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I don't know why I'm even keeping this thing. Who the hay's gonna read this and who the hay would even care?

Being dead sucks.

Based on the awesome Ask Ghostly Scootaloo by RoseXKnight. Please if you enjoy this fic check them out. Characters used with permission.

No extra characters, events or abilities added by me are canon unless otherwise shown to be so on the blog itself.

For an extension of this canon check out Ask Kuleco (warning spoilers for Diary of Ghostly Scootaloo, Ask Ghostly Scootaloo and Rainbow Factory).

Chapters (59)
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Comments ( 198 )

Being dead sucks.

Pretty much...

This is pretty swell.
I dont see why more people read it, I like it a lot.
Especially the writing style. Just something about it.
So yeah, keep up the good work.

If you like this fic don't forget to visit the tumblr. And thank you very much, I'm glad to see you're enjoying it.

I did. It's also pretty swell.


I love these kind of responses! :pinkiecrazy:

2796390 Some Princess Twilight would be then... if she was one in THIS.

Read it through, found one little error

I. I can’t believe I saw her again.

Not sure if its an error on the double I, or you were trying to do an ellipses and forgot the extra two periods.

I think ALL the Elements need to be checked. If AJ can seriously go by him and lie, how are the others? Kindness isn't saying much, Loyalty is fractured, Laughter isn't doing the job, Generosity is not speaking truth, Honesty lies, Magic doesn't try investigating...that hurts..

Star Ribbon, stop being psychic.

How did you know I was psychic? O.o *had crystal ball*

great story bloody good i do say. btw i'm one one of ghostly scootaloo's followers on tumblr:scootangel:

Hopefully you're enjoying this as much as the awesome tumblr, I was so psyched that Rose was enjoying it! :pinkiehappy:

"I have no idea what you're talking about." The author replied, taking a sip from his glass of diluted rainbow.

2811840 hmmmmm*takes sip of creeper's blood tea*


She was never awesome...

Tell scoots that...
(for the record I do like RD but obviously this version... not so much).

2813395 ok i will tell scoots that after a nap

Well cool
Not much to say, just, well,

Keep it up

Comment posted by noahthegardevoir deleted Jul 12th, 2013

woah... this is awesome...

If Scootaloo can possess chickens, could she possess a cockatrice, which is half chicken? If she could, I think she would feel slightly better about the whole possessing thing.

:scootangel: R.I.P. :scootangel:
(I would pick a sad Scootaloo, but there aren't any)

Maybe she can only possess the chicken part? That wouldn't be very helpful I don't think :rainbowlaugh:

The chicken part is the head, and the head has the motor controls for the whole body. Therefore, she would technically control the cockatrice as a whole.

I was hoping something good will come out of the reports...

Who's to say something won't? It just depends who it will be good for.

Deleted due to issue solved

Apologies, don't know what happened there :derpyderp1:

Corrected, I have no idea what the hell happened, I must be tired.

It does have a point believe me...

2824263 I couldn't make out everything, and it doesn't make much sense, but that is creepy.

I can tell you that (at the moment) making it out would not help. If you are curious send me a PM and I can give you the clear version.

I would be interested. Thank you.

2824289 I failed. Meant to reply.

Fortunately I get a notification either way. The PM should've been sent.

2824528 I got parts of what I thought I understood wrong, and while it doesn't make too much sense now, I agree that this making sense will be horrible.

They're sending me to kill our spy tomorrow. I don't know why but I promise I'll make mummy so proud when I kill him. I'll dance in his lovely blood and lick it from my hooves before we put it into daddy. Kill the naughty ponies, make new nice ones. I love my mummy because she's so smart with her ideas.

Holy crap that took a while to figure out, for some reason

It's the program I use, messes text right up.

I know, its just really messed up

This story, is so f**king f**ked, I thought this would be a silly story about Scootaloo's ghostly stories. Not- not this! AGH! But now I'm to deep, I can't stop... AGH! Quick recommendation to people ready to decode this, don't, just- just don't!

oh the shit has hit the fan!:pinkiegasp:

However it is that you hade the chapter look like this, I think you went a little overkill on the page decorations. I can barely read the chapter!

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