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Warning! Season 3/IDW spoilers!

After her Coronation, Twilight returns home with her friends and a celebration in her honor. With the reformed Discord joining the festivities, everyone is having a blast...except for Twilight herself. Why is Equestria's newest Alicorn unable to enjoy her own party?

This can be considered in the same continuity as "Why?"

My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro!

Big thanks to Its From People on Deviantart for beta reading!

And thanks to Moonstruck-Badger on Deviantart for the cover image!

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Comments ( 11 )

Oh, cool, you put it up here too. It feels kind of redundant favoriting it both here and on Deviantart, but what the heck! I'LL DO IT ANYWAY!

That was pretty dang awesome! even if I didn't understand the last bit :twilightsmile:

I love Discord's childhood. Great story

2775181 What was confusing?

Really good...also kinda adorable:rainbowkiss:

Just the ending bit, but it's an AWESOME story. It was the references to a past adventure while Discord was in stone. The comet, the cockatrices, the eye patch:moustache: that stuff

2776794 Ah. That was IDW Comics stuff.

The Q references were what won me over with this fic.

Gotta love those comic references, also I laughed at poor poor Chrysalis' punishment, that Pinkie suit was scary.

I do not really see how this story fits into the tragedy category. Great story though!:heart:

What has this to do with GBOYH other than the fact that Godzillawolf wrote this?

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