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Pinkie Pie does not appear to help Twilight and her friends. When confronting Nightmare Moon, the Elements of Harmony are forced to choose the lesser of two evils and release Discord from his stone prison as the next best option to bear the Element of Laughter.

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No really. What.

DISCORD? As the Element of Laughter???

How in the name of the unholy pits of hell do you think you can pull THAT off?

I'll be watching, for now. Let's see what you've got.

~Skeeter The Lurker

NO!! DISCORD HAS TO USE HIS MAGIC!!! IT'S THE BEST THING ABOUT HIM!!! OH, CRUEL, CRUEL WORLD!!! :fluttershbad: :raritydespair: Wait, and also, how did they get past the creepy trees if Pinkie wasn't there? :rainbowhuh:

Does it really seem likely they would be stopped by some scary trees if they managed to get past a manticore?

I'm excited to see how this goes! I see a lot of potential here.

Hmm... an interesting enough concept. There's some minor errors, but I can look past them. I'll go ahead and fave this and see where it goes.

i'm watching you.:pinkiecrazy:

~The Random

I too, am going to keep an eye on this fic.

Could you point them out?
Otherwise I will probably end up making them again.

2800532 Sure.

without aid, The extinction of life was all but assured.

"The" shouldn't be capitalized.

"I've seen you before!" She exclaimed,

She shouldn't be capitalized. Treat the exclamation point just as if it were a comma. You have this in several other places as well.

fell upon them, It's eyes, yellow with pupils of red

"It's" should be its, and not capitalized.

But never had I suspected that she would send you out to tie up her loose ends, I always assumed you were some kind of pet.

When you have two independent clauses joined without a coordinating conjunction, you need a semicolon, not a comma.

"Stop being such a bore." Discord said

You need a comma here, not a period.

please make him good. im tired of evil discord stories.

Really? I'm pretty sure this site has more good Discord than evil Discord.
Canonically, though, Discord is a dick, especially since this is before his reformation. Even then, they implied he was still a dick.
It would be out of character for him to anything else.But the tags on the story should give you a hint on what it's going to turn out like, although now he's a dick who can't be punished.

Forgot about this one... Had to got back and reread it...

Now I recall it. This should be fun to see...

~Skeeter The Lurker

2813090 Just remember just because someone is a dick doesn't mean he's evil. I mean who is more evil, the ass who never does anything actually evil, or the nice guy who is secretly a serial killer?

It's a bit more murky than that, Discord would grey them all up if he could, because he's evil. But he can't. He's still a dick though. just not a super powered one. That might change a little, but I don't plan on making Tsundere.

2813799 will he get levitate, sooner or later
just asking cause, it seems kinda wrong, for him not having powers, ALSO i think you should have, like, chaos stones that give him powers, when collected like infamous.

Eh, he can fly and walk on clouds, who knows what other neat tricks he might have.

2814933 i still say that maybe you should make it like infamous and blast shards
i mean... if that's... ok with you :fluttershysad:

I don't see Discord as a dick in the canon. Discord appears to be slightly unstable in the brain, but that is not evil. Discord is the God of Chaos, spreading chaos is his job, and what he was made to to. In the canon, Discord is called a spirit of chaos and disharmony, but this is not true in my eyes either. I believe Discord IS a God, however on the show they called him a "spirit" so that they wouldn't get in massive amounts of trouble with religious super-fanatics all over the place, and the "disharmony part is just to make him seem more evil. Chaos is a major part of harmony. I see harmony similar to balance. Chaos is needed to balance out the order, death is needed to balance out the income of new life, day balances the night, good balances the evil. Nightmare Moon needed to be removed because she made threw off the balance of the universe, similar to how Discord needed to be stopped. I do not think the elements actually would have worked on Chrysalis or Sombra because they never tipped the scales in any way. All living things need to feed, changelings included, and Sombra actually helped harmony because the amount of evil in the world was diminishing. I see Discord as that one guy at comedy night somewhere that tells only racist jokes in a place filled with whomever they are joking about. The few people he is not joking about think he is absolutely hilarious and should keep going, while everyone else doesn't like the jokes and want him gone. To most ponies, Discords humor is more of an "acquired taste".

As a side note, I can see Discord as embodying several of the Elements, namely Magic (can use many types of magic, including different varieties of chaos magic and we saw Discord use a unicorns levitation spell), Laughter (hey look, a story where Discord is the Element of Laughter!), Honesty (if you look at Discord's first two episodes, he never truly lies, he just says the truth in a misleading fashion), and Generosity (he spreads what he believes to be the two most wonderous things that ever existed, chaos and chocolate milk). I don't see Loyalty or Kindness, however we might see those qualities now that Discord has been "reformed" (personally, I think that "Keep Calm and Flutter On" was complete and total B.S. It might have been okay if they didn't shove it into twenty minutes. I saw two episodes at the very least would have made it a decent episode).

P.S. I am sorry for the very, very long comment that turned into a rant after a few sentences. As an apology, have a :moustache:, 10 imaginary cookies (they are whatever flavor you want them to be), a like, and a follow.

Discord is a Draconequus.
Draconequus = Dracon-Equus
Dracon-Equus = Dragon-Pony

Therefore, technically it would be physically be possible for Spike to be Discord's son if he did take after his mother. Due to the dragons extreme longevity it would be possible that Discord did make love to a dragoness before his imprisonment. Eyeballing that Discord was imprisoned roughly 1100 to 2000 years before the show started, it would mean that if that happened then Discord would have made love (giggity) to the dragoness very shortly before his imprisonment. The princesses likely found out about this and, after Discord was imprisoned, chased after the dragoness to make sure that another Discord wouldn't be born. The princesses found the dragoness while she was laying the eggs at which point they either killed the dragoness, imprisoned it in whatever cave they found it in, or stole the egg while the Dragoness was asleep/passed out. At some point after Luna's banishment Celestia happened upon a seer who told her a little bit of the future, mainly when Nightmare Moon would return, and a brief description of the next Element of Magic. Princess Celestia decided that she should give Discord's child to the Element of Magic, when she arrived, so she kept the egg hidden in a pocket dimension. Time went on, Princess Celestia made a school for gifted unicorns to help filter out the next Element of Magic. When she looked through the profiles of all of the new enlistees and saw the one whose name and appearance matched the one that was given to her by the seer, she had that little filly take a "special" entrance exam, where she had to hatch the egg that had Discord's son in it. So she hatched the egg, cared for the dragon, and found out about the young dragons strange abilities, such as magical fire that can transport things and the ability to hover slightly above the ground when infatuated. You know, strange cartoony abilities that make no sense whatsoever. Who is to say that Spike doesn't have Discord's powers, however he just doesn't know how to use them?

Yes, I do enjoy overthinking things from time to time. Deal with it.

2830324 that is insane how... how do you do that... THAT'S NUTS

you got a good few points in there, that I was thinking of myself.
From what I was seeing, Discord's entire character is built on his magic, aside from a few visual gags that he did with magic, all he's done is use magic to screw with ponies heads. Once you take away the magic, as a few Discord fics on this site have shown, you're basically left with a dick, obviously, there is a bit more to his character, but he's not particularly likeable.

WOOOO!!! I won an Internet!!! I always wanted one of those!!!!!!!

this is better than the first chapter
the chapters could be longer though
its good i will continue.

~ The Random

Comment posted by jouster14 deleted Jul 12th, 2013

Seemed a little rushed to me, and how can Discord be an element of laughter if he currently doesn't know the first thing about friendship?:rainbowderp:

He knows how to laugh at people though.

Where's Pinkie in this fic? I mean I know that she didn't enter the Everfree Forest so where did she go?

She ran off like most of the ponies did, and didn't follow Twilight to the library.
It was pretty much contrivance that had them all there anyway, I just removed one of them, it's hard to find a reason for any of them to mention it.

it's okay but it just needs to longer i like it but the updates need to be faster and the chapters longer......but if you cant that is alright.:scootangel:

~The Random


It was short because I didn't do anything for ages. I was a bit busy.

Now the hard problem:
Is it Raricord, Discolight, Disdash, or some other romance?

3149621 There's a difference?

i wonder what he said?

Love the discolight hints... Update soon please! MORE DISCOLIGHT! :D

I hinted Discolight?

I didn't notice.

Pretty good overall, not much I can say to put down this story other than a few grammar issues that 2801018 did a pretty good job of pointing out.

:P I also hope that this will be a Discolight. :twilightsmile:

Aaaw man! Sh*t's about to go down! :pinkiegasp:
And like everyone else here, love the Discolight :heart:

I have no idea where everyone is getting the discolight from. Sure, it's a little hinted, but not much. Discodash is hinted just as often, as is whatever shipping with Rarity is called.

Sorry, but whenever hints of pairings are hinted, people jump on it.
Also it's called Raricord I think.

I don't care if Discord is really Spike's father, but either way I really want to see him try and act like it, should be hilarious.

This review is brought to you by Zero Punctuation Reviews

There are a few things bronies seem to like in fanfics: AppleDash, Human in equestria and Discord, and bronies need to stop making those fucking stories, because on this moment, we have like a few thousand of those floating on Fimfiction. Each more cliché than the last. There are just too many of those stories, and it’s beginning to piss me off more than those damn Walmart greeters. They say ‘’have a nice day’’ BUT THEY DON’T GIVE A FUCK!

It’s like choosing between a normal cake with chocolate icing, or a whole bucket full of chocolate icing. Nobody will choose for the bucket, because it’s too much damn icing, and too much damn icing is… ugh, I forgot where I was going. Oh right, The Laughing Statue

So back to the fact that this is a Discord fic, I fully expected the same kind of things: Discord would annoy the mane six, they don’t want him around, yada yada.

And what do you know, this is exactly as I thought it would be. Discord annoys the main six and… is the element of laughter?

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due. The idea is pretty genius, and the first chapter really gives the impression that this story is something new. Right of the bat, Discord loses his magic, so after that moment, the hopes were high. To bad the story doesn’t know how to keep the originality.

After chapter 3, the story was what I was expecting it to be before reading the first chapter. Discord irritating the main six, they don’t want him around, yada yada. Actually, the story sucks even more now, because Discord doesn’t even have his power to annoy the mane six. Like seeing Justin Bieber, it’s really depressing

Another thing to note, the story gives just as little information as fox news. For instance, why can’t Discord use his powers all of a sudden? I know the writer did it to have a reason that Discord doesn’t bring Equestria to its knees, but I would still like to know where his fucking power went! Imagine watching Lord Of The Rings and the movie didn’t explain what the ring does or why Gandalf had a wardrobe change halfway through.

The pacing was also not what someone would call ‘top notch’ There were times that I was confused at what was happening. Some parts went faster than Superman when having sex, and I don’t know where I was going with this.

To make things even worse, this also a romance fic. At least, that what the story says with the tags. To bad that there is more romance in the actual show than in this story. All there is are a few jokes here and there about sex and such. No romance, (or really sex, by the way, just some jokes about it) and yet this story does wear the romance tag like Lady Gaga wears her meat dress

But even though these are all signs for a bad story, I felt myself becoming quite absorbed by it, like water into a dry sponge. Maybe it’s because of the simplistic and nice way of writing, or maybe it’s because I’m a escaped asylum convict, but I really enjoyed the story. In a time where fanfics don’t have any originality anymore, it’s at least nice to see someone actually trying to be original, even though he failed at it like all of my attempts at trigonometry.

All I can say is: go in this story expecting the same things in other Discord stories, and you might be surprised by some of the original ideas of the writer. Now, lets find a AppleDash fic so that I can get off some steam


reads description....seems legit *clicks read later*

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