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We'll see how your interest holds once it passes submission :twilightsmile:

both have been matured up to 16 so no foalcon,

You have lost my interest. That's about the only thing that could have made me read anything with a male.

Wow... Um this tale feels all kinds of wrong.

Then I am sorry. But hey, I'm sure there's more out there :eeyup:

2764942 You should make more. I don't think I've ever seen a long running incest fanfic before. Or at least make a sequel when Pumpkin gets back.

I thought about that lol. I only got the idea for this one 23 hours ago lol

Do you bro? Do you feel me bro? Lol

16 is still kinda pushin' it, but this is HOT!

5 faves, but only 4 up votes. Hmmm...

Behind him, Carrot Cake finished off the story with two simple words, words that would always bring a crooked smile to Pound's face for days to come.

“Damn, son.”

You just earned a like and fave!

2765032 Lots o people use the "fave" button as a "read later" kind of button, or for unfinished fics "i'm intigued, but i'll wait with the judgement".
Get used to it. And it's especially obvious when you're an aspiring author (like both of us)

EDIT: also, you might want to increase their age to 18, at least in future teen clopfics. A lot of countries have 18 as their sexual low age, and some might be offended and label it child porn (also i believe 18 is the internet sexual low age). Better safe than sorry :raritywink:

Yeah I realized it was probably something like that after I put that up lol. So, you read the fic yet? :D

2765095 Nope, not yet. just figured i'd reply before i forgot to.
Besides, more comments on a story look better on the front page :ajsmug:

If it gets to teh front page. It probably won't be passed through submissions until after the heat has died down. It currently has enough heat generated to hit the "Hot' bar on the side of the front page, if it had passed submission already that is. All of that will be gone in four hours :/

2765115 nah. Your idea is crazy enough to intrigue regular readers, and on the same "dirty" anough to catch a fave from the cloppers. Actually i won't be surprised it it turns up in the feature box :rainbowlaugh:

As for the story itself i, i really like how you focused more on the intimacy and relationship between them, rather than the phyical parts of the sex. The result is a damn hot story that will leave more than one reader flustered. Too bad for you i'm imune against that kind :moustache:
I liked how you built up a relationship between them, and took your time to build the background. Allthough i would have liked to see more of the past. Having old evenst seen from their perspective in light of their recent discoveries (making them suddenly see the romantic tension between them in the past), as well as having the scene set a little better before the sex. A more in depth description of the room and all that. This is all details of course, but it is what you should focuse on if you REALLY want to lift your stories to the next level.
I'll be honest with you, stop writing clopfics and instead write multiple chapter romances. A little sexs scene in the end is of course OK (i mean, what's a romance without some poon). You seem to master the romance parts well enough to REALLY hit gold in that genre.

grading (0 to 6. 6 is best)
ship: 4. Creative, and new ship. (I have to deduct for incest, and posiible underage in some countries)
story: 4. You build the story well, but as pointed out earlier i'd like more of the past seen in light of recent events.
writing: 5. Well written, with no awkward sentences or paragraps (as i could find). A few places were slightly telly though.

Total: 4 of 6 spikes :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
Good yob. Keep it up!

It's not like I can just say, “Oh yeah, I've just been in love with you for the past couple of years and haven't had the balls to tell you. So, surprise!”

“I hate seeing him like this. I wish I could just tell him... After all these years, I'm going to just end up leaving without confessing to him...”


For something I whipped out of my ass out of nowhere, I accept! :D

2765196 Incredibly generic and cheesy, I like the idea, I like the theme, Just that part just kind of turns me off, Which is not good considering this is a clopfic

Is that correct, the use of liege which I used? Hmm...

2765209 A follower of mine are you?
It always pleases me to see such loyalty in the peasantry, You should join my official group.


I shall now change my name to Commander Boreal :(

2765237 Boreal failed the emperor

Thule did not. will you truly take the name of a traitor?

Deny the Witch on a 2+, re-rollable.

The Greater Good finds this conversation amusing. Continue.

... When is this going to pass submissions *cry*

... or don't continue. That's cool too, brah.

2765273 Busy clopping, Be with you in a few minutes

I have to go to work in four hours, so if by some crazy chance this manages to pass submissions and makes it to the featured list while I'm gone, let me know please :D

2765290 I'll be sure to inform you right away.

2765302 Twilight might get herself hurt

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