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This sounds amazing, I cant wait for the rest. Keep it up, also, i love gory details, make sure you get lots of those in there, and i mean LOTS!!!!!

I love the Walking Dead; excellent crossover idea my friend!:pinkiehappy: I suggest taking things a bit slower in future chapters however; I felt a bit rushed, and adding the tiniest bit more detail can give the story much more life.

LOVE the story DUDE!!!!!!!

Nice! In need of survivors, mate?

Same question, my OC already has a gun.

Looking good so far, I'm a sucker for zombie stories and will keep an eye on this one. I noticed some typos and others on the story, I'll pm them to you. I don't want to spam the comment section with it.

I like the way you described things, I like your word choices. I don't think this chapter was that dull at all, it's important to set the setting. Unlike the first commenter, I hope you don't go overboard with gore. I have no problem with some gore if it's not gore just for the sake of itself. So just... keep it classy.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :)

My two favorite thing into one:rainbowlaugh:

I totally called this yesterday lol!

Wait wait wait. Dark Lighting? From that Three of Me vs. School Society story? Ok this is pretty awesome now. As for OC characters, I'm sure I can find spots in the story to put you guys in. It won't be for a bit though, as the next few chapters are pretty tightly planned. PM me with some information about your characters and I'll put it in.
Gore shouldn't be much of a problem, it is a zombie fic after all. But gore will be controlled so it's not just a heap of guts and blood. It'll be good though, I promise. Hope to have the next chapter up in a day or two. I didn't expect such a positive reaction :P

Only two bits? I leave a dollar at the end of my chapters. Nice work so far!

If I could make a few suggestions, I would stay away from guns if possible. Rather, keep things melee oriented.

Another thing is don't be afraid to go Dead-Rising and Rube-Goldberg on everything.
I'd love to see things like a wagon with sheets of metal on the sides to decapitate zomponies, or a pitching machine modified to fire razor-sharp gemstones.

Also, make use of the environment. Things like traps and purposely collapsing ceilings onto a bunch of zomponies would be a nice touch.

I'm excited to see where you're going with this. I hope none of the Mane Six become zomponies though. I couldn't bare the thought of that. :fluttershyouch: Please don't make it happen.

I reserve judgement until zombie ponies.

If he does, he should add Keith.
Ellis: "I ever tell you guys about the time me and my buddy Keith tried to build an inter-dimensional portal generator? Now me and Keith had watched all those Stargate episodes in across the span of two months and Keith had this really big metal Hula Hoop in his garage and one day we both got tanked while watching the alterante-world episodes and he decides to make his own home-made Stargate-thingie.
So anyway me and him were settin' up when all of a sudden this weird sky-lights thing- you know, like the Northern Lights and shit?- just appears overhead. Thinkin' its a sign of approval from God, Keith grabs these jumper cables that we spliced into the power cables by the side of the road and clamps them to the frame and it zaps the PISS out of him! And actually me, too... :rainbowhuh:
Well anyway the next thing I know, I'm shooting backwards and he's getting sucked into this weird glowy light in the hoop and-"
Coach: "We ain't got time for this, Ellis!"
Okay, I've had my fun. Now I'm actually going to read it.

228203 To be honest, I'vebeen trying to decide whether or not to use guns. While guns are awesome in any zombie game/ movie/ show, I agree that it should be more melee. Oh, and thanks for the ideas! I'm looking forward to the introduction of the Mane 6 in a chapter or two...:moustache:

228136: Wow didn't think you would think ME liking your story that well.
Makes me feel nice and warm inside...........either that or i'm hungry.
One or the other.:trollestia:

I think it may need a bit more gore but thats just me.

Twilight you say? Hmmmmm..........Interesting....
Good Work dude

no more gore no less gore

Ahhhh, two contradicting requests for more gore and for the same amount :derpytongue2:

I personally don't mind the gore. You do whatever you think makes the story better.

Also, I'm loving it so far (as I'm a fan of The Walking Dead). Excited for more. :rainbowdetermined2:

only slightly more gore

I think you need no more gore than you already have. Great first 2 chapters BTW.

234292 I request ZOMBIE DIAMOND DOGS and Some NON zombie Diamond dogs in this plot!


Any good zombie ANYTHING needs a shit load of gore ( the proof of that is in Dawn of the Dead.) MOAR GORE.

tsrif. read tomorrow (sorry for being a douche-bag)

Um...Twilights a Unicorn right? Well Duh of course she is....well she could have just TELEPORTED TO THE LIBRARY!!!
But she was scared so maybe she couldn't concentrate...guess thata's her excuse.

OMG, Twilight already HAS a satallion??? I wonder who it could be?!?!?!!:rainbowderp:

Ah, Pretending to do college homework. I am familiar with this. TOO familiar. Last time i tried focusing on my math work I fell asleep for a little under an hour. I've got like, fifty word-problems to do (I HATE THOSE!!!) and I am doing Math 015. Lucky me. I SUCK at math.

Be interested in prereading

I wonder, is it a homage to the Walking Dead that you are deviating from the general story of the comic books the same way they are doing in the show, or is it just my brain trying to shove large concepts into imaginary boxes again.
Either way, I think you could pull this off.:pinkiehappy:

Once again, potential pre-readers please send me a PM. My editor and I could use another set of eyes to make the next chapter go more smoothly. Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

333274: Well I could.
Oh and AWESOEME chapter!
Now all we need is to get 3 other elements and we have ALL Elements of Harmony.
SO let us go...ONWARD!

Derpy is the 7th element (Muffins)

I know I'm a little late looking at this seeing as it has been up for a while. Now that i am writing a zombie fic, I wanted to see what else was out there. So far, quality work has been a delicacy, but this story seems to be an exception. I can see how you could do it with no guns. But I took the easy way out. That is, by designing weapons for ponies. But it would work either way. But it's nice to see that there are other ponies out there interested in zombie crossovers.

352645 Ah, I wish I thought of some way to put guns and weapons like that in my story. Sometimes it's too damn hard to come up with an innovative kill without sounding too over the top or repetitive. Oh and were you calling my story quality or an exception to quality? My overworked brain can't seem to comprehend the sentence :derpytongue2:

353793 It is better than most of the others. so yes.

when i saw the name "Derpy" i literaly jumped INTO THE AIR and cheered

now that was epic seeing derpy still alive

Ok, I did something entirely different with this chapter. The majority of the ideas in this one were random thoughts that popped into my head after finishing the last chapter. Excuse the sheer randomness:derpytongue2: The next one may take a bit longer, but it'll be awesome, this I promise:pinkiehappy:

As usual, your comments are greatly appreciated!

oh god pinkie went psycho bitch and is KILLING EVERYONE :pinkiecrazy:

Ohhhh I like this chapter. Pinkis gone full out nuts probably cause she thinks all her best friends are dead well fun time ensures in the next chapter CHEERIO.

I don't think she killed any live ponies, I would harbor a guess though that after losing some of her sanity she created her old friends again (Rocky, Lintalot so on, but as time went on, she lured trotters into the house and then bashed them over the head. Then overtime "recreated" the Mane 6 with the bodies of multiple trotters/flyers

Hmmm, I believe that after so many years of aloneness, she snapped, turned to Pinkamina, and killed any survirors that she could find.

Just Saiyan.

Only one thing comes to mind...

Now that you mentione that I'm pretty sure that something like thats gonna happen.

355972 Bahaha I'm glad to hear Derpy's survival made you that happy :rainbowlaugh:

390217 While I've never read "Cupcakes" (heard it was bad) I promise that it won't be anything like the story.
If it is, then dayum. :pinkiecrazy:

390329 It would be quite interesting, Pinkie Pie's got him all strapped down ready to cut off his cutie marks, then suddenly *BAM* Rainbow Dash saves the day or something.

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