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Do rainbows really exist? Are they a definite reality of the world around us? Or are they merely a beautiful artifact of the sky that somehow is an illusion to the onlooker?

Or do they exist for the purpose of existing?

Even in a world where death seems impenetrable, there is always the unexpected.

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'Her stomach flipping around in her stomach'?

Is Rainbow Dash a freakish mutant?

Another great story! Calling it now, you get featured again. One slight thing...

They can make you smile, they can make you laugh, and they can soothe your savage breasts after a rough day of stressful slumber and intoxicated mixed feelings that wrack your brain so hard it hurts to think.

Heheh, I don't think that's quite what you meant to say :ajbemused:...... okay I can't hold it anymore :rainbowlaugh:

2789105 It's kind of like a metaphor? :rainbowwild: I'm sorry. :rainbowlaugh:

:raritycry::applecry::fluttercry: why? Why did she die? What happened? Oh god the feels!:pinkiesad2:

2794204 While I was writing this, I didn't really think about the cause of death. All I was thinking was... Rainbow Dash has died. But then, after I wrote about her windows being taped/boarded, I was starting to think it was murder. :rainbowderp:
Please no. I didn't even think about that while I was writing.

Well it's up to our imagination then.:pinkiehappy: I hope to see more from you.:scootangel:

The ending's a little open and the events prior are also a mystery, it's a nice story but I'm not sure if this is suitable as a one-shot. Great job with what you've got currently though! I myself enjoyed it~

2795638 Thank you very much for your feedback :pinkiesmile:

Sweet Celestia. This was cute but I feel sad. Rainbow is DEAD! :fluttercry:

KEEP CALM AND SHOP PINKIEDASH!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowwild:

Not a fan of pinkiedash but this fic was really enjoyable, even if it was sad :ajsleepy:

This was such a good story! Very sad but good! I am in tears right now :applecry::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::fluttershysad::raritycry::raritydespair::twilightoops::ajsleepy:

It's a myth that if you (Or somepony else) doesn't believe you are dead that you forget your dead yourself and if reconciled that you go to heaven....

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