• Published 29th Jun 2013
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Mega Munchies - D-APE

Stoner Twilight pays Donut Joe's shop a visit when she gets an extreme case of the munchies.

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Donutcide (Edited 02/2020)

Author's Note:

Zecora actually rhymes in her dialogue now!

Despite the tremendous amounts of stress created by her new job as a princess of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle always seemed to be calm and collected even under immense pressure. Her close friends found it hard to believe that this laid-back, newly transcended alicorn used to be the same mare that went absolutely mental when she found out she was a week late on her friendship report.

How did the young princess achieve this newfound mental clarity and conditioning?

It was simple, she had a little medicinal help.


Outside the royal palace, the late-autumn sun had just gone down below the horizon. What little warmth it had brought to the lands was gone with it, replaced by a cold chill and a skyscape covered in countless sparkling stars and one big fat full moon. Daylight quickly fleeted, chased away by darkness, as Twilight Sparkle paced frantically back and forth in her personal chamber while she waited for her doctor to arrive. Her old self’s anxiety was back with a vengeance after a particularly trying day with no medicine to help ease her nerves.

Gifted to her by Saddle Arabian delegates, a meticulously crafted and vibrant blouse fit snuggly against the princess’s slender frame. Bright, colorful, tight-fitting clothes were in among the horses of Arabia, and it was a great honor that the delegates had taken the time to have one specifically made for the alicorn’s smaller dimensions. That garment and the burning hearth in the room brought relief from the cold, but not the relief she was looking for. The relief she desperately needed.

At the very least, she was glad Spike was not around to see her in her moment of weakness. Thankfully, he was in Ponyville packing up books to be transported to her new home in Canterlot. The last thing Twilight wanted was for him to worry and ask her friends to help her. She did not need them getting involved in her problems. Twilight could handle it as long as she had her medicine. She was a princess now and as Celestia had told her, princesses must not show weakness to their subjects.

Finally, there was a much desired knock on the door. It momentarily tore the princess away from her racing thoughts. Twilight trotted over to open it. Two royal guards, both clad in brilliant golden armor, and a pony-like being wearing a brown hooded cloak stood before her.

“Zecora!” Twilight pushed past the guards, and practically attacked the whimsical witch doctor into a hug. They embraced for a moment, before Twilight pulled away and exclaimed, “Thank you so much for coming! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

The zebra smiled knowingly as she removed her hood, allowing her mohawk to stand up straight once more. "Of course you're welcome, dear Twilight. I'm happy to help resolve your plight."

“Thank you for escorting Zecora to me. You have done your princess a great service,” Twilight said to the guards.

“As always, It was an utmost honor to serve you, my grace,” one of the guards said, the other nodding in agreement.

“You may be excused, Sirs.”

The guards bowed, then turned and walked off down the hall.

“Please, come in,” Twilight said and Zecora obliged, walking past the princess as the pony held the door open. “Let me take your cloak.” The zebra simply nodded and Twilight levitated the brown cloth off the zebra’s back, revealing a well-used saddle bag over her striped flanks. “Please, have a seat by the fire, warm yourself. Would you like some hot tea? I just made it,” the alicorn said, her anxiety showing through in her voice as she used her magic to set the cloak on a coat hanger by the door.

“A gracious host you remain, as ever. Decline your tea, I would never."

While the zebra sat down on a plush, padded carpet by the hearth, Twilight poured two cups of tea. “Do you take any sugar?”

“No sugar, no milk for mine. Tea alone will do just fine."

Twilight brought two steaming cups over and placed them on the exquisitely crafted mahogany coffee table that lay in the middle of the carpet. With the zebra, sitting on one side of the table, Twilight sat down across from her.

“This brew is truly far above average, as a respite it is a welcome beverage.” Zecora briefly eyed a golden hookah on the table as she cradled her teacup in her hooves and took a sip.

After a few anxiety wracked minutes of exchanging required pleasantries, and shaking ever so slightly while sipping on tea, Twilight got to the point and said, “So uh, do you think we could get down to business?”

Zecora gave Twilight that knowing smile again and then from her saddle pouch she removed a small paper baggy with the words, “Twilight Sparkle.” written on it. The zebra placed the bag in front of the eager princess who picked it up, opened it, and stuck her muzzle in for a whiff. Twilight thought it was the best thing she had ever smelled in her life and it sent a wave of tingles through her body from the anticipation.

“As requested, my most potent strand. Your mind it shall mellow and expand. No more worries and no more strife—only the best body high of your life. As a bonus, I mixed in Passion Poppy. Now, where are the gold bits you brought me?”

“R-right” In a flash of light, two shinny golden coins appeared before Zecora on the table. The witch doctor picked them up in her hoof and examined them closely for a moment before placing them in her bag.

“Business with you is always a pleasure, as a customer you are a treasure.” Zecora said as she stood up.

“Where are you going? You’re not going to join me?” Twilight asked, looking up from already preparing her hookah.

“Tonight I have many clients to see, and I will need my wits about me.”

Twilight’s ears drooped in disappointment. She was really hoping Zecora would stay. It was always better sharing her hookah with company, but at least she wouldn’t have any complaints when she laced the herbal mixture with a spell that was sure to make her night an even more pleasurable one. “Oh okay, that’s fine, another time then.”

As Zecora made her way to the door and put her cloak on again, she said, “I hope you have a pleasant night. Fare you well, Princess Twilight.”

“You too, Zecora.”

With that, Zecora stepped through the doorway into the hall. The sound of the zebra’s hoof steps on the polished marble floor faded away into silence, and the reality that Twilight was alone settled in.

Eager to get started and to be rid of her anxiety, Twilight levitated a book over from her desk and set it down in front of her at the table. It was an ancient spell book that she had taken from the restricted section of the royal archives. The book smelled strongly of dust as she opened the very aged tome to the page that she had placed a ribbon in.

The spell she was so interested in was called Animus Desiderium, which was named in ancient Equestrian and translated roughly to Hearts Desire, a spell that was said to bring the users innermost desires to the surface and, if possible, make them a reality. However, she doubted that would actually happen. The notes written in by other magi said it really just created a pleasant feeling of euphoria, and that was what she desired most tonight.

Casting the spell was simple enough for a mage of her level. She simply had to chant a few ancient Equestrian words while she laced the herbal mixture with magic. She wasn’t even sure if it worked. There was no visible change in the herbs. “I guess there’s only one way to find out,” she said as she combined store-bought apple-flavored shisha and Zecora’s herbs in the bowl and lighted the coals.

Overcome with anticipation she climactically picked up the hose and took a long toke. The smoke tickled her tongue with its chilled apple flavor as it passed down her throat to fill her lungs. She held her breath for a moment, before opening her mouth and letting her exhale slowly flow out.

Like a switch was turned off, her mind was instantly cleared of racing thoughts, replaced by a blissful haze. As she took a few more tokes, she could feel the anxiety leaving her body like the exhales of smoke. Everything around her became more vibrant, colorful, and meaningful. From the hearth, she became more aware of the waves of heat that washed against her coat—the feeling was enhanced tenfold, and she let the warmness fill her being. Her clothes felt immensely softer, and she could feel every separate strand of plush cloth in the padded carpet pressing against her rump.

Twilight fell on her back into the softest thing she had ever felt. She ran her forelegs over the plushness. The strands brushing against her flesh left behind little electric tingles. On her face was the smile of someone experiencing perfect unparalleled happiness. For a long time, Twilight simply lay there running her forelegs over the softness; minutes, hours, she couldn’t tell how much had passed. Time was meaningless to her. The only thing that mattered was the now.

What happened next, hit her like a ton of bricks.


And just like that, Twilight Sparkle had the munchies.

There was a new need, a void to fill. The comfort of the carpet and the heat of the hearth were forgotten in an instant. She rose to her hooves as her stomach growled at her, demanding nourishment as if she hadn’t eaten in weeks. She felt an emptiness that consumed her entire being.

It needed to end—she needed food. But what? She wondered as she made her way to the window and looked out.

And that’s when she saw it: past the cast iron fence, a giant donut with pink frosting and sprinkles, part of the sign for Donut Joe’s donut shop. Her mouth watered at the prospect of sinking her teeth into the sugary wonderfulness of fried dough covered in frosting.

It was decided, and nothing was going to stop her from getting her hooves on those sweet confectioneries. In a flash of light she teleported out of the palace, past the fence, and into the cobbled stone streets of the city proper. She shivered from the sudden drop in temperature, but she was too hungry to care about the cold. Her insides felt like they were attempting to digest themselves as she purposely trotted down the street towards the building with the giant donut.

The ravenous princess practically burst through the door of the shop, causing the bells on it to make a jingling racket announcing her presence. Half-lidded purple eyes focused on the shelves and shelves of sweet sweet donuts as the famished pony made her way to the counter.

“I’ll be right out!” Called the voice of a stallion from the back room.

Twilight was absolutely giddy with anticipation as her saliva glands kicked into overdrive.

“Ahh, princess! If I knew you were coming I would've cleaned up better.” Donut Joe said as he walked into the room and made his way behind the counter. “What can I get for you?”

“Everything...” Twilight uttered in almost sultry voice.

Donut Joe let out a hearty laugh, likely thinking she was joking.

He had no idea how wrong he was.

Unable to restrain herself any longer, Twilight levitated half a dozen donuts over to her from the shelves.

Briefly taken aback by the princess’s total lack of courtesies, Joe quickly regained his composure, “Uh, by all means help yourself, princess. I’ll just put it on the royal tab.”

And help herself she did. Twilight took a whole donut into her mouth while five others hovered nearby, ready for consumption. “Mmmmmmph...” Her slender rump hit the ground as she was overwhelmed by the mesmerizing assault on her tastebuds. She worked fried dough, chocolate frosting, and vanilla cream over between her teeth. Her high enhanced the flavor a hundredfold. Twilight was in heaven. It got even better as the chewed confectionary brushed the back of her tongue and was pushed down her throat into the pony’s empty stomach. Her gut rumbled in response, happy it had something to begin digesting.

That amazing feeling when she swallowed was over way too soon. She needed to feel that again. She never wanted that titillating sensation to stop. So she took another donut into her mouth and chewed deliberately. This one was covered in strawberry frosting and colorful sprinkles. Closing her eyes she swallowed once again. When that half second sensation of ecstasy ended, she took a third donut into her mouth. Powdered sugar and jelly filling tickled her tongue, but this time, after she swallowed, something rose from within her busy gurgling gut.


Twilight briefly tasted the contents of her happy churning stomach as the gas escaped her lips. She should have stopped after the third calorie bomb if she was to have any chance at salvaging her figure, but she just couldn’t help herself. All she could think of was that split second of utter bliss when she swallowed. She needed more, and the thought of stopping never even crossed her mind as she gleefully devoured the other three donuts in no time at all.

Meanwhile, the shop owner simply watched with a look of dumbstruck awe as even more donuts floated off the shelves and into the princess’s greedy maw. If he had any thoughts of stopping the alicorn’s gluttonous rampage, he certainly didn’t act on them as more and more of his sweet confectioneries disappeared down Twilight’s gullet.

After two dozen, her gurgling gut had really started to bloat. Purple belly began to show between the buttons on her garment as the fabric was stretched to its limit, but Twilight didn’t care as she continued to down donuts one after the other, her gut growing slightly bigger after each one. There was a soreness in her churning stomach as its walls stretched to hold the growing ball of fried dough inside.

Pop! The buttons over her belly couldn’t hold back the princess’s expanding gut any longer and ricocheted against the counter. Twilight’s taut gut gushed out of her garment and plopped against the floor. The sudden excitement stirred excess gas.


The ravenous alicorn halted her donutcide to admire the flavors brought up by her belch, but she soon returned to her confectionary onslaught.

At the rate Twilight was eating, what remained on the shelves would be gone in no time at all. “I-I’ll just be in the back making a fresh supply... ” the store owner said, then slipped out of the room. Twilight didn’t even notice.

After another dozen and a half, the sheer amount of food in her gut finally caught up to Twilight and she felt a pang of pain in her packed to capacity digestive organ.

“Uuuuuugh-” Buuuuuuuuurp!

Twilight was yanked out of her eating trance when her pleasure was replaced by agony. The hovering donuts that were lined up for consumption, fell to the floor.

Twilight looked down at her bulging belly. She looked like an expecting mother near her due date.

When the princess ran her hoof over her gurgling and strained gut, tight as a drum it was, something unexpected happened. It tingled pleasurably under her touch, and the knot of pain seemed to move away from her hoof to another part of her belly. Intrigued, she moved her hoof over the knot’s new location and began kneading. Waves of electric tingles rippled across the surface of her engorged gut, and the knot of pain moved away from her hoof yet again, but the agony became less intense. She continued to massage her groaning gut, chasing the knot from one part of her tender belly to another. Each time it moved, the pain lessened, until finally, the knot seemed to travel upwards into her chest, and up her esophagus.


With the release of gas, came immense pleasure. Twilight’s heart began pumping faster in her chest and she breathed heavily and erratically as waves of electric tingles rippled out from her gut to every corner of her body, but particularly her thighs and rump.

While she rubbed her gut, tautness was replaced by pliable softness, and her royal tush visibly expanded with a soft layer of padding. Every part of her previously slender form grew fuller, and Twilight loved it. While experiencing orgasmic sensations all over her rounding body, the princess put her front hooves under her new paunch and lifted it off the floor, feeling its heft, before letting go, causing it to plop against the wooden floorboards and jiggle about for a second. She continued to play with her new pudge until finally her magic induced orgasm died out.

And that’s when the munchies returned with a vengeance.

Twilight’s growling, needy stomach was completely empty again, its previous contents rapidly digested and spread throughout her body. Her eyes were drawn to the donuts she had dropped on the floor. Without any concern for being sanitary, she began gobbling then up. It would not do to let Donut Joe's hard work go to waste because of a little dirt. Twilight transferred everything edible from the floor to her stomach, then returned her focus to the shelves behind the counter. It looked like there was still a good four dozen left. She wasted no time, levitating over a line of confectionaries to her greedy maw. The gluttonous Twilight decided to step up her game and filled her cheeks with two whole donuts at a time. She desperately needed to stimulate her taste buds; to fill her stomach to the brim again. Nothing else mattered but her pleasure. The newly plump alicorn would do anything to get back to the pure ecstasy and excitement she felt when her slender body became...fuller.

Within minutes of downing two at a time, the growing princess had gorged herself on an entire dozen and was still going strong. There was a soreness in her gurgling stomach as the walls were stretched, but it was a good soreness.

Despite her fullness, Twilight showed no signs of slowing down, as she continued to push more and more donuts down her gullet, making her fattened gut grow larger and larger as it spread across the floorboards. The engorged princess managed to devour another two and half dozen before she felt that familiar knot of pain again. Her gurgling gut had become twice as big as it was right after her last growth spurt, packed to the brim with fried dough. She let out a pained moan that was cut short by a brief unladylike belch. She knew exactly what to do this time and proceeded to knead over the knot, chase it, knead, chase, knead, until finally it ran up her esophagus and escaped her lips.


The intense pleasure created by growth returned as her digestive system kicked it into hyper-speed, rapidly converting calories into soft gelatinous curves. The princess’s rear expanded out across the floorboards as the hard mass of food in her gut was replaced with pliable softness. Her chest and forelegs became thicker. Purple flesh showed between the top buttons of her blouse, and the strained seams were ripped open by her expanding body, until finally the last of the buttons on her blouse popped off, flying against the counter.

Twilight discarded what was left of the way-too-small garment, exposing her completely bare and fattened body. When the orgasm inducing growth finally ended, the alicorn had become twice the size of her original self in girth, and likely twice the weight as well.

And just like before, the munchies returned, creating a gnawing emptiness inside her. Twilight’s attention returned to the shelves behind the counter. Disappointingly there were barely any donuts left on the shelf. She made quick work of what there was, but it wasn’t nearly enough. The ravenous alicorn desperately needed more food to stuff her growling gut with.

All of a sudden, Twilight’s weed-enhanced senses picked up the aroma of freshly fried dough that she hadn’t noticed until now. Then her ear twitched when she heard a squeaky noise, like a turning metal wheel in need of lubricant. What happened next might as well have been the most beautiful thing she had ever seen in her entire life. The store owner entered the room, wheeling in an enormous cart of fresh donuts. Tears of joy began streaming down Twilight’s cheeks.

“Woah,” was all Donut Joe had to say at seeing a significantly fatter princess than when he first left the room to make more donuts. He didn’t seem to have any complaints, though, and why would he? It was a very good business day for him, after all.

Purple-hued energy plucked up the confectionaries right off the cart and carried them towards the princess’s greedy maw.

“Mmmmmmph,” Twilight uttered through filled cheeks. The warm donuts melted in her mouth before cascading down the back of her tongue. Nothing was better than fresh donuts. Fresh donuts equaled happiness. Tray after tray of donuts fell before the unstoppable eating machine that was Twilight Sparkle. Falling into a blissful trance, she stuffed donut after donut down her gullet, only stopping to belch or for orgasmic growth spurts, until finally she finished off the last tray of donuts on the cart.

With every last donut in the store consumed, Twilight’s gut had become enormous. The alicorn looked like she was carrying freakishly oversized quintuplets in her massive gurgling belly, and her rump had also grown substantially fatter, with her cutie marks stretched to three times their original size.

The princess took notice of the store owner for what seemed like the first time all night. He only had her attention because she needed something from him. “More.” Twilight stated to him, not asked, while her massive needy beast of a gut growled, demanding nourishment like she hadn’t just cleared the shop of all donuts.

“I’m sorry princess, but I’m completely out of ingredients to make more, and the next shipment doesn’t come in until tomorrow.”

Twilight’s ears drooped in disappointment as she realized she would have to find a new source of food. With tremendous effort, she lifted her significantly heavier body off the floor. Her fattened gut sagged inches from the floor and her legs rubbed against the gurgling mass as she waddled out the front door into the night to search for somewhere else with food to be eaten.