But how? There were not enough clamshells in the haberdashery, so they slowly revolved backwards.

But then...

this story is quite exquisite and raised my intelligence by 4, hope i shall level up very soon!

What in the thirteen original flavors of hell did I just read?

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