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After a pickup mission gone wrong, a Huragok (Called Engineers by humans) crashes in the Everfree Forest. Witnessing the crash-landing and her curiosity getting the better of her, Apple Bloom finds the little gasbag. After a traumatic first encounter, she takes the biological supercomputer home. While she and the other ponies try to figure out what a Huragok actually is, they are completely unaware of the danger it poses to them.

Note: This story takes place sometime after the Halo novel The Thursday War by Karen Traviss

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I will say that most Halo/MLP crossovers are quite bland and simply a ponification with nothing new, this appears to be different. I look forward to the future updates.

And that very difference is why I'm tracking this story.

A Halo crossover that isn't using the rather generic formulas?:pinkiegasp:
It's nice to see some originality. Interesting so far.:twilightsmile:

I'll have to see what else is in store. But I like it so far.:twilightsmile:

I've always wanted to see Huragok utilized well in a crossover like this. Exceptional work so far.

Though Huragok haven't ever attacked anyone (except that one time with Halsey), I'm interested to see where this is going

2772066 Thanks! The funny thing is that Huragok can get pretty physically passive-aggressive. Prone to Drift wrestled Jul 'Mdama to the ground and Lighter Than Some killed Henry Gibson with a rock.

Judging by how that glowing ballsack was thinking, I'm half expecting a bionic Applebloom to be the result of the engineers 'fixing'.

Now, like everyone else is saying, this halo crossover is very nice, and that's just for it not using the overused standard formula. After seeing that this isn't going to be abandoned after only 1 freaking chapter, I will most definetly put it on the instant update notice thing.

That being said, why always the everfree forest? Every single falling object from orbit somehow lands in that small gathering of trees. Is the place formed in a bullseye seeable from space? Is there pure solid iron spanning that whole place not 5 feet below the surface, acting like a gravity well center/giant gas station magnet? I don't know, but it has to be something, because everything ends up there!

2772283 Well, the Huragok was driving when they crashed. Maybe it didn't want to hit any of the civilized areas around the forest. If it hit a civilized area, it'd certainly break something and I'm certain Huragok implode if they ever break something and realize it.

Interesting. Far more interesting than most Xovers.

2775086 ... What's a SoL fic? Slice of Life?
If so, the fact that there's currently a battle between an Elite and Brute cruiser up in orbit, it's doubtful in my opinion.
So a Slica life would be nice, but unlikelly with these circumstances, unless of course the cruisers both managed to kill each other, in which case 'Gasbag' is trapped... not like he'd mind, him thinking like a cold calculating machine that goes around fixing stuff...

I have been positively pleased with this crossover. Really, it's been quite a change from the usual, and a good one at that. Say, have you thought up of a huragok-esque name yet?

2777327 I do have a name actually, but I won't spoil it. It's very... Huragok.


This is as satisfying as burning celery, mmmmmmmm celery ... that was a compliment by the way

Hey look, a somewhat original idea! Good luck

I don't have time to read this right now, but oh my Gwrd it looks good! :pinkiehappy:

(Someone who uses the actual Covenant names! :rainbowkiss:)

Yeah, more please. This story is great.

Hm...very good start. The originality alone is to be comended, but you've taken a fresh premise and have executed it pretty well. Kudos, good sir!:moustache:

My only complaint is I'm not a fan of the huragok thinking, or at least being able to read what he's thinking.

On the functional side, the chair could now swivel, lower up and down considerably, had wheels to roll around on, and it had nice armrests with collapsible decks to hold several objects on. Oh, and even Big Mac couldn’t break it with a sledgehammer if he wanted to,

Huragoks FTW!

I can now see Applejack going there in a few days and want to attack the Huragok for felling so many trees, but be unable to as he(she/it) has made the CMC clubhouse into an impregnable fortress of wood, rock, and ingenuity.

wonder what the huragok could do with an electronic device

I hope this updates with increasing regularity.:yay:

Huragok. Please fix my house and all its amenities. :heart:

2799057 All shall fall to the Engineer empire!


Oh hugarok, u so adorable. Go and make the entire planet better now.

Comment posted by 1st Lieutenant Dave deleted Jul 8th, 2013

They are going to have a fucking indestructible fortress of awesome by the time that thing is done. Oh yeah! How about giving the huragok a name? The huragok name offspring based on the offsprings initial buoyancy i.e. 'heavy then others' 'lighter then some' 'easy to adjust' etc.
they communicate with a kind of sign language as well, so maybe have the crusaders learn it to make friends with a mute filly? Okay that was a bit to far so I'll just shut up now. Anyway 5/5 with a 7 mustache bonus:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

Can't wait for the next chapter.

Huragoks are badass.

Keep up the good work!

Im waiting for when applebloom or one of the cutie mark crusaders brings a toy sword into the club house and he makes it into an energy sword.

Yay. New chapter rules, keep it up.


2905057 um okay sure that sounds like a great idea.

I can't wait until he sees a unicorn use magic!

I love the way your writing the hurragok....

2905561 Ehh, once the elites or brutes finish fighting, one of em should do the job nicely.

Unless they comically killed each other at the same time, then cue the unexpected "meteor" shower... With a slipspace drive!

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