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Philip Terry Graham

Hello there! Yes, I am the real Philip Terry Graham, and yes, these are my real fanfics from when I was an aspiring youngling writer!


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"It's alright, kid. I've got you!"

My name is Airheart. I have wings, I can fly and I dream big. I am a Wonderbolt and I am proud of it, although we all at the Wonderbolts Academy had do go through our difficulties to be here.

Two of us know exactly that. These two very close friends of mine spiraled downwards during their time at the Academy and became so lost in themselves that feelings no longer meant anything to them. But then something incredible happened. They felt again, with feelings that nopony else could stop them from feeling-

Their feelings for eachother.

Who is Airheart? Read the article at The Sarasota Dreams Gazette!

Cast of characters from left to right: Rumble, Flitter, Cloudchaser, Lightning Dust, Thunderlane, Rainbow Dash, Airheart, Spitfire, Cresent Moon, Soarin, the 2nd Doctor and Blossomforth.

The Soundtrack to Philip Graham's The Academy, featuring Imagine Dragons, The Script, OneRepublic, Green Day and more is available to listen on allMixtapes.com!

Got a question to ask about The Academy? Go to my ask.fm page and drop your question there!

Read more about The Academy on our Sarasota Dreams index file!


--Written by Philip Graham
Released under Sarasota Dreams

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 11 )

AWESOME!!! :rainbowkiss:do you have an estimate of when you're going to update again? Cause it's awesomely cool!:twilightsmile:

Do you have an estimated time of when you're going to update again? :raritystarry:

With most of my serial novels, I tend to publish new chapters every Saturday, so expect a new chapter every week! :pinkiehappy:

One more question, does this have shipping? If yes is it Soarindash or Soarfire( soarin and spitfire)?

Unfortunately, dabbing into that would be spoilers, but I can go as far to say that there will be relationships.

Alot of them. :twilightblush:

is this a thunderdash story or a Rainbow Dash x o.c story?:duck:


Much much much better. It's still very undeveloped but I see enough improvement for approval. Feel free to post this ribbon in the long description of the story. Also sorry for taking so long to get to this.

3007554 Thanks! Also, it's okay; you don't have to be sorry about the delay, I understand! Neat design for a ribbon by the way! Love it! :twilightsheepish:

love the chapter! really hope that there is thunderdash:twilightsmile:

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