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Rainbow Dash loves the "Daring-Do" series, so much so she sends a letter straight to the author, Filly Trotman, to proclaim her affection to the books. However, the author of this series is far from a glamorous celebrity, and would beg to differ on the subject of his series...

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This is a story that should really dig deep with any writer. I loved it.

Most awesome thing evar

Bloody well done chap. Perhaps we'll get the eventual sequel to this story, perhaps even romance if we're lucky With Rainbow Dash and Trotman.


An important message for all fans of the written word, or for that matter, any creative work. Inspiration is a fragile and fleeting thing at the worst of times, and capricious even at the best, but sometimes it can be rekindled by something as simple as a message from a fan.

Speaking as a writer who has a hard time becoming inspired about what he writes; this was a very poignant story.


Cliche, but fitting: Cool story, bro.

Absolutely Brilliant! Bravo, bravo! I honestly have no other words to describe this :rainbowkiss:

Aside from the mistakes that were previously pointed out, this story was awesome. :yay:

OHMYBUCKINGGAWDTHATWASPOSSIBLYTHEBESTPEICEOFWRITINGIHAVEVERREADANDINSPIRINGTOOOHMYGAWDCAN'TWAITFORMORE :pinkiegasp: okay, let's see... congratulate author, check... find a clopfic, ahhh,that's what I was doing...

Ah, the tyranny of the blank page, how well I know what it is like to labor under thy mocking gaze...

This story hit me a little bit closer to home than I would like to admit. There are so many times in my life where I felt inspiration flee me because a story I released did badly or no one paid attention to a work I thought was important. But every time someone told me that my work inspired them, it kept me going. It kept me writing. Even if my work never gets loads of recognition, as long as one person likes it, I feel I did my job as a writer.

:applejackunsure: Well. That certainly sounds vaguely familiar! Very Well Done. Very well done indeed. :twilightsmile:

I'm as much of a grammar nazi as the next pony, but something like this should have been sent via PM, not in the story comments. :trixieshiftleft:

228118 So....
Much... YAY!!!
*Insert Head Explosion GIF*

speaking of blank pages i have to get writing
nice story by the way!
*stands up and runs out of the room*
that is all

That's why I always try to scribble at least a few words of thanks for the authors of the stories I consider worthy of someone's time.

Readers, never EVER forget to praise, constructively criticize or just say a simple thank you to the authors of the stories you care about. It really helps them. :twilightsmile:

A great little story, this! As a writer currently suffering a bout of writer's block, this really hit home for me. It's given me motivation to write again! A great fic.

I've been bashing my head off and on, sometimes physically, against what feels like a mountain sized Writer's Block for the past few years. This story really brought forth some bitter-sweet emotions. I'm slowly, very slowly, working my way around this block. Thank you for this story, it's brightened up my day and given me a bit more hope I can get past my own block.

The perfect story for any writer blocked. Just a single "thank you" can get you up on your feets (or hooves) again to keep working another day.

This should really hit you in the heart if you've ever written a story. I'm an aspiring amateur writer and a bit lately I haven't been feeling too confident about the stats of my story. But this inspired me to keep going with it, weither I become famous I don't care, weither anyone ever recognizes me I don't care. As long as your story can touch anyone, as long as you have that one, sole fan cheering you on in the crowds, should be reason enough to keep writing and not give up.

You! You are awesome, and you should feel awesome!
I don't know if you did it purposefully, but I think you really caught the emotion of what a writer who can't write any longer feels. You've given me new hope for my own abilities, if at least for today! Thank you!

Beautiful! Very detailed and touching. Awesome!

I think that any writer with a writers block should read this.
It reminds you that there's always someone out there who enjoys your work. That you always should keep going :twilightsmile:
Truly inspirational :pinkiehappy:

Well, all I would say has already been said by the many people who commented before me.
Sadly I am currently facing a writers block. But I am slowly working through the darn thing. Just have to find that one little spark of inspiration, that little bit of missing spice, the.... O drat I'm rambling.... sorry.....
Only two things left to say here.
1. Great story, I loved it.

To me, the blank page is but a canvas! But to me, the murderer of my inspiration be not the lack of ideas, but their realization. As I write, I have to write everything. The Beginning and End are the high points and certain parts of the middle are intriguing as well, but when it comes to the one part that isn't riveting or powerful, I slow down. I focus on what I write, and every flaw, mistake, and even if it is simple half a notch below par comes to fore. I want the story to be as glorious as possible. No story is perfect, but I want to make them so good that I cannot tell the difference! Yet once I hit the words that are not filled with emotion or passion, I come almost to a crashing halt. Progress slows, and I have to force myself through the low point. Yet I shall persevere! Maybe, with a little encouragement, I can finally make my works shine like stars in the night, even if they'll never shine like the sun in the day.
Good story, and very inspirational.

Great story! Here, have a few of these on me:

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