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Hi there! I'm a girl who likes to write clopfics!

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Wow it seems like you're uploading a lot of stories today, eh?


Yup! I wanna make sure all my old fics are up. I've also got a new one I'm gonna put up after those. :3

Loved it.

+5 internet to you, good sir.

It's ma'am, actually. :3
Thank you very much! :)

Looks interesting!

Ma'am? Never would have guessed xD

Either way, you are a great author and I wish you good fortune.

not to sound like a hater, but this was incredibly gay. worst flutterXmac ship ever. not cool you homo.:twilightangry2:

2776395 that's like litterally the most childish comment ever

I can't stop laughing

2778836please, I can be way more childish. i'm not trying to hate, i just felt like this was really unnecessarily gay. if you like role reversal and other homo erotic stuff, then be my guest.

strap ons are my biggest turn on tbf

I somehow fear that applejack won the race to Sugarcube Corner.

Oh hey CloppyHooves, remember me :). Lol, I had read this out loud years ago and recorded it and just now I found it on my computer. I plan to put it on my Clopfic reading Youtube channel. But couldn't remember who the author was until I did some research to find it here.

You write great stories and I bet they will be popular on Youtube.

5983663 I do remember you!

Thank you very much for the reading and the compliments! :)

that was pretty good, usual i am not into this stuff but this... this was just good, thank you sir.

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