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Haven't read yet, but the idea of the story sounds extremely interesting.

herpa derpa

Awesome and original story so far

seems good so far, i think I'll follow this

looking good are?
heck yes you are

230110 thanks alot :twilightblush:
means a lot when i get good comments

Well this is interesting. I'm interested to see how you humanize our dear Fluttershy.

wow, another chapter already, that was fast.
hopefully more chapters will come out that fast to, this is a good story and I'd like to see where it goes :pinkiehappy:

This story needs more views, because of how great it is.

230493 i have a pretty good plan on how fluttershy will do, but of course that is only after i feel that it works. Fluttershy is my fav pony, so i dont want to mess her up.

230604 like i said befroe, this is my second fic. It is getting a lot of good attention and so im throwing all of my spare time behind it. :pinkiecrazy: who needs a social life anyway

231901 THEN TELL PEOPLE ABOUT DA STORY!! :pinkiehappy:

thanks for the awesome comments bronies

232283 no need to yell friend :pinkiesad2:
we can talk normally
like this
nice and calm
that is all

this is very......interesting.
I wonder what will happen to daniel
this has me just immersed damnit

233801 Dano is going to get a lot of things
some good
some bad
you just gotta stay tuned :pinkiehappy:
and thanks for the positive comment
that is all

new chapter :pinkiegasp:
now to wait for the next one :moustache:

233838 working on it friend
don't you worry your cool moustache

This is a great story, I just hope it doesn't end too soon.
I also learned how to turn off my Caps Lock.

233950 yay, no more yelling
and i still have to have Dano meet the mane 6
and all the fun they have (with pinkies randomness in full bloom)
and the epic battle that follows
and to tell you a secret...
*leans in close*
probably gonna have a sequel
that is all

That means the fun shall be doubled!!!

234171 oh trust me
you don't know the half of it my friend :rainbowwild:

233830 by the way brotha/sister/whatevs
I just feel like saying that someone named Daniel
alone in the worst case scenario ever
fighting wierd s(caw)t and
without knowing what to expect
just makes my mind yell like crazy

235685 never played it, so i wouldn't know

235814 one thing
what with you and saying

235864 lol well it started as a signature when i commented on someones fic
the comment was usually constructive criticism
so the kthanxbai was llike a way to soften the blow by thanking the author for making the changes
but i soon started using them on all of my comments as like a permanent signature
that is all

235888 YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!:twilightangry2:

236020 kinda yeah...nah im not
I just like being random:pinkiehappy:

236026 lol, just wait till you meet my human pinkie
randomness will ensue
i hope
not there yet

236047 oh my god!!
stop teasing me you!!!

236026 oh, and btw i am a brotha

236071 ok then
I will stil hate but not as much
mostly due to discord being funny over here

236114 discord may make an apperance
maybe not

236135 ARGH I SAID STOP TEASING!!!!:flutterrage:
if you tease me again I wil make fluttershy cry
then commit suicide
because of a mental breakdown after that:fluttercry:

236289 no dont please
anything but make fluttershy cry
teasing shall be over with
cross my heart hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye

shy you can go now

236396 whew :scootangel:
now i can sleep at night
i should get writing...
ima be lazy

good ridance
flim and flam are stupid:twilightangry2:

236683 lol ik right?
silly junk vendors and their catchy songs...

This is starting to get really exciting, and keep up the good work.

236855 thank you for the positive comment friend
and don't you worry
it's gonna get better :pinkiehappy:

Whatever you do, don't kill off Fluttershy if you involve her in the story!!!

236889 i know who will die, who will be hurt (both emotionally and physically), and how the basics go
the whole plot is swirling in my head
i know everything
but im neither confirming nor denying fluttershy's death

As others have said before me, the story is starting to pick up- the metaphoric rolling stone of this story has started to gain momentum, and I can't wait to see where that momentum takes it. I'm also looking forward to seeing how you will incorporate Fluttershy into this whole mess we like to call post-apocalyptic Earth. And lastly, this whole story's giving off a heavy Fallout vibe, but with a modern-day technology twist thrown in there -- and I like it. Keep up the good work.

I'm willing to bet money on IF she dies, it will be spectaculary epic. Perhaps she is shot from a cannon into space, or does a whole "last stand" shtick against an army of ferocious machete-wielding grizzly bears?

236984 i do understand where you come from on the fallout vibe, which is ok (i personally love fallout). fluttershy will be incorporated deeply, since she was referenced in the summary, and thanks for the positive comment friend

236994 maybe, maybe not
i will tease at the plot twists, but i will never confirm

237109 kill fluttershy? don't you dare :twilightangry2:
other than that, this story's coming along nicely and can't wait to see where it goes.
and good luck with school :moustache:

237211 thanks for the comment friend
and now with your support i will pass for sure
as for fluttershy...
stay tuned :pinkiecrazy:

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