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"not every fairy tale has a good ending Cadence" - Life

Every Villian needs a happy ending once in a while.

......Damn...What an impactful first chapter.:rainbowderp:

Damn shinning more of a bad guy with dangerous women he should of put more thought if he was going to marry a princess with such high standers or as the engineer would say "that's what you geit" :applejackunsure: but that escalated quickly will follow

I love it when the villain wins, especially when so called "good" is incompetent or governed by an antiquated sense of morally. :pinkiecrazy: That's kinda why I enjoyed this story, Chrysalis wins and with her and Shining Armor eventually conquering Equestria, but to be fair they couldn't do any worse job than the actual leaders who use a group of seven untrained young people to solve their problems. Hell Chrysalis, Discord and Trixie almost won and they only lost due to their own hubris. Sombero didn't deserve to win, because he was retarded, laughed at things that weren't funny, played with stairs and was defeated by falling child. :rainbowdetermined2:

2899560 Chrysalis led her SHAPE-SHIFTING race that nopony even knew existed in an open invasion after some hair-brained scheme to take over Equestria by marrying Shining Armor... however the hell that was supposed to work.

Hero or villain, no one in Equestria has a right to brag about mental fortitude, certainly not when it comes to strategy.

continue please:pinkiehappy: if that's all right that is:fluttershyouch:

I liked Chrysalis' plan of winning by helping the Crystal Empire battle Equestria. It makes sense logistically, help the side with internal problems win by using your own soldiers to back up that army, defeat Equestria and when The Crystal Empire is in a damaged state at the end of the conflict, betray the C.E. which has in a weakened state has to deal with both the changelings and rebels. :scootangel:

:flutterrage: MOOOORRRRREEEEE!!! :flutterrage:

The plot thickens.........:rainbowderp:

"Now when encountering a changeling, simply pull the lever and the 16 ton weight will drop on top of its head!":eeyup:

I like how it's going, I just hope that emissary with Cadence is female.
As for the... happy couple, Shining should have been given word, as he is taking all the news by face value and by Chrysalis' word, which happen to be her, invading Equestria and Crystal Empire.

She should have known The Crystal Empire is filled with love, she was there!

I love how it's looking... I knew Cadence would go nuts but that whole cleansing equestria bs though? blah.

The'd probably fear you less if you didn't abduct and pyschologically torture ponies, Queen. That's not good PR. The sadistic glee probably didn't help any either...^^

it says complete but this feels more like it will be continued :rainbowderp: favorited just in case


Oops, I planned on this being a one shot but people voted yes so i continued.

Thanks for reminding me :scootangel:

2972051 any time something about the ending didn't feel right so i had to comment :pinkiehappy:

That ending kind of reminded of that bit in Spider man 2, where he has to take the elevator down and a random guy thinks it's just a costume and they engage in awkward small talk. :twilightsheepish:

The Crystal Empire and Equestria are tearing themselves apart whereas Shining and Chrysalis are having a grand ol' time. I like to picture most countries burning while the ex-prince and the queen are relaxing at the beach.

Who else but Derpy? :derpytongue2:
She's Derpy! Derpy! You never really know what she's gonna do next! She's Derpy! Derpy!

"I must break you."



You! You get a cookie for getting that!

2903985 I like you:pinkiehappy: you bitch, piss and moan about things that no one really cares about and..... well... thats about it. But I don't hate you for it. Not one bit.

Well Well Shine Boy. You let your dick do the thinking and look where it got ya. Oh well maybe you'll get lucky and die from one of the millions of STD's Chrissy collected in her lifetime.:pinkiesick:

is it too late to pray for dragon spec ops team to kill Cadens and win the love of Luna

Wait Derpy is the same Derpy from that other? story:pinkiegasp:

But, that other story was about human, this is about anthro :rainbowhuh:

Comment posted by A SketchPad deleted Aug 24th, 2013

3096455 I think it was just to show the outfit that Derpy was wearing.

3096491 Maybe, but Derpy mention Noteworthy and the 'thing' they did together:raritywink:

Yes Shining, go, go be the hero you meant to be... even if this was all your fault for being sexually frustrated. :facehoof:
At this rate, Shining will have both Chrysalis and Cadence in bed, while Cadence revenge fucks Chrysalis for framing Canterlot, stealing her stallion, killing off her ponies, deception within a deception of a plan and to have used excessively her magic for a pseudo-penis. :facehoof:

Shining, just stop the madness and knock up your mares, which is about... three if Luna was in it.

3096628 which is probably the cas thanks to a certain princess... :facehoof:
damn it Shining Armour... :facehoof::eeyup:

Well, best to get everything out of the way... Shining best tell everyone everything and Chrysalis to boast about his bed skills.

huh... well prepare your anus Shining Armour b/c they're going in dry.

huh, i wonder how pissed celestia is on a scale of 1-10 :rainbowhuh:

Shitstorm, up ahead!

[Puts on Helmet]

To think this violence, death, war and insanity, all could have been avoided if Shining had just gotten a divorce. :twilightsheepish: Then again I suppose it would have made for a much shorter fic.

"Candence, I want a divorce."

Legal proceedings, Shining gets half of Candence's shit (gender roles seem to be reversed in Equestria) and he nails Chrysalis, becomes King of the changelings and he has a few mutant offspring with her. The End.

One choice? Please, multiple endings are AWESOME!!! :pinkiecrazy:
Let's see, either choice will result into disaster:
Side with the Changelings, Shining would be dead on the spot but the emotional strain would kill Cadence.
Side with the ponies and he basically survives but with heavy charges of treason not only from Canterlot but from Cadence.
Side with both, they'll still have a dispute unless he shows his... shielding spells are superb.
Finally, lucky Shining Ending, having an affair with not only those two but with Celestia and Luna. :pinkiecrazy:

multiple endings PLOX? and threesum

He sides with neither and instead takes both down in a surprise attack and then faces the consequences of his actions later. Cadence went to far with her little 'crusade' to 'avenge' Shining by raping Luna and siding Chrysalis not including her intended genocide of Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns with plans to make them into Crystal ponies. Chrysalis . . . we already know what her crimes are so need to dig in there. Then there's Shining, the lynchpin of all that's happened. It's amazing to see that adultery was the cause of all this, but I guess that's to be expected when you cheat on an immortal love goddess with a love sucking parasite who almost ruined their wedding.

Multiple endings? Sweet.
_ He listens to Celestia
_ He listens to Chrysalis
_ He listens to Cadence
_ He gets Both
_He somehow reverses time like Superman and gets legal divorce at the beginning of his affair, doesn't fake his death and ends up with Chrysalis

Also I think I've ready to fave this fic. I needed to make sure this story was great from beginning to end and you didn't disappoint.

"Can I at least say that I'm opt for being shared and having a threesome? Not with her, but with Chrysalis?" Shining asked meekly, trying to make the situation a bit better.

Well, you can't say he didn't try.:twilightblush:

Also, you mean "open", right? "Opt" isn't used properly here.

That was just....what the hell?:applejackconfused:

can we do a multiple ending plot please? I want to see where things can go. Like a three way where everyone wins ya know?
but If I'm voting for just one... *sigh* Chrysalis. Not that I'm saying it's bad but fuck... he's married to Cadence and me personally believe in the death till you part thing. So go get the changeling Shining, ya know you love her.

hmm. Normally I would choose that he should go with Cadence. But it seems like if he did, he wouldn't be loved the way he had loved her. Chrysalis actually loves him the same way he loved Cadence and he loves her back with the same in return. So, i'm voting he choose Chrysalis. Not out of desire, but for love

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