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Thanks to Angel, Fluttershy has ended up in Wonderland with what looks like her friends dressed up in costumes and everything completely opposite than what it usually is. Will Fluttershy ever get back home with her sanity still in place?

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Yes! This idea should be made! Thank you!

This story is amazing!

:pinkiegasp: I love Alice in Wonderland! though... I only saw the Disney movie and not the new one or the books... and I was a kid when I last saw it... and had no idea what the hay was going on... and wasn't there a game that came out? I love where this is going and I hope to see more chapters soon:twilightsmile:. I can already tell that this is gonna be good.

Liked, Faved, Followed, aannnnnd Moustached :moustache: I shall wait for more.




Flim and Flam=Tweedledum and Tweedledee

One of my favorite things about Lewis Carroll's Wonderland series (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There) is that they dramatize the puzzling nature of identity in a world dominated by rules and rulers that are constantly shifting and unpredictable. The nonsensical language, the peculiar creatures, the strange rules and regulations in this bizarre world force Alice to question her identity and statue constantly. In one of the early shape-shifting scenes in Wonderland, Alice goes to a table to 'measure herself by it'; when asked by the caterpillar, Alice says she "hardly knows" who she is, and after she's cried the pool of tears, Alice starts wondering if she's still Alice, and asks herself "Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle! . . . I'm sure I'm not Ada . . . and I'm sure I can't be Mabel . . ."

Now I get that Fluttershy's not Alice, just like Alice isn't Mable. Fluttershy is Fluttershy. But I still think you have a chance for some great character development here. There is so much of Fluttershy that Hasbro hasn't fully explored, and what better place to explore character/identity than through someone's unfiltered thoughts, i.e., a dreamland; i.e., Wonderland?

You have an opportunity here. You could totally reshape Fluttershy. Or at least expand on her character.

You have an opportunity. You just have to take it.

From reading the synopsis of the story I can tell this is going to be a pretty epic ride

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