• Published 27th Jul 2013
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Scale - shortskirtsandexplosions

Daring Do goes on an epic quest full of danger and peril. Her goal: to cross landscapes, to scale boundaries... and to transcend herself.

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And the Wordless World

Daring Do's eyes flashed open.

Blinding gold sunlight.

Sea blue skies.

A fluff of white mist and a rainbow colored tail and the flicker of a brown leather book.

"Hey! H-hey, watch it—!" Athletic forelimbs flung through a warm, warm world to catch her. "Don't—!"

They failed; Daring plummeted through the clouds.

She burst out the other side, plunging towards emerald plains dotted with rustic brown cottages and calico farm fields. Babbling brooks and crystal-clear streams threaded under antique bridges and past dirt roads. In the center of a sprawling little village, colorful pastel shapes paused in mid-frolic, gawking up at the plummeting figure with gaping muzzles. The land was alive with emotion, warmth, and color; Daring sailed towards it like a runaway steamship.

She hyperventilated, watching as the rock-hard earth flew closer at an alarming rate. She flung her hooves about like a fish out of water, flinching as her eyes rolled towards the heavens. A pulse of color was streaking down towards her like a missile.

"Are you crazy?!" the pegasus' voice rasped from above. "Flap your wings, ya hay-brained idiot! Flap those wings that your momma gave ya!"

The mare flinched. She saw the horizon flying hungrily up into her peripheral vision, and she curled her body up tight, wincing. Seconds passed as she hung there, and she realized her body hadn't been pulverized into a pile of orange paste. Her nose twitched against a whipping wind, and she noticed that she had two healthy wings levitating her in place. Her injury was gone, and in its place was a perfectly intact green shirt as well as a pale pith helmet.

Dumbfounded, Daring Do touched down onto soft, springy earth. The ground felt smoothing to the touch, as if everything was made out of little electrical bolts that chased away any ounce of pain from her tan coat. No sooner was she dwelling on this when a book plopped down innocuously before her. She looked down at the novel, and her mouth pursed open.

"Daring Do and the East Edge Archives."

Four blue hooves plopped down on either edge of the book. Daring looked up, only to have an angry pegasus growling in her face.

"What's the big idea?! Do you even look where you're flying?!" Rainbow Dash hissed at her, marching into the mare’s face and forcing the speechless adventurer to stumble backwards. "I was just sitting on a spare cloud, spending my day off with a nice read! Since when was that an open invitation for blind fliers to slam... into... me...?" Rainbow Dash's words dripped off the edge of her tongue. Her eyes had grown wide as ruby saucers.

Daring Do blinked back at her. She twitched upon seeing her perfectly tan reflection standing clearly in the flier's gaze.

"Whoah..." Rainbow Dash plopped numbly back on her haunches. "No way..." One eyebrow twitched higher than the other as she stammered, "You look just like... y-you look j-just like..."

"Rainbow Dash!" Applejack tore over a nearby hilltop at breakneck speed. She skidded to a stop, sweating and panting. "Land's sakes! Is everythang okay?! Everypony in town is screamin' about a pegasus havin' fallen from the skies! We thought it was you!"

"Uhhh... Huh?" Rainbow Dash snapped out of it, tearing her gaze off of Daring to look at the farm mare. "Take a chill pill, AJ! It wasn't me!" She pointed. "It was this pony right here! She just up and appeared out of nowhere!"

"Knocking ponies out of the sky, Dashie?!" A pink figure bounced up out of nowhere and stood between the two. "Now, that isn't very nice, unless of course you're keeping score!" Pinkie giggled. "'Pedestrian Pegasus Polo!' Heeheehee... I need to write these things down someday." She turned and gawked at Daring. "OoOoOoOoOh... Who ordered the safari mare?"

"Uhhh..." Applejack straightened the brim of her hat, squinting in sudden confusion at the newcomer. "Rainbow? What in tarnation... I-I mean... who in the hay is—?"

"Yeah, uh, about that..." Rainbow Dash leaned in, pretending to whisper aside. "I was just minding my own business with a novel of you-know-what when she just happened to—"

"Is there something the matter?" an eloquent voice chirped. With a gasp, Daring turned to see two demure ponies trotting up from a distant blanket spread. "Fluttershy and I were enjoying a fine little picnic when all of this confounded chatter started for no good reason," Rarity said, adjusting a yellow sun hat atop her pale crown. "Why, hello... Who do we have here?"

"Rarity..." Fluttershy slid up to her companion, hiding behind a thick lock of hair. "Look at her! Doesn't she look just like—?"

"Ahem, no need to make this any more awkward than it is, darling," Rarity said, gently patting Fluttershy's shoulder. She glanced over at the others. "Rainbow Dash, be a dear and let us know what's going on here."

"That's what I'm trying to figure out!" Rainbow Dash squawked, waving her hooves dramatically. "I swear! I think I'm starting to lose it!"

"And we all know how much you hate losing, Dashie!"

"Pinkie Pie..."

"Will everypony just hold their horses?!" Applejack growled, waving her hat. "No need to get our manes in a tangle. We've run into weirder things before."

"Oh dear, are you alright?" Fluttershy said, bravely trotting up to Daring's shivering figure. "You look so frightened, like you've seen a ghost."

"Uhm, Fluttershy?" Rainbow Dash winced. "I'm not sure if that's a good idea—"

"Don't be ridiculous!" Fluttershy flashed her an angry look before rolling a melancholic gaze back towards Daring. "Look at her! She's frightened speechless!" She placed a gentle hoof on Daring's shoulder. "It's okay. You can trust us." She smiled gently. "You're around friends here..."

Daring's head jerked towards her. With a warm breath, her eyes began to water.

"But Twilight! It could be anything!" A young male voice rolled over the grassy knoll, followed by frantic hoofsteps. "Did we really, really need to interrupt spring cleaning to investigate ... investigate... whatever this is?!"

"Spiiiike, I'm telling you! This is like nothing I've ever sensed before!" Twilight Sparkle trotted around the bend, her wings flexing by her side as she faced forward with a sigh. "Laws of Equestrian physics maintain that matter cannot be created nor destroyed. The type of surge my horn just registered, though, was so intense that it would be a crime not to measure it up close and—" She skidded to a stop, and a waddling dragon bumped awkwardly into her parked rear. As Spike dizzily regained focus, Twilight fell limply to her haunches, blinking brightly. "Oh... uhm... hello there..."

Daring limply waved. Then, with a nervous jolt, she looked at both of her forelimbs as bulbs of sweat formed along her forehead. A deep tremor wracked through her form.

"Twilight..." Applejack turned to face the alicorn in question. "According to Rainbow here, this pony just appeared out of the bright blue yonder!"

"Which is weird, cuz she looks neither bright or blue!" Pinkie added.

"Rainbow?" Twilight Sparkle squinted in one direction as she paced over to her dumbstruck friend. "Why are we standing on a hilltop next to Daring Do?"

"I'm telling you guys!" Rainbow spun, tossing her hooves. "I was just reading this book here, minding my own business, when she pops up out of nowhere, hugging me!"

"Hugging you?" Rarity leaned forward with a furrowed brow. "You neglected to mention that fine detail." She stole Daring a dainty smile. "Adore the chapeau, by the way. Very elegant, yet rugged."

"Er... well... uhm..." Rainbow Dash's cheeks burned as she fidgeted to say, "It was... like... sh-she leapt clear out of the pages and was clinging to me. It's hard to describe—that's why I think she really just flew into me without looking where she was going and—"

"Rainbow Dash, random pegasi simply don't appear out of nowhere," Twilight droned. "Especially ones dressed like your favorite literary hero." Her violet eyes made cute squeaking noises as they darted back and forth from the two winged ponies in question. "Is this another one of your silly pranks?"

"No!" Rainbow Dash stomped her hooves, flustered. "It so totally isn't!" She spun and planted her hooves on Applejack's shoulders. "Look, you're honest! Gaze into my face and tell me that I'm lying!"

"Simmer down there, sugarcube." Applejack placed Rainbow's forelimbs down and smiled in Twilight's direction. "She's shaken somethin' fierce, Twilight. I reckon she's tellin' us the truth."

"Or what she thinks is the truth," Spike grumbled, folding his scaled arms. "Seriously, how crazy is this?"

"Everypony, please, just calm down so I can think this over!" Twilight exclaimed, rubbing her lavender head.

"Yeah, Twilight!" Pinkie pumped a forelimb and chanted. "You use that righteous royal melon of yours! Go melony mental on us!"

"Uhm..." Fluttershy, in the meantime, was leaning in, observing as Daring's shivers grew more and more intense. "Are you alright? You look sick..."

Daring's ruby eyes were locked on the book that entire time. Suddenly, in a savage leap, she pounced upon the tome, flew its pages open, and tore the sheets out with her teeth.

"Whoah nelly!" Applejack gasped.

"Hey!" Rainbow Dash hissed in anger. "My book!" She flew forward in a blue blur.

Pinkie spun from her friend's inertia. "Wowsers! Somepony is hungry!"

Daring had utterly demolished the contents of the book by the time Rainbow rushed in and snatched the bindings out of her grasp. "That's mine! Seriously, what's wrong with you?! Now you had better buy me a new... erm..." She glanced back and forth from the book's illustrated cover to the familiar equine figure standing next to her. "Well, now that I think about it, that’s one way to get an autograph..."

In the meantime, Daring spat out the pages and stood dead-still, her eyes shut as she breathed in and out peacefully.

"What in Celestia's name is she doing now?" Rarity remarked. "What a curious character..."

"It seems like she's bein' all meditative-like," Applejack said.

"Ma'am?" Fluttershy asked, pressing her shoulder again. "Is everything alright?"

Daring Do's eyes fluttered open. The rustle of papers faded in the wind. The afternoon remained warm, the world remained rich, and the colors continued glistening.

Nothing had changed. Nothing.

She sniffled, bringing a pair of hooves to her face as the dam finally burst. Tear after tear sprang from her sockets, christening a deliriously grinning face.

The mare friends gazed curiously at one another. Pinkie Pie's face twisted in confusion while Applejack fanned herself with a hat. Rainbow Dash bit her lip while Rarity leaned in to exchange glances with Fluttershy. At last, Twilight trotted past the group, cleared her throat, and addressed Daring personally. "Ma'am, all of this is just... so sudden, for us as well as for you. You seem to have a lot on your mind, but please, we're dying to know." She leaned forward with an ardent expression. "Just... who are you?"

Daring Do sniffled. She looked up at them, smiled wider, and spoke.

"I am happy."

She breathed; she buckled. Before she could collapse, Fluttershy leaned in, nuzzling the mare with a sympathetic smile and giving her a shoulder to sob into. Rarity and Applejack shared mutual shrugs before trotting forward to rest comforting hooves on the adventurer's quaking shoulders. All the while, Twilight, Spike, and Rainbow Dash stared in mute wonder.

"Woohooo!" Pinkie bounced a happy orbit around the group hug. "Happy 'I'm a Happy Mare' Day! Let's go celebrate the new holiday at Sugarcube Corner?! Huh? Huh?! Cupcakes and sarsaparilla are on me!"

"Heh..." Rainbow Dash blew her bangs back and cracked a relaxed smile. "Now that might just do the trick. Anypony else down for that?"


"Most certainly."

"Shucks, why not?"

"You heard the girls!" Pinkie bounced past Daring and hoisted her along with a fluffy tail. "Hop along, new friend! We’ll fill that silly hat of yours with sprinkles! See if we don’t! Heehee!"

Daring chuckled and stumbled down the hillside with them, supported by Fluttershy and flanked by Applejack and Rarity. Spike hopped atop Twilight's backside as she glided down to reach the village ahead of the group.

Alone for a brief moment, Rainbow Dash hovered on limp blue wings. She paused, looked east towards the hilltop, then shrugged before briskly flying down the opposite way to join the welcoming party.

In the wake of her windy departure, a shattered book lay buried amongst loose blades of grass, its shadowed brown binding obscured by sunlight. It was nothing but a remnant of the past, like words turned foggy with time, glazed over with the felicitous sounds of laughter and life.

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Wow... a beautiful and happy ending to an incredible story
Also Rainbow looking to the east. Interesting... :rainbowdetermined2:

Fuck me that was incredible.

Rainbow's love of Daring brought her to a life where she could matter! Where she could be happy!

I'm kinda crying at this ending. Well done, man, well fucking done!

~Skeeter The Lurker

It's the epic prologue to a Daring/Dash buddy story.

THANK you, SS&E. I knew you could do a happy ending!

Not nearly the ending I expected, but beautiful nonetheless.

Thanks for that SS&E. You had me hooked on this at every turn, and such are the kind of story I've come to love from you :pinkiesmile:

Well, I was most certainly proven wrong about my theory...

But I really couldn't care less. I've got this huge, stupid smile plastered on my face right now after reading this. What a beautiful, happy ending. I didn't entirely understand the journey on the way here, but it was definitely something else, for sure. One hell of an interesting and magical trip. This story is a keeper. Well done again, Skirts.

Well, I'm not entirely crying...Hold on a sec...

*rereads last two chapters with song playing*

Okay...maybe a little bit now...:pinkiesad2:


Damn. That song.

Helluva choice.

~Skeeter The Lurker

She hyperventilated, watching as the rock-hard earth flew closer at an alarming weight.


Okay, now that that's out of the way, I can get the important part:

This was a great ending to one of the most unique and inventive fics I've read in a good long while. And it's a happy ending, to boot. I have to say, SS&E, that happy endings suit you. I even got a little choked up there at the end, at the prospect of Daring finally finding companionship. Of course, several questions remain unanswered, but perhaps that's a good thing in a story as surreal as this. It gives us something to chew over and arrive at our own interpretations of.

I suppose the biggest question I'm struggling with is what constitutes reality in this story. Is Daring a fictional character made real by Dash? That would explain Dash's presence in Daring's journey, as well as the gradual colorizing of Daring's mane (only in reflections). Then again, if this is the case, it seems like it's news to Dash. So maybe Daring's an actual, sapient being, delivered from some other time, place, or reality. She seemed to possess autonomy and agency, not to mention some vague awareness that there was something better outside of her old life and reality. She was aware of Dash, but as something apart from her, a reflection...which suggests a spiritual connection across some metaphysical barrier (whether it's the barrier between fact/fiction, or something else). If Daring is a fiction made real, what constitutes her personality and identity now that she's in Equestria? Is she actually more real now than she was before? And then there's Dash's glance to the east...

Gah, I dunno. I'm probably overthinking things. That's sort of what I do...

Either way, incredible story. In my opinion, the best stories are the ones that immerse us, transport us, capture our imagination and touch us at some intellectual or emotional level, creating an experience we wouldn't have had otherwise. This story succeeds at that in every way. Being coaxed through such an unconventional story with little to no explanation could easily have been frustrating and annoying, but you kept me hooked the whole way through, eagerly waiting for the next chapter and puzzling over whatever sparse clues you left us. And the imagery in this was incredible. Seriously, you can belittle your writing talents all you want, but you have a genuine gift for painting images in the mind. This was a joy to read, and I can't wait to see what you have planned next.

I assume that, if you're inclined to at all, you already have or will, but you should seriously submit this to EQD. It needs more attention than it's gotten so far.

This story sure does give new meaning to having a story's characters come to life, and I couldn't be happier. Really, this is an optimistic, stupendous ending to a story that was at times bleak, unforgiving, and utterly depressing. Happy endings are something that have to be earned, and did Daring Do earn this one.

There were a few elements I really took notice in. From numbers to circles to Daring's muteness to directions, there's a lot of devices going on here that were reoccurring, but didn't necessarily "click" with me until the ending. The one that stood out the most, however, were the books, and how they were constantly being destroyed. At the start, we're given one that's soaked in seawater and far beyond salvaging. Daring was really disappointed by this, but as we neared the end she goes about actively destroying them herself to the dramatic library-scene where everything goes up in flames. Again, even though I was seeing all of this, I wasn't understanding it. That is, at least, until the beautiful ending. There's a metaphor here, I know it, but even now I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what it was even though it's certainly heartfelt.

What I really like about this story is the, well, scale of everything. The world building is immense in more ways than one and with all these thematic devices being tossed about, it was really interesting to see how all the pieces fell into place in the grand scheme of things. When Rainbow Dash first appeared, I smiled because I caught on very quickly that it was her, even if she wasn't exactly "revealed" to us just yet. This "other world" she occupied wasn't something I paid attention to until the ending, but in retrospect it was wonderful thing. It was like the reader of a story moving on with the characters. When we saw Rainbow Dash slice a hoof across her neck, it was because as she read she thought Daring Do was about to be killed. Inadvertently, she ended up being the driving force that kept the story going. I'm not sure if that's what you intended, but it's what I took away. I guess if there's a lesson to walk away with, it's that a story is only as real as one is willing to make it. Now ain't that something pseudo-philosophical? I dunno, articulating let alone explaining thought isn't my specialty. But I try. :derpytongue2:

In all, this story's ending is what really sells it. It's incredible. Having everything just come together at a single point is mind-numbing. I can tell that whenever this story pops into my mind, the first thing I'll remember is this good feeling the ending gave me, because that is, in my opinion, where the story truly shines. That being said, I do have my complaints.

I haven't read any of Combusting Intestine's work yet, but I recall you once saying that Scale is very similar to that stranger's stuff. I had no real interest in reading his work before, and this story didn't change that mindset at all. But I like purple prose. Really, I do, but I think you took it a little over the top at times. Technical errors aside, that's one thing that really bugged me. It wasn't all that common, but when you did go over the limits that's when it really started to bug me. Entire paragraphs were so redundant it all could've been just a sentence or two, and when there's action—which this story has a lot of—being short and direct is, by what I've been told anyway, the better way to go.

There is something I've noticed when you write from this sort of perspective. Particularly here, but I've seen it elsewhere too, and that's what I call empty similes, which there were a lot of. An empty simile is a simile that ultimately fails to do what it was intended, most often showing up where the object used for comparison fails to correlate or is too "out there" to be used with the one being compared. Usually they're completely unnecessary and can be removed, or rephrased to get rid of the "like/as" and made more direct. To be honest, it's almost like you're dropping an image into the reader's head, expecting them to understand it which they usually do, but they can easily detract from the action. It's almost cheating in a way, being vague for the reader to infer themselves what's being said without being direct with it. Not say that's bad, but I think so when done in areas it really isn't warranted.

But aside from those two points, I have nothing else to really bring up. This is a fun, great story, the ending is a memorable one, and I personally love your Daring Do. Pony ears need to be described as "leafy" more often.

Well, damn. I`m glad I took it upon myself to catch up to this one, because it was worth it.
Also, fuzzy ears>leafy ears.

I think this quote from "And the Space Spire" describes the story best:

It was hard not to get jaded by so much clutter, epic or not.

Really, how many poor, poor thesauri had to die for you to write this? :fluttershysad:
I quite liked the ending, but the jury is still out on whether it was worth sludging trough this swamp of words.
Things like "The blood beneath the surface of Daring's face bubbled." or the adrenaline rush she gets after fighting the black sand ponies for whole paragraphs while running after the book in the "Madness Machine"-tower? That's soo far over the top, I can't even laugh about it any more.

Fantastically done. It's almost an antidote to Background Pony for those who feel they need such a thing. I do have to wonder at your fascination with intestines, electrons, and boiling blood, though...

In any case, exemplary explosions and superb short-skirtedness. Thank you for this wondrous experiment in transnarrative surrealism.

Coming back from the Con, I was hoping that these last four chapters would provide me with a happy ending. And I got one. Quite a few questions after reading this last chapter. Rainbow Dash being a reflection? When Daring was chasing her, were those Rainbow Dash's real-world movements? Did the Void of Voices take place during a hospital scene from Read it and Weep? I'd like to think the answer to both are yes.

This story was phenomenal, really. There were two major parts of this story that I simply adored. One part was, of course, the scenery. You painted such vivid landscapes for Daring to soar past, climb up, run through...I could almost see it all happening. The other part had to be the way you were able to keep the flow of most of this story so constant without a single word out of Daring. Her actions spoke for her, and the events in the world she found herself struggling against only added to the experience.

There were an almost obscene number of times when the words "east" and "six" were used. I believe I know where the "east" business comes from, though. Six, a very important number in both this story and in the show itself, it seems.

A very well-made story, Skirts. You never disappoint.

Holy crap Skirts, this story is like....it's so......"you". It's every single element that makes your writing so persuasive, distilled into a small (relatively speaking :twilightsheepish: ) little microcosm of awesome. The absolutely vivid, palpable descriptions of entire imaginative worlds spun from thin air (this is why Austraeoh is my favorite in its series. There's less talking). The fact that we can learn almost everything about a character without her speaking a word. The way you perfectly capture a feeling, bottle it up in words and pour it onto my brain (like in the drowning deluge; how the sentences themselves started smearing together and panicking for lack of air, hooooly crap). The meta-narrative that keeps my mind spinning and spinning. Is Rainbow Dash Daring Do? Is she projecting herself into the story? Doesn't every reader do that anyway? Is the book a mirror that reflects the subconscious? If so, then what am I doing now? Who am I? Am I Rainbow Dash? And are you some kind of psychic? How can you possibly get inside my head and start crossing neurons all over the place, reminding me of everything from Riven and The Dig, to Asimov's artificial intelligence, to George Bataille's surrealism, to Earthbound, and Marathon, and Adaptive Systems, and Boltzmann's philosophy, and Background Pony and all of your other stories, and who knows what else.

You're basically the reason that I got interested in reading again. No other writer makes me think as much as you do.
Now I'm going to stop myself here before I blabber on any more. You're probably sick of it by now.

Oh, and thanks for the happy ending.

Screw you, Shortskirts.

Not because of the story itself, or it's ending. Those were amazing.

But... there's the problem. I want, no CRAVE a sequel to this, but... How do you top this?

You can't. There's not going to be a sequel, despite how much I DEMAND one.

tl;dr: Screw you Shortskirts, for making your story too amazing.

That was so damn cool that I'm really at a loss for words.

Your Daring Do is hardcore and we need to see more of her (a sequel with her and RD perhaps?...). I also liked how the scale of events increased as Daring went on her journey (I really liked the city. Wish we could see more of that).

But seriously, that was so much fun and awesome. Can't wait to see what you have up next for us Skirts! :twilightsmile:

I desperately tried to find a reason to read this. Halfway into the third chapter and it's still totally missing any hook or emotion. A little sad, Skirts.

After all the chapters of Scale, I'm still confused.

And I'm okay with that.

Breath-taking details, subtle but effective characterization, unique settings, engaging sense of danger, and of course... a vague, satisfying conclusion! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Alone for a brief moment, Rainbow Dash hovered on limp blue wings. She paused, looked east towards the hilltop, then shrugged before briskly flying down the opposite way to join the welcoming party.

I see what you did there.:raritywink:
This was an awesome story, you should make some kind of sequel!:pinkiehappy:

Hurrah, sir, I commend you; for surely, this is no story I shall soon forget.

Is it wrong that I started reading this purely because of the tag 'Scenery porn'?

I feel like that makes me a bad person.....

Amazing, simply amazing.

I think all I can muster to say is "Fuckin' Whoa."


This was the first story that I read on FimFiction:rainbowdetermined2:

Brilliantly written story. A fantastic, epic journey, filled with riddles, adventures, mysteries and dangers. Each chapter has a nice, fitting title and feels different from the other chapters.
And the story goes deeper than you'd expect. I love that the meaning of the last few chapters isn't spelled out explicitly.
The long journey really made the last chapter worth it.

Well done. Someone turn this into a video game or animation, please!

As much as I dislike skirts' prose, I'll have to read this because a good friend suggested it. And also because Daring Do.

I have traveled to the edge of the world and back,
but I have never seen the end.

Is this anything like Austraeoh?

This had me from the very first paragraph. Then I noticed exactly who wrote this.

Suffice it to say, there are NEVER any stories on here that I know off the bat will be good. Never. But THIS one I know is going to be good, because each piece of your work that I have read is always good. Certainly after reading the first chapter, I already know this shall be a page-turner (if it were a physical book, that is :pinkiehappy: )

Looking back and remembering this story, I still get that same feeling of epicness and awe from when I first read it. I love this story so much! =D

this was amazing. after all that struggle, the payoff FELT. SO. GOOD. And while I was a little bit frustrated over the lack of exposition when reading it, retrospectively it seems like just the right amount. I almost expected her to die during on of the last adventure cycles, but I'm glad she didn't. I'm not a big fan of happy endings in general, but here... the story just deserves it. it's a well earned happy end if I've ever seen one.

you even managed to go through with the chapter-name theme without feeling cheesy or spoiling anything. the whole time I felt curious what the void of voices and the mare in the mirror would be about, but it's impossible to guess.

overall, this is great, but nothing surprising coming from you.

One of few of Skirt's stories I've read that disappoints, but mostly because I don't like the writing style used here.

This was an absolutely incredible story. It wasn't exactly light reading all the time, but it was definitely worth it to read the while thing.
Simply put, this story is undeniably, unquestionably unputdownable.

Daring Doo... RISE.

*Begins to read.*

Oh, I get it! So it's from a perspective where Daring only exists in stories. And she managed to escape it and come to life through, um... The magic of friendship?

Meh, good enough.

That was a very interesting reading experience. There is just this "something" about the way how you use the descriptions to carve out the characters and situations, and this "something" really kept me entertained throughout the story.

And I have to agree with the others, the ending felt really fulfilling after everything Daring had to put up with.:twilightsmile:

A solid read.
I'm thinking that this could be a sort of stepping stone to Austraeoh.
For example if a pony were worried about the length or the writing style, that this might build up the courage for it?
Does that seem reasonable?

To be fair to Shadowrain1000, Austraeoh is written by Imploding Colon and unless you follow the journals it's an easy thing to miss.

6341516 Hmmmm, truuuuuuee. :moustache:

This story is amazing.

That's all I have to say, besides the fact that this story practically DEMANDS a sequel.

All the world is but a page,
Among the book of life,
Upon we strut as mere characters,
As we serve our sentence,
Until at the end the book is closed,
And shelved,
There to be read no more.

For some elaborate gushing about how this is the greatest thing ever: I wrote a proper review.

Incredible, simply incredible.

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