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"This is what remains. Morality, justice, mercy. They don't exist anymore. Hope is dead. Glory is lost. Consumed by everything that surrounds us. Now these streets are paved towards nowhere. For this, we were taught it took a hero to change things. But we never got a hero. We got him. A stallion they call, Max."

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Comments ( 11 )

you better do Mad max justice with this

now to play metal music along side wean am reading

2868453 Of course I will. :rainbowdetermined2: I'm a huge fan of Mad Max, so you don't need to fear. :rainbowkiss:

Definitely gonna read this later. You better have the Humongous at some point though.

Makes me want to look up mad max now...

6134017 This fic is dead. Go home or I'll rip your mask off with a hook.

i hope you guys seen the old mad max movies before the new one came out

6412334 I skipped Beyond Thunderdome. Watched Road Warrior first, then the first actual one. I intend to watch Thunderdome once I see Fury Road again.

P.S. You just convinced me to continue this story by the way.

Could you continue this.


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