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Equestria is divided into three superpowers: Advanced Unicornia, the Free Air Federation and the Pony Reform League. Despite their mutual dependency on solar energy, these powers engage in zero sum warfare for their own prestige and political ambitions.

Into this world enters Celestial Being, a private armed organisation aiming at nothing less than the elimination of war. Armed with the advanced mobile suits known as Gundams, the six gundam meisters stage armed interventions into conflict zones. But when the whole world brands them terrorists and enemies of ponykind, the meisters must wonder what sacrifices will be asked of them before their mission is complete.

Humanised ponies based on EQG looks.

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It's a fusion fic with Mobile Suit Gundam 00. I've had it in mind for ages because the VAs are all the same but I couldn't work out how quadruped gundams would work. Then EQG came out and I decided to use the humanised ponies from that.

Here's the music that you ought to play to enjoy this fic.


Or you should play Daybreak's bell after Scootaloo's last line, which is why I edited in a link to it. Still one of the best OPs I've ever heard.

I'm more of a fan of Mobile Saddle Gunpony (UC) fan, personally.

Interesting piece as far as...crossovers go. Gundam 00's universe wouldn't be too hard to replicate.

I do want to see Twilight Sparkle saving Equestria from Axis...
or a unicorn going into Newtype-Destroy mode inside the Unicorn Gundam...
or yet another unicorn going into a comatose state after stopping an extremist head of an elite task force,
or seeing Angel Halo disintegrate, saving ponies from being mind-controlled.

But the trail of blood. O the gore!

Well this fic has my attention. I want to see how it goes. I'll be in touch.:twilightsmile:
EDIT: Personally I want to see Fluttershy kick some ass.

can you please gave us what each Gundam looks like it kindia hard to imagine this without proper detail.
but good story so far 00 was one of my fav series :scootangel:

"Applejack's little sister deserved a world of peace, and if there was no such world right now well then Applejack would just have to make one for her.

"This one's for you Apple Bloom," she murmured."


APPLEJACK: EAT PEACE! *Fires gun and kills lots of ponies who love their family just as much*

"We are Celestial Being; and we will bring about a world of peace."

And we're naive idealist technical Pacifists to an extreme even Tony Stark wasn't. That's...no small feat considering what he did just before Marvel Civil War, during it, and immediately after. :ajsmug:

"We are Celestial Being; and we will bring about a world of peace."

Celestia: Yes, we will bring about peace by even BIGGER guns than what our enemies have and even MORE war!

I glad you decided to continue this.:pinkiehappy:

Damnit, I had pretty much this idea sitting in my head for ages, I knew I should have gotten off my ass and written it.

you even matched up about 70% of the characters I wanted to match up for this, except I have no desire to go anthro.

Guess I'll shelve that idea, good writing.


I'm probably going to change it back from 'anthro' to 'human' as my original idea was that they would be the EQG humans.

Out of pure curiousity and not at all out of a desire to steal your idea, who were you going to have in the Colonel Smirnov role? (I'm thinking Cranky for Smirnoff and Derpy for Soma Peries, but I'm not altogether happy with Cranky).


Actually I wasn't going to have anyone for Colonel Sergei Smirnov, I was just going to turn him into a griffin and use his name and personality as is.

Also I was going to make Pinkie take over for Allelujah with the "pinkamena" personality serve as Hallelujah.

Go ahead and use this, I can't write that story now that you've done this, people will claim I stole it or am being unoriginal, even for fanfiction.


AS for Soma, I was going to have her be Gilda with a simliar split personality thing.


Also, based on what I read it seems you had a simliar origin for this story that I did. When I watched the first episode of Gundam 00 and heard Patrick's bragging, all I could think was "That's defiantely trixie"


I was going to have Pinkie/Pinkamena in the H/Allelujah role (though her Gundam is more like Lockon's, what with the long range weapon) and Derpy/Ditzy as Soma/Marie.


I wasn't going to screw with the gundams of 00, they're too awesome, IMO, to change. If you want to talk more then message me on here with the type of IM you use and I'll send you my address

2832434 Yes please i was kinda hoping theyd just have the regulare exia dynamis kyrios ECT. oh well but id like more detail on their MS to get an idea what they look like

i like it its true to 00 but tell me honestly the "loyalty" is just a re colored exia with gn particles given a new color and a new code name arnt they and pinkies is just dynamis given the same treat ment

someone clarify are thies gundams already made units from past series or new models made just for this fic

3315731 yeah im not big on the whole changing the gundams thing but the story seems spot on other than changing the gundams its perfect although should gundam be considered a "Dark" story

"There isn't a mobile suit in the world that can touch a gundam," Rainbow Dash said. OH HECK YA SAY IT RAINBOW SPEAK THE TRUTH GIRL

AI, or something similar, Twilight, and Demon of the Mobile Suit Derpy Hooves. This ought to be interesting.

My only thing that makes me as a die hard gundam fan hesitant to read this is seams to based on the worst gundam of all and seen the live action movie... I mean the whole plot of gundam 00 was done better in gundam wing endless waltz when Duo Maxwell said "Lets take the weapons and war it's self to hell with us!" With a come cool attitude of a total badass.

So Alejandro Corner's role is taken by Discord, while Ribbons Almark's role is taken by Sombra. Interesting. I'll keep an eye on this for the moment.


Personally, I've only ever seen 00 and SEED, but I like both of them and I'd rate them both among my favourite anime.

4546799 find the older gundams 00 is one of the newest made in Japan in the early 2000s find the older 1980s and you will see real gundam badassatude the greatest gundam fight is the 8th team vs gouf custom it shows just how much skill plays in to the fights. It also highlights the fact gundams are not God machines in the first gundam the gundam was destroyed before it ended. Also many gundams are destroyed over others shows there are even mass prodution gundams.

I have a feeling that the ELS' won't appear in this fic (at least for now)

4546799 Have you seen the Gundam 00 movie? It's awesome! And the ELS are the first prominently featured extraterrestrial lifeforms in the history of the Gundam metaverse. Here's the trailer.

For some reason I can't wait for Dash to get her ass kicked... by Derpy, of all people

Diamond is so gonna kill Rumble if she sees him talking to Sweetie and Apple Bloom. Also, first comment on this chapter! YES!

2801225 What happen to the video?

OK, Cranky as Sergei Smirnov I can understand. But Derpy as Soma Peries?! I don't know whether I should be :rainbowhuh: or: :rainbowlaugh:. The idea is very interesting to say the least.:raritywink:

As for the gundams. So far I see Laughter as Dynames, Loyalty as Exia, and Magic as Virtue. I am still trying to guess as to which one is supposed to be the most like Kyrios.

Very interesting story.:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Comment posted by 00RaiserGundam deleted Jul 15th, 2014

Robots piloting robots. Roboception? i look forward to more of this.

Very interesting indeed I look forward to more but id like more details on the gundams are they custom designed unites or just repaints of existing ms win new names

Really enjoyed the this story and hope that it's continued in the near future. Love how you positioned the various villains from the two series. I'm curious as who will betray the other, Discord or Sombra. Nightmaremoon with Sunset as an underling and Scootaloo working to infiltrate Appleblooms life.

Question, do you intend to use the Sirens for Team Trinity?

OK. You make Pinkie's Gundam like Dynames, but make her character like Allelujah/Hallelujah? Very nice twist.

5573932 I agree, its a nice use of Pinkamania to create a character variation that lines up with the anime.

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