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It's another boring day on patrol for Royal Guard Captain Shining Armor. At least, initially. All that changes when one of his guards reports that Princess Celestia is in danger. Can Shining save the Princess from an old foe?

Rated Everyone, with one minor curse word included.

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Is it unnatural for the guards, and eventually the captain to wait outside a door while a battle appears to be going on?

Nice story!! Ending was good. Imagining Luna's expression as she says it would be hard.

2794922 They had no idea who was there and once they did, they knew they needed more power and Shining thought the princess could defeat Nightmare. So, he was in control. Kinda.

2795041 I understand where you're coming from, I simply thought its unnatural for the royal guards, to not barge in the minute they thought Princess Celestia was in trouble.

Okay on the story itself, I do like it a lot. Gave me a laugh, lightened up my day (night really, but I'm sticking to the expression...) +1 :)


Somehow I expected it to be a video game, or maybe something like chess... but I did NOT expect Luna to be separate from Nightmare Moon. I figured Luna was just pretending to be Nightmare Moon to be funny.

2796166 I gotta keep you guys on your toes.

Poor Luna, she always misses everything :rainbowlaugh:

Lol just reading this made me think of ponified versions of all the MK cast XD
But would that make khan an alicorn?
Regardless, I love the story. :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

Whoo dislike! :rainbowwild:

I... I can't...

I cannot for the life of me, read anything that involves Celestia and Luna with video games, without hearing their lines in Matt and Pat's voices in my head!


And now I'm hearing Nightmare Moon's lines in Woolie's voice! Great!

(When's eternal night baybee?)

2887880 Would Twilight be Liam?

so random...

“…never be able to beat me, Celestia!” said a triumphant voice. “You should accept defeat with dignity!”
“You haven’t won yet.” came Princess Celestia’s voice.
“You’re going to keep fighting? How pointless. I’ve been able to counter every pathetic move you’ve thrown at me.”
“I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve.” assured a confident Celestia. “You’ll never be able to win, Nightmare Moon.”


Both Nightmare Moon and Princess Celestia were sitting on the floor in the middle of the room. A large TV was in front of them with a gaming console hooked up to it. Both the Princess and Nightmare Moon had controllers in their hands.

Video Game. Drat.

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