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"My son, it doth not matter if a creature is an orphaned runt or an agent of death itself, the End comes for us all,"

Amidst a deserted village, a basilisk discovers an abandoned foal. Defying her very nature, she takes the infant as her own son.

[Officially On Hiatus. Will undergo reboot.]

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Great intro:pinkiehappy: really had me interested throughout the whole chapter:twilightsmile:
I only saw one mistake at paragraph 7. Switch WHERE to WERE.
You have me hooked:twilightsmile:


Thanks for the heads up. The mistake you pointed out has been corrected.

I'm glad you're enjoying my story.

interesting concept. I'd like to see where you take this, it could be the actual growing up or just the future when he has to reveal her. so many possibilities, I'll keep my eyes on this.

Oooooooh! I'm intrigued. I'm keeping my eyes on this!

I like this. This pleases Pinkamina.:pinkiecrazy:

You've got me hooked. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this.

Also, at what point in the timeline does this story take place?


A couple decades before the show's.

Sounds very intersting, hook my on your line for sure:pinkiecrazy:

At the very end " She couldn't just leave him either however. Doings so would almost guarantee he would expire from slow starvation; and she admittedly felt a strange desire to stay with him. Perhaps curious as to how he would develop?" Change Doings to Doing.
Only grammar mistake spotted, you got me interested.


Thanks. I fixed the problem.

2808552 huh o.0 that discription is damn interesting and has me hooked! thinks like this will happen in a blue moon (like the story of the lioness taking in orphan or lost baby gizzelles i think they were called) thinks like this are (if done right) always a good read :D

This... I like this.

this is very interesting to say the least, cant wait for the updates

Interesting. Reminds me of a few stories I've picked up from Retrieval agents. Will follow.

About goddam time mate.


Don't worry I'll update Flightless Savior...eventually.

2814503 The he- no, I was talking about you writing again.

I like this story more please!

You have my attention, I will look forward to the next chapters

The young child winning a double-take from the predator due to an unexpected reaction, resulting in the predator developing a bond with and a desire to protect its former prey, reminds me of how a 3-year-old Princess Ivy of Xanth won in her encounter with the recently escaped and youthened Gap Dragon, when she, being too young to know that she's supposed to be scared of dragons, saw the now-young dragon as her faithful friend and pet, and her magical talent of enhancement enhanced those traits that she saw in him, making him be how she saw him. She named him Stanley (you know, because he's a steamer. <A dragon that breathes steam.>).:moustache:

Seath! Why do you love cursing people so much?

This foal has a light yellow coat and pink hair? And this story is a couple decades before the show? Hmm...

Do Basilisks have control over their death glare? I always thought it was, oops I looked now I'm dead. How did the baby look and not die instantly?

Aside from my own confusion there, I'm really interested to see where you take this.


Different interpretations. Same reason why manticores is the MLP tv series are lion-scorpion-bat hybrids instead of lions with the faces of men.


Ok, cool. With that cleared up, I'm looking forward to the next one.

While we're on the subject of clearing stuff up, is the slime trail interpretation as well? Feel like I'm reading about a slug instead of a snake. Or is that like, from her saliva or something?


No. The slime trail is part of the original depiction, though my character has a degree of control over it.


Thanks for clearing all that up!

so far so good, but gonna wait for the next chapter to rate. can't wait to see it.

This sounds pretty interesting.
Although I am kinda jealous that so many people are getting stories out and I'm here still working on mine. But still. This could have potential. Gonna keep an eye on this.

Hmm, This is an interesting Concept here. I am looking forward to this stories development. :twistnerd:

15 paragraphs that start with 'the'. Yes I counted them all. HOW MANY POINTS DO I RECIVE!?

this story contains a strange amount of daww and diabeetus for a tale featuring a reptilian abomination

The ending made my heart explode... Twice.:fluttershyouch:

I'm REALLY interested in this now:twilightsmile::heart:

2828090 wrong it is 16 paragraphs that begin with 'the'

2828090 yup this guy's right 15 chapters start with 'The'.:twilightsmile:

Awe, more please!

Awesome chapter!

Will the birth parents of the foal ever discover that their son is alive and well?

Can't wait tell Essence grows up. Go to school and some rich filly be like "My dad owns the whole town."Essence be like "Ha my mom a basilisk!"


His name's not Essence, it was simply a possible name choice.

Whatever his mom still is a basilisk

16 paragraphs starting with 'the'?
A nice chapter. :D

16 paragraphs start with the,,, 'the' must be a very popular word to use to start paragraphs and sentences with.

Is the child immune to the basilisk's eyes? And why do I keep picturing this foal as Scootaloo? :scootangel:

2833071 The basilisk's death stare is an invoked ability, she has to want to use it for it to work.

As for your second question, because Scoots is adorable and awesome.

Well then, a carnivore and a herbivore, eh? This will be fun.

I really like this story. This foal is going to have some interesting dreams. Picture this: Princess Luna is out, searching for ponies having nightmares, she scans for dreams containing scary things. She comes across the dreams of a young colt who is dreaming about a basilisk. Recognizing the basilisk as something that a pony would be afraid of, she disperses the dreamed serpent-only to receive cries of terror from the young colt who just saw his mom vanish because of some strange figure with wings and a horn.:rainbowlaugh: Princess Luna would have inadvertently ended a good dream and turned it into a nightmare.

This kid is going to grow up to be one badass pony.

Please continue this story, I really like what you are trying to do.:raritystarry:

I would love to see this story continue

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