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Pounds and Pumpkins - Crescent Wrench

How did it all begin for Pound and Pumpkin? Let's take a look, shall we...

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Pumpkins and Pounds

Pounds and Pumpkins


One year later...

Pound Cake snapped his wings out, tossing his unruly mane back before taking off into the sky, shooting straight up. From the window of his home, Pumpkin Cake looked back after him.

“There he goes again,” Pumpkin thought to herself as she smiled after him, feeling the familiar butterflies in her stomach. Her mind was suddenly cluttered by thoughts of him, of Pound. Her heart raced, and she felt the now-familiar blush lighting up her face. Returning to her morning dishes, she finished them quickly before calling out to her parents that she was going out for a bit.

“I need to talk to somepony about this,” she thought to herself as she made a beeline towards her one real friend's house.

Knocking on the door, she was immediately greeted by Sunflower.

“Pumpkin, I haven't seen you in weeks!” Sunflower gasped, wrapping a hoof around Pumpkin and pulling her in for a tight hug.

“Good to see you, too, Sunflower!” Pumpkin said with a small grin on her face. It had been far too long since she'd visited her friend, even hung out with her. It felt good.

“What brings you here, Pumpkin?”

Pumpkin gulped hard. “Do you think we could talk inside?”

Sunflower nodded, pulling her inside and dragging her up a flight of stairs and into her bedroom. Locking the door behind her, she invited Pumpkin to sit on the edge of the bed while Sunflower hopped into a desk chair.

“If you wanted to speak in private, that means it's important. Spill it.”

Pumpkin rubbed her foreleg with the other, blushing furiously.

“I-it's about a colt I like...” she mumbled, barely loud enough for Sunflower to hear her.

“A colt!” Sunflower said with excitement. “Who is he! How'd you two meet? How serious is it? Does he know? Have you told him? Are you planning on telling him? TELL ME EVERYTHING!”

Pumpkin had reflexively leaned back from the hyper Sunflower, and had waited until her friend was finished before leaning back forward.

“I don't think I should tell you who he is... But as for how we met, I've known him... my entire life. I... I can't stop thinking about him, and I have no idea why. Well, I mean, I know I like him, but it's almost an obsession, and it's kind of freaking me out...”

Sunflower was leaning on the edge of her chair, nodding along to Pumpkin's confessions.

“I don't think he knows- I sure hope he doesn't know... and as for telling him, well... that's kind of why I came over here.”

Sunflower mouthed “Oh...” before snapping back to the conversation.

“Well, what did you want to know!”

“Well, it's just... how should I tell him? How will I know it's right?”

Sunflower smirked.

“If you're this worried about it, then you've got it baaad...”

“You'll know when it's time, Pumpkin. You'll know because you won't be able to help yourself from admitting it. Hopefully he'll take the initiative and ask you out first, but if that isn't the case, then, well... you'll just know.”

Pumpkin frowned, chewing nervously on her lip.

“Sorry, but that's the best I have to offer,” Sunflower said sadly. Pumpkin smiled back at her.

“No no, it's okay! Thank you so much, I owe you!”

“That's what friends are for,” Sunflower said with a smile.

Meanwhile, high up in the sky, Pound was wishing he had a friend to talk to.

His mind kept showing him memories of Pumpkin, her smiling mainly. All of them were happy, all of them brought a warm feeling to him-

“Why can't I stop thinking about her?!” Pound groaned, letting himself drop out of the sky before barreling towards the forest, venting his anger with the strokes of his wings.

He knew what he was feeling. What annoyed him was why he was feeling it.

“She's my sister,” Pound whined to himself as he stopped himself right at the forest's edge.

“It's not right. She'd probably hate me if I told her...”

Pound slammed a hoof against a tree, venting all of his anger into that single kick. He felt the bark crack beneath his hoof.

“I-I can't tell her...” Pound whispered. “That would ruin... everything...”

He could remember all of the good times he and Pumpkin had while growing up together. All of the memories they shared.

“I don't want to lose you, Pumpkin,” Pound growled through gritted teeth.

But in the back of his mind, he wanted to try. For once in his life, he wanted to try something beside hide in the shadows.

He wanted a chance.

Sighing, Pound turned his focus back to the sky.

He needed a chance.

Flapping his wings, he took off, a determined scowl scrawled across his face.

He would take a chance.

Zooming through the sky, he looked out over Ponyville, trying to see if he could find Pumpkin out and about. He failed to spot her.

“Maybe she is at home,” Pound said, a fire lit in his eye. Dropping from the sky, he made a beeline straight for his house.

Landing on the ground outside his door, he slowly opened the door, entering the house.

And there she was.


Pumpkin turned to see who had opened the door, the conversation she'd had with Sunflower still at the tip of her mind.

And there he was.


A long stretch of silence hung between them.

“P-Pound,” Pumpkin coughed as she turned away. “Glad to see you're home.”

Pound opened his mouth to say something, but...

He couldn't. He couldn't risk his relationship with Pumpkin just to admit he had the hots for her.

Not this time. Not today.

“G-good to see you, too, Pumpkin.”

Pound Cake quietly slunk towards the stairs, climbing them quickly and retiring to his room.

Downstairs, Pumpkin stirred. She looked towards the stairs, then at her hooves. Back at the stairs, back at her hooves. Back at the stairs, back at her hooves-

Sighing, she clambered to her hooves and slowly began ascending the stairs, her heartbeat racing.

As she entered their shared room, she looked over at Pound's bed. He had thrown himself into it, laying on his side, back facing out. She thought she could hear the subtle breathing patterns that she usually noticed while he was sleeping. Taking a step towards him, she raised a hoof towards her brother.

“He's so close,” Pumpkin thought to herself, willing herself to take another step. To reach out to him. To tell him. To hold him.

She stepped back.


She'd tell him.

Just not today.

Sighing, she turned around and climbed into her bed. Resting on her side, she looked across the room at her brother, at his resting form. He wasn't particularly big, although he was more developed in his shoulder region, especially where his wings met his body, than other pegasi of his age.

Slowly closing her eyes, Pumpkin let out a sigh as she drifted off into a fitful rest.

Pound let out a long, pent-up breath.

One of these days, he'd tell her.

One of these days.


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Dude. You are just banging out pure gold this week. Keep it up.

... What? ... :applejackconfused:

Not bad, but I don't think you needed this, to be perfectly honest.

Unless... You just want to make it to the feature box again, don't you?

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Can you blame him? I'd be going for the hat trick too.


Three for three so far? Why not?

It'd have been funny if ALL three of his stories were in the box, but too late for that.

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I can try, right? Lol
But actually, I personally thought that last chapter needed to be there. Kind of brings it full circle

Still, all three either in the featured box or popular box at once? Pretty awesome, lol


Not gonna happen, I'm afraid. One dropped out of it. Still, all three getting there period?

Not something to take lightly. Very well done, regardless.

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Jesus, you literally own one sixth of my Read Later List with all these Pumpkin and Pound Cake stories. I need to get to reading them tonight...


And this isn't just the fanfictions that say "hand"

Quote the "What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me" song:

"Could y'all give me a hand here, and help me fix this mess?"

And other various moments in the series that I'm too tired to remember at 1 in the morning. :twilightsmile: So I don't blame the author here. It's just a common slip in the MLP:FiM series to say hand instead of hoof.

I totally forgot about that part in the song... Which is weird, cuz I remember now how I freaked out a bunch when I first heard it! Lol


See, I like pointing out each and every flaw or animation error in any cartoon and then analyzing how they could've avoided it (a bit of a Sheldon Cooper, if you will). Truthfully MLP's has quite a few more than most of the other cartoons I've watched... :trixieshiftleft: :unsuresweetie: This is why I love proofreading stories for little errors that authors miss, such as, "hands." :twilightsmile:

this is so sweet. the longing for the one you want most. so close yet so far. this is what innocent love really is:applejackunsure:

2792364 will there be a third (not counting this story) installment of this?

Yes, there will be a sequel to The Pumpkin's Pounding

2799347 also will you post a chapter with the link in the last one? (btw i am going to find you, and i will kill you.) *I have a habit of giveing out bone crushing hugs cuting off air and makeing you bleed*

I am confused by your last request: a link to the story I just finished, The Pumpkin's Pounding? Or a link to the fourth in the series here, when it comes out?

2799358 link to the forth in the third? eg: posting a chapter titled "Sequel" and in that a short message and a link it the new story.

I can link it up in the author's notes on the last chapter once I have it up

...I'm the 666th person to view this chapter...ALL SHALL BOW BEFORE MY AMAZING POWERS OF THE SUPERNATURAL. But no I think this is like the fifth time this has happened this week alone...and it's only Monday.

1501-th. reader :yay:-{YAY)

Also good story ^^

Coming from you, thanks :pinkiehappy: That means quite a bit!

And with this, i embark on a new journey!
I have 3- i think -fics ahead of me... insect and all..

A nice little scene setter before the main event, do like.

Your Antagonist

Like yet Loathe...

Seems legit

Flipping through the comments and I realized-
You said "insect" and all, instead of "incest" and all.
I find this extremely humorous right now.

Holy fuck I wrote that so long ago.

And I may be a grammar/spelling cunt sometimes but "incest" is just another one of them words that a dyslexic such as I has problems with :rainbowlaugh:

I also find this rather humorous.

Trust me, when it comes to dyslexia, I KNOW THE FEEL BRAH
I couldn't finish All The Right Type until I was in middle school :pinkiesick:

Oh, and I made quite a few mistakes typing this out. You'll never see them, though, mwehehe...


Oh, and I made quite a few mistakes typing this out. You'll never see them, though, mwehehe...

I take that as a challenge. :twilightangry2:
But lucky for you, I don't feel like rereading this at this time. :twilightsheepish:

I meant the mistakes I made in the comment...
I just read this all again, I know there are still mistakes. I just don't care :twilightsmile:

Downstairs, Pumpkin stirred. She looked towards the stairs, then at her hooves. Back at the stairs, back at her hooves. Back at the stairs, back at her hooves-

There's an old spice joke somewhere in here.
Also, sequel pls.
I'm just kidding, don't kill me.

5910034 Ohmygod if you ship Pinecest you are my new best friend

This was an awesome start, and I enjoyed it.
Good show! :yay:

5911277 pinecest is awesome

Lol why do they like each other? Xd :ajbemused::rainbowlaugh:

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