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Union Jake

Just a small time writer from the humble Wasteland State of Arizona. I spend most of my time writing stories or playing video games. That's all that really describes me.


Starting college is always a big change, especially when you make an equally big move. Leaving the sunshine of Ponyville (and his best friends) behind for the rainy industrial city of Seaddle, the stallion named Union Jack embarks on a journey into a completely alien (well, not completely) environment, one of wild parties and immense cramming and homesickness and punk rock.

Oh, boy. This is gonna be a loooong year.

Cover art by Nocturneous of Gaia Online

Sequel to Anarchy in the Equestrian Nation.

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no!!! he sold his bass!!!!! oh and for a job, can you make him play in a bar?

We'll see about that. I don't know precisely how he's paying for Seaddle U yet, but he is.

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