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2781103 Yes it was unfortunate that term became what it did in certain circles :P

2781111 Sorry I couldn't help but point out the joke...

Great beginning so far I love the walking dead and mlp this is going to be good

Ok, when i read the title i immediately thought something along the lines of ':heart: :heart: :heart:The dead have come back to rape you :heart: :heart: :heart:' but i read the description and realised it was zombies. Still a great start to a story though

2790399 Thanks, next parts almost ready :D

My mind created Endless Possibilities with that title.

3796276 sadly its the result of the stigma that word creates. I hope people will look past it :)

Not bad, not bad, got them pretty well in character for this kind of series.

I like how you do setting, Mind. :) Always have. :pinkiehappy: pony=motes. HA!

I've seen lots of people do zombies before, but they're always terribly written. This one is actually telling a competent story. Only nitpick - It's just Blueblood, not Blue-blood :pinkiesmile:

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