• Published 29th Jun 2013
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Mega Munchies - D-APE

Stoner Twilight pays Donut Joe's shop a visit when she gets an extreme case of the munchies.

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The Bakery Heist (Edited 02/2020)

Newly acquired curves bounced and jiggled on a near half-a-ton, and still quite high, purple princess as she meandered through the cobblestone streets of the city’s main marketplace. Due to her extra padding, the chilly night air of late autumn seemed a little less cold as Twilight struggled to move while holding up her heavy blubbery body. It was going to take some time for her plump legs to adjust to her new weight. Although, if she kept over-eating, those legs might not be able to reach the ground for much longer. Her giant wobbling purple globe of a gut was a mere few inches from dragging on the cobblestones.

Moonlight and oil-fueled street lamps illuminated the area for Twilight’s half-lidded eyes. There were no other ponies wandering about. The princess was completely alone. When the sun went down, all of the stores in the marketplace closed up for the night, and most of Canterlot’s inhabitants moved to the other side of the city where the bars, nightclubs, and restaurants were. The only reason the donut shop (made donut-less) stayed open was because its owner likely didn’t want to turn away a princess’s business.

Growling emanated from Twilight’s monstrous sagging gut. Her stomach was empty, and therefore unhappy, which made Twilight unhappy, and that just wouldn’t do. Squinty purple eyes scanned the area until she found her next victim, a lonely little bakery with a closed sign hanging on the no-doubt locked door. “Pierre’s Gourmet Cakes & Pies”, was written in big letters above the door. Thoughts of the sugary treats that would be found within filled Twilight’s hazy mind as she waddled over to the glass window of the bakery. Peering inside, she saw exquisite delectables locked up in glass cabinets: plump pies of various types, rows upon rows of frosted cupcakes, and an enormous seven layer wedding cake. Mouth salivating, Twilight’s stoned mind formulated a plan for getting all those deserts into her tummy, and oh, was it a good plan.


In a flash of light Twilight disappeared from the street, then reappeared inside the building.

“Genius, Twilight!”


“Ugh… Oh, don’t you worry, momma’s going to fill you up.” The princess said in a sultry voice while she briefly rubbed her big heavy belly in a loving manner. She could feel her needy stomach rumbling inside, desperately wanting to be filled to the brim again. Twilight was all too eager to oblige.

There was just one little problem. The cabinets were locked. She could break the glass, but risk getting shards into the food. That left only one viable option in her mind; break the locks with magic. But where to start? Everything looked so delicious to her. She was, however, rather parched from eating so many donuts without anything to wash it all down with. There had to milk somewhere. It was a bakery after all. Scanning the room, Twilight sighted a large ice chest behind the counter with a slidable locked glass door on the top.

The hardwood floor beneath the rather heavy princess creaked as she approached the chest. The glass was covered in frost, making it hard to make out the chest’s contents, but it had to be things that must be kept cold, such as milk or possibly even ice cream.

In a concentrated burst of energy from the princess’s horn, the lock was rendered useless. Twilight was then able to slide open the glass top. What she found inside were several great big glass jugs of some kind of yellowish-white liquid. Levitating one of the jugs out, Twilight found a label on the side that read, “Nutmeg Bros Eggnog”, and above the letters was a black and white picture of two smiling stallions with fancy mustaches, no-doubt the Nutmeg brothers.

Twilight was reminded that the holiday season was nearing; the only time of the year eggnog was made. It was a creamy drink loaded with fattening ingredients, and she had several gallons of the stuff all to herself. It was a perfect complement to all the scrumptious treats around her that would soon be sloshing and squelching about in her currently empty and growling stomach.

With zero restraint, Twilight popped out the cork, put the jug to her lips, tilted it up, and let the cold creamy eggnog cascade down the back of her tongue into her eagerly awaiting depths. As the name suggested, nutmeg was the most prevalent ingredient, but Twilight also tasted hints of cinnamon and vanilla, and at the rate the nog was disappearing down the stoned alicorn’s gullet, it was probably a good thing alcohol had yet to be added to the mix.

As Twilight drank, a weird but pleasant tingling sensation was felt within the pit of her immense gut, a warm feeling that slowly spread throughout her body. It was like the sensation she got when she went through her growth spurts earlier, but it was different, more subdued, slower, and dragged out. In the span of a minute, she emptied the gallon jug and tossed it aside. Its previous contents were now within Twilight’s bountiful belly, a belly that was touching the floorboards. While she licked up remnants of the nog around her mouth, she let her massive belly bear the bulk of her weight, alleviating pressure from her strained legs.

The pressure created by laying on her belly stirred up some gas that was forced up Twilight’s esophagus, resulting in the obese pony letting out a loud satisfying belch, tasting the eggnog once more.

Something was different though. Although she had drank an entire gallon, her stomach didn’t feel full at all. In fact, it seemed to become less full by the second, and that pleasant feeling spreading throughout her body was still consistent. Twilight watched and felt as her already gargantuan belly and rump visibly grew, albeit slowly. It was as if her digestive system had altered itself to handle more food, much more food. It was a good thing she was surrounded by so many sweets.

“Mmm…” Twilight uttered while she wrapped her forelegs around as much of her heavy belly as she could. Her hooves sunk into her gut’s squishiness as she began rubbing its bulging soft sides in loving motions. The fattening eggnog had left her with a good feeling, and it showed on her body, but that gallon of creamy deliciousness was just the beginning. She had a bakery’s worth of dessert to eat.

Unbearably hungry, Twilight broke the lock on the closest glass cabinet, part of the main counter where money was exchanged for goods. The cabinet was filled with at least a dozen plump pies of various types. Purple energy picked up one of the pies and carried it over to a very ravenous Twilight Sparkle. Hovering the pie before her maw, she began eating the pie straight from the tin while rubbing her beastly belly with her free hooves. It was a traditional apple and cinnamon pie that was actually still warm, not piping hot, but just right. Likely, some kind of enchantment was cast upon it to keep it at the perfect temperature. She let the pie warm her being from the inside out.

Twilight licked clean the pie tin of all warm gooey deliciousness before tossing it aside and lining up a brand new pie. This one had a warm and gooey cherry filling. She made quick work of it, and moved on to the next pie, a banana cream pie. One after another, she consumed each and every one of the pies, each completely different from the last, but no matter how much she ate, or how fast, a feeling of being full was fleeting as her body quickly digested what she ate, distributing pounds of soft fat throughout her body. Having no more room to sag, her monstrous gut began to spread out to the sides and out between her legs. Her rump, however, had plenty of room to grow. Her cutie marks became four times their original size. The two giant purple globes that were her rear cheeks sagged over her hocks.

With all the pies in the cabinet devoured, Twilight downed another whole gallon of eggnog in one shot before setting her sights on the next closest treats. Frosted cupcakes, at least twelve dozen, were in the next cabinet, and each dozen was a different type. They were miniature versions of the different kinds of special-occasion cakes that could be made in the shop. Legs too weak and short to lift her severely obese body off the ground, she managed to maneuver across the floor by flapping her wings, pushing with her hind legs, and pulling with her forelegs. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth in anticipation for the bombardment of flavor that would soon be assaulting it. Body wiggling and jiggling, the immensely fat alicorn inched herself closer and closer towards those no doubt tasty, but highly fattening cupcakes.

The lock was no match for Twilight’s magic, but she almost broke the sliding mechanism opening the glass door. Wasting no time, freed cupcakes began floating towards Twilight’s open maw. One… two… three whole cupcakes filled her adorable chubby cheeks all at once. Red velvet with vanilla icing, chocolate with fudge icing and cream filling, and dark chocolate with peanut butter icing all blended together as Twilight worked the gourmet cupcakes between her teeth before sending them down her gullet. Strong muscles pushed the lump of sugary foods down her esophagus and into her seemingly bottomless pit of a stomach. Falling into an enrapturing eating trance, cupcakes after cupcakes fell (into her stomach) before Twilight Sparkle’s unparalleled gluttony.

The floorboards creaked ominously under the rapidly growing alicorn as the dozens of cupcakes added pound after pound to her already impressive weight. Her bountiful belly continued to expand out around the princess in every direction, as her hooves began to lift off the ground, held up by the sheer size of the mountain of gelatinous purple flesh that was Twilight’s gut.

With a little less than six dozen cupcakes left, Twilight paused briefly to down another whole gallon of eggnog to quench her thirst, letting out a very unladylike burp before blissfully continuing her cupcake consumption. Dangling hooves rose higher and higher off the ground as her gut and posterior gained mass. Twilight was like a planet and the quickly disappearing cupcakes were her satellites, trapped in the gravity well that was her maw.

With another gallon of eggnog and every last one of the cupcakes then a part of her impressively curvaceous form, Twilight set her eyes on the prize: an immense mountain of mouth watering deliciousness, the seven layer wedding cake. Put on display for everyone to see its greatness, it was intricately decorated with white and pink frosting, and its only defense from the unbearably hungry alicorn was the rather large glass case it sat within. The baker no-doubt spent the past week on the strenuous and laborious task of preparing the masterpiece that lay before the still very high and extremely ravenous Twilight Sparkle. If the cake could feel, it would probably be experiencing crippling fear at the prospect of its imminent demise, destined to join its friends inside the purple alicorn’s enormously fat gut.

With hunger beyond belief, Twilight was presented with a slight problem. She had grown far too fat to move her body across the floor with physical strength alone, and the wedding cake was on the other side of the room. Good thing she was a magical pony, else she’d be rendered completely immobile. Through herculean effort, Twilight maneuvered across the groaning and creaking hardwood floor with a combination of bodily levitation, flapping wings, and a whole lot of wiggling her severely obese body. It took her a few minutes, but she managed to reach her delicious goal. Too impatient and ravenous to focus her magical energy into a concentrated blast to break just the lock, Twilight opted for a quicker yet more brutal approach: magically ripping the glass door off its hinges and tossing it across the room to shatter against the far wall. Caught up in her voracious appetite, the princess had no concern for property damage.

The cake was monstrous, meant to feed a couple hundred ponies, but Twilight was determined to eat the whole thing in one sitting. She certainly had the appetite for it, but even in her high state, she was aware that she was going to need room to grow fatter, lots of room, particularly for her already massive belly. Using the sheer weight of her posterior to her advantage, the princess shifted her body back to sit on her two immense orb-like cheeks, letting her planet of a gut plop down in front of her with plenty of room to spread and grow. In preparation for her glutinous gorging, she floated over the last four gallon jugs of eggnog and set them down next to the cake.

Not even bothering with utensils or a plate, Twilight resumed her gorging by simply scooping a big chunk of cake from the top layer and guiding the piece into her awaiting maw using telekinesis. The princess was not prepared for what followed. In a shocked response to the overwhelming flavor of the wedding cake, eyes went wide, pupils contracted to pinpoints, and tears of pure joy began to flow down her cheeks. Despite her vast educated vocabulary, Twilight could not think of a word that was sufficiently great enough to describe the amazing assault on her tastebuds. Although, it could've just been she was way too high to think straight. Whatever the case, whoever the baker was, he was a god among ponies in the kitchen. The cake obviously had magical properties as it seemed to constantly modify its flavor in her mouth. One second it would be rich chocolate with hints of mint, the next some kind of a sweet fruit flavored cake with vanilla frosting.

Twilight worked over that first mouthful between her teeth before swallowing the large lump of constantly changing cake and decadent frosting. Cake splashing into her stomach, the organ groaned happily as it went to work digesting its new delicious guest. Like a well oiled machine, Twilight proceeded to devour piece after piece, slowly but surely whittling away at that top layer of the cake as her digestive system rapidly turned food into soft fat. Losing herself more and more to her gluttony, Twilight picked up the pace of her eating as the mountain of purple gut expanded further and further across the floorboards. Waves of ecstasy danced across the sensitive surface of her belly while the alicorn massaged and groped it with her hooves, munching away in unparalleled bliss.

Hours went by like minutes as Twilight gradually worked her way down from layer to layer, each layer bigger than the last. She only paused her consumption of cake to occasionally gulp down eggnog before returning to her glutinous gorging. With each passing minute, Twilight grew fatter and heavier. Her immense and cumbersome gut crawled across the creaking floorboards, making its way to the far wall.

It was well past midnight when Twilight finally finished off the last piece of wedding cake. The morbidly obese alicorn had almost doubled in weight and girth from when she first started on the towering leviathan of cake. Yet, despite all she had eaten, her stomach was growling for more sustenance. Amazingly, Twilight was still high as a kite with a munchies the likes of which had never been known by pony-kind, until now that is.

While gulping down another gallon of eggnog, the over a ton worth of pony proved too much for the wooden floors. Accompanied by a series of loud snapping noises, Twilight felt the sensation of falling for a moment before her ridiculously massive body landed on the basement floor below. Fat purple flesh wobbled and jiggled about from the sudden motion.

Thanks to her abundance of extra padding the blubbery princess was not hurt, but she was faced with a problem: she was hungry beyond belief, but had some trouble moving to get to more food, even before she had put on another half-a-ton from eating the extremely fattening wedding cake. It was quite the predicament, but Twilight was determined to satisfy her voracious appetite by any means necessary.

The basement Twilight found herself in was dark. She couldn’t make out a thing, but she could smell something. Was it possible? The unmistakable scent of warm baked goods teased the inside of her nostrils. Her horn began to glow bright, illuminating the room. What she saw were shelves filled with boxes upon boxes upon boxes. She was in a storage room where the baker temporarily kept finished speciality cakes and pies for customers until they had time to pick them up. Too bad for the baker, his customers would not be receiving these cakes and pies.

Three hours and many cakes and pies later...

Empty boxes and crumbs laid scattered around what could be mistaken for a beached purple whale. Coming down from what was the most amazing high of her life, Twilight’s stomach was finally satisfied. Hunger was replaced by drowsiness, and all she wanted to do was return to her room in the palace and fall into bed. It was a good thing she could teleport. Otherwise, she would've been stuck in the bakery basement for who knows how long, and she didn’t want to be there when the baker arrived.

Focusing on her bed, the silk sheets, the plush pillows and mattress, Twilight cast a spell that she had used countless times, and soon found herself falling onto her bed, the wooden legs of which instantly collapsed under her weight. Twilight shifted onto her side, letting her belly, one that was big enough to fit all of her friends inside, flow off the side of the bed. She would have some explaining to do later, but for now she was content to let herself drift off to sleep while rubbing the giant, wobbling, warm globe of fat attached to her abdomen.

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