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So much lipstick, so little time.

I don't even know what to say... Let it commence!!


i'm going to like this

That is one weird as hell game but i kinda like it.

Oh, wow. This... this is just... If you don't do the usual bronystories "Alliteration overkill" thing, this might be the hottest story ever. If you do, it might be the funniest.

I... I honestly have no idea which would be better...

Oh man, I started writing one of these, (except it was anthro) and never finished.
Here's hoping you're not like me!

this has potential through i cant say i like discord and prince blueblood being there, maybe spike or caramel or braeburn would be better.

I'm not *too* into these kind of stories, but this seems...interesting...

... somehow, nothing about this story's existence surprises me at all.

I have a feeling there's something wrong with that.

I would enjoy this more, if someone else hadn't already done this. Sure it was just Big Mac but the same none the less.

After the game
:pinkiesmile:Okay,the winner now gets to pick which of us he wants to mount as his fillyfriend first.
Prince blueblood: I may not of won but I know who I pick.
:trixieshiftright:Trixie knew it.
Prince blueblood: You give okay head trixie but your mouth is annoying unless stuffed. I'm talking about applejack.
Prince Blueblood: Of course. Let's make applejuice fit for royalty.*kisses applejack*

I have to agree, while there a few tweaks here and there its a story someone already did, not to say that it makes this one bad or wrong.... but now I'm going into the story already grading as a copy in the back of my head

you jus haaaaaad to put in not one but TWO pieces of incest!:applecry:

Like the premise, which i didn't think I would at first. Never been a big fan of lipstick. Good job setting up, looking forward to how all this plays out, though I might have thought the initial couples could have been left toward the end, so it would have been on everyone's minds who they were going to face further down the line.

Going to be a fun night, by the sounds of it :pinkiesmile:

Reminds me of this story which is a good thing!

My only complaint is that everyone seems way too comfortable with fucking their sibling.

Reminds me that the Rainbow Party didn't exist until a paranoid conservative wrote about it, thinking it existed...And then it did.

what with all the downvote on the comments

The description of Discord's dick scares the fuck outta me. And my dude (avatar) has twin dicks too...

So this is the type of stuff that cloppers read.

update plz
that's if you want to

i tis the 150ith liker:rainbowwild:


*pukes* uh... fucking INCEST...*pukes again* makes me suck as FUCK...*pukes somemore*:pinkiesick:


Please don't let this die. It's always sad to see such potential go to waste...

Is it dead, Jim?


I like to think that he'll pick it up again when October rolls around. It's completely wishful thinking and has nothing to support it, but it's the assumption that I'm going with for now.

this fic needs continuation!:twilightangry2:

Why would anyone invite Trixie to a party

It's dead, Jim...

pls write another part pls

Definatly a dead story.

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