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Shadow of the Night

Just a big, tall teenager that is trying to write horse words as soon as possible... And loves games. A lot. Also, I enjoy Roleplay. Feel free to PM me about it.


Boba Fett has contracted a disease from an unknown planet. On the verge of death, he decides to secretly have himself perfectly cloned in the same way his father did to get him. The result? Manda Fett, a boy who is trained by his father, but doesn't know why Boba is almost dead. When Manda finds out, and learns of the planet where the disease was made, Manda dons his father's armor (albeit with slightly different colors), picks up his blaster, learns the ways of the Dark Side, and when Boba dies, Manda heads to Equis to seek revenge.


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Comments ( 3 )

I want to write a full review on this but I simply can't. For the simple fact I can't take this story serious. That video is what caused it. You could have just said it that they were going to rock the bed or something.

However, there are a couple touching points. The first being, the video... How in the world and why would you place it there to begin with? Secondly, go into more detail of the events that happened. Granted you are a starting writer, but a bit more detail is never wrong. Thirdly, explain the reasons of Manda when he shot the Dark Lord. As for my last point of attention, he had a child with Rainbow but she died while she was married to somepony else... ...What?

Overall, not the best of works, suffers from some fatal flaws that never should be placed in a story and lack of detail. Not going to thumb it down, but neither will it receive one up.

2774495 Ok. Manda shot the Dark Lord because he only wanted to have the Sith powers for himself. And I will remove the video.
P.S.: the mare isn't rainbow!

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