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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


Fluttershy finds a cute, harmless, little animal in the Everfree Forest. Little did she know this creature is not as harmless as it looks.

In fact, it's an extremely dangerous animal.

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I know it's very short. But I think that's how Futurama canon minded Nibbler (mixed in with some cartoon craziness) would react finding himself in Equestria.

Hopefully (if one wishes) this story will inspire you to write a better version of story than I ever could.

No! Nibbler will eat the ponies in Equestria!

The panicky flower trio (Roseluck, Daisy, and Lily) : The horror! The Horror!


Nibbler is not a monster!

That went exactly how I figured it would. I chuckled heartily. Only problem I have is Fluttershy probably wouldn't name an animal "Fuzzy Woogums", but that's just me.

+1 for making me laugh.
Good work!


Thank you! I have achieved what I intended.


Thanks man. I like to put characters, well in character.

What would you think Fluttershy would call Nibber?

2838077 Well, good point. I'm at a loss really. I guess she'd probably take her to Twilight to figure out exactly what he was, then name him.


Yeah, that probably did happen in an alternate reality to this fan fiction.

Call Nibbler, Sucky? Because he can eat things far bigger than himself.

2838123 maybe "muncher"


Sounds like a good name for him.

NIBBLER! YES! YES! YES! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2: This is gonna kick ass!

What's going to happen when the next thing he eats, ahem, "pass through" (If you don't know what I mean, I mean when he craps). I mean, it would probably break through the floor of any building he is in.


I could have hang around the world a bit along maybe, or him find away to home to his own universe rather quickly?

Plus show the reaction of the Plantet Express staff due to Nibbler being gone?


I'm not sure, if I can do with a teen rated story.

They got Dark Matter now in Equesta. XD

2841605 Why not? But honestly, it's up to you. :pinkiehappy:


I'm one of the big fans of Futurama, I'm allover fan sites like; PEE or the Futurama Madhouse.

mail him to Chrysalis, lol

Is the story not done? It says "incomplete". :applejackconfused:
I am saying that because, there do not seem to be added more chapters.

If it is incomplete, then do you think you will finish it in the near future?


I have it on hiatus. Don't know where to go with it.

Oh, I see. Well I hope you figure it out, it is an interesting concept.

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