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Okay, she went from "No! Don't rape me!" to "I want to spend the rest of my life with you!"

What the actual fuck?

Clopfic logic. You read don't question


Well that was borderline rape.

2803287 is completely right. Clop fic logic. Not story with clop logic but full blown clop fic logic. It is like questioning in porn "why the plumber is suddenly screwing the house wife?". Just don't ask.

That....well that kinda sucked. The writing was okay, had definitely read worse before, but the characters were off.......well basically, not a the worst thing you could ever fap too, but it falls flat as a story.

Enjoyed it though, so points for that.

what >> Major-Alucard-Wesker and >>AetherToast made me laugh so hard :rainbowlaugh:


Gotta love imageboard requests. :moustache:

Is Twilight fucking bipolar? It started off as rape but by the end Twilight was fucking in love? And Rainbow Dash just assumes because Twilight's a lesbian that she automatically wants to have sex! And she didn't even prove she was a lesbian, she just found a random book in Twilight's fucking library! I couldn't even enjoy this because I was to pissed off and confused!

You're thinking.

Thinking is dangerous.

Don't do that.

Especially with clop.

Like others, what the fuck?
It just got stupid after Twi suddenly turned from being raped to enjoying it whole-heartedly. I won't thumb down as the start was good and could have gone somewhere properly dark, I.e. what I expected. But you just made Twi out to be a weakling, she had the power (as a FILLY) to transmogrify her parents into potted plants, simultaneously levitate 4 examiners and grow Spike to full size in an instant. If anything she is the most damn powerful unicorn ever, and she was bested by a horny Dash? No. :facehoof:
But as it seems to have been a request based around criteria I would not use, I can't really complain. So no downvote, but no upvote either, farewell good sir. :derpytongue2:

Thats a goood pic :pinkiehappy:

Is... is that... the magic of friendship?:applejackunsure:

To most everyone who posted a comment on here:

I don't think you quite get it. Clopfics may not make sense sometimes, but when you're actually in the act yourself, does anything actually make sense anymore?

Think about that... When you're in pleasure like that for the first time, it really does make you kind of weak. There is always a part of you that seems to be enjoying it, and therefore, you are at least a little hesitant to reject or stop what's going on. You're curiosity usually gets the best of you, wanting to feel more after you've had a taste.

What's with all the criticism?


YOU write a better one first. Most people can't write like this. It's actually not bad.

The only thing I'll say about what could have been better was maybe a bit more character-matching dialogue. That, and an apology from Twilight near the end, saying she was sorry for not trusting Rainbow, or something of the like.

It's not the best story in the world, guys, but at least be light-hearted about it.

I mean, come on...

...it's just a story.

And if you can't write, then have a nice, stale-baked cookie. Goes great with a warm glass of "shut your trap, chap".

Really, guys... It's not super-well-written, but you don't need to be jerks about it.

No place for wimps.


Another thing to add that I missed:

Rainbow assumes Twilight is gay. Twilight goes into denial. Rainbow sees this and then tries to convince Twilight that she is, in fact, gay. She does this by 'helping' her get a feel for it.

Rainbow is not only doing it for herself, she's doing it for Twilight, as well. That is the reasoning.

Read my other comment.


Of course, dude. Rape is epic badness. I'm aware. I never said that Rainbow's reasoning was good. I was just clarifying for story-writing logic.


Did you read through the entire story?


True, that doesn't happen. But you know what? Talking ponies aren't real, either.

This is fiction, dude. You can pretty much do what you want with it.

If you don't like what you see, great. Just don't discourage the writer, okay?

HORRY SHET. :pinkiegasp:

1337th viewer here!


Why would TWILIGHT the VICTIM apologize to her RAPIST aka Rainbow Dash??
like seriously. " Hey you just raped me, sorry for not trusting you while you raped me."
like.. c'mon... I'm not hating on the story at all, I find it rather good, but just really? The concept was just... No. You don't go from Being Raped to I Love You. and then from your view point she should apologize for not allowing rainbow to rape her without a fight? Just no.
We aren't hating on it we just find this shit downright confusing and just a no. :facehoof: please get that! YOU DON"T GET RAPED AND FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR RAPIST! :flutterrage: i have made my point. :pinkiesick: rape bad, falling in love after rape even worse, if she apologized I would have ignored the good start and down voted this.


Oh, wow. I almost forgot I read this! Lol...

Yeah, I got it, dude. But, however unrealistic the plot may be, I don't think the author needed so many kicks in the face like that. I mean, just look at the rest of the comments. Not everyone takes criticism constructively when it's delivered in a not-so-constructive way. Sure, go right ahead and flame all you want when it actually happens in real life, but in this case, a light-hearted, mild-mannered reminder or something in that direction would do best. It is just a story, after all.

All I'm saying is be nice.

No place for wimps

I was going to down vote this because of that rape, but decided not to simply because of the fact the story does have the "Dark" tag.

Your writing itself, as well as how you describe and bring to life the story is very good. You're obviously a good writer, and if it weren't for the rape I'd up vote.

As someone that has been sexually abused and knows people that have been raped..I just can't describe how angry RD raping Twilight made me. I read to end just praying that Twi was going to end up tearing RD to pieces and then burning her to ash.

Rape is taking away someone's choice. Twilight seriously said no and tried to fight off RD, but RD took what she wanted anyway. Twilight getting pleasure from it doesn't stop it from being rape. Even if RD thought it was for Twilight's own benefit it doesn't change that it was rape.

If you can't agree with that, don't bother replying. I'm not going to have an argument about it. Like I said, no upvote, no downvote. I'm sorry I read it, but you do have talent as a writer. I'll end now.

Spike was organizing books at the beginning of the story. xD He's just sitting there like, "I need more popcorn!"

2804690 xD Rainbow's face in the first pic is just epic hotness.

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