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Sequel to ‘Revelations of the Past’ and ‘Lost’, highly recommended that you read them both first.

Two years after Fluttershy was lost in the Everfree forest and was rescued by the human mage Grendel Emeric, and after Twilight Sparkle discovered that Equestria had been saved from the wrath the Dark God of Magic, J’skaar, by another human mage called Turil Tailclaw, something begins to stir in the old ruins of the Mountain Kingdom.

Whispers of an old enemy…

One who was feared by all…

An enemy…who was assisted by a Dark God…

When a patrol on the border of Equestria in the north where the Crystal Empire’s capital once stood disappears in a sudden snowstorm without a trace, Princess Celestia becomes concerned that a Dark Evil that was vanquished long ago might be returning. After a second squad disappears, she and Luna come to the conclusion that the spell Varlos, the God of Magic, placed over their world a thousand years ago to protect them, has been broken. And immediately rush to inform Twilight and the other Element wielders.

For the Capital of the Empire has returned…and with it…so have King Sombra and Malaskaar…

Princess Celestia and Luna must summon two allies to help them defeat this evil once and for all; it’s time for Grendel Emeric and Turil Tailclaw to return to Equestria…

…And finish what began over a thousand years ago.

[Cover art done by me.]

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 23 )

Yes! I knew it was coming but it's still great to see it out :rainbowdetermined2:

Aww.. the reunion of Fluttershy and Grendel. Oh, Sombra, don't think this time it is going to be easy for you and your buddy to try and take over Equestria. :rainbowdetermined2:

Can't wait to see what happens when 'Lu Lu' sees him

:yay: <--- all that needs to be said.

And so it begins. :yay:

error time: second to last paragraph. "blue of yellow and pink race out". needs to be blur

Woopsie :twilightblush:, fix'd. Thanks for the point out. :twilightsmile:

another good chapter. keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Thank you, I'll be uploading Chapter 4 later on a bit so keep an eye out for that. :pinkiehappy:

Turil:1 blueblood:0 but in all seriousness great chapter keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

Are Cadence and Amemond gonna team up to use the crystal heart?

“You’ve gotten fat.” Turil commented.

i'll never get tired of reading that :rainbowlaugh:

I don't know what i liked more about this chapter, the "you got fat" and "old man" exchange between Turil and Celestia. Or how Turil put blueblood in his place.
Ether way this chapter was so full of win.

Thank you.
You'll have to wait and see. :trollestia:
Thanks. :rainbowwild:
Hehe thanks. :rainbowkiss:

Yay you made a reference to another fanfic!

Damon, Skeleton, Mage.. Processing.. You fucking funny reference maker you.:pinkiehappy:

I though the whole point of telling the element bearers about the true history of the crystal empire was so they could be prepared for the return of Malaskaar and Sombra. WHY THE HELL is she not telling them the elements don't work on him!!! Thats like the most important thing! Its just stupid to leave somthing like that out! :facehoof:

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