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My stories are like a trainwreck. But instead of sending help, they send more trains. Maybe that's why people enjoy them.


Spring cleaning sucks, but Twilight insists on making your house spotless. After a clearing of your closet, she finds a long, lost treasure that you had completely forgotten about: your collection of Magic the Gathering cards! But, what are you to do with these things? Have a friendly match against your friend Twilight, obviously! Something seems off about this card game, however...

This is an Anon in Equestria story. It is also in a second person perspective. If you have anything against the two conditions, then it's safe to say you will not enjoy the story.

Special thanks to Shizmoo for the awesome cover art!

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Comments ( 38 )

Not bad, be interesting to see where this goes.

Finally! An MTG Crossover!

I love you.

There are plenty of them. I'm working on two for God's sake!

Maybe Spore meant a good one? Huehuehue.

There are plenty of good ones. And I never did consider myself a good author.

I see,I just never saw any XD

Comment posted by GameKnut deleted Jun 20th, 2013

Okay, so, Anon's house got pulled into Equestria with all his belongings?
And he's been too preoccupied with getting his life straight (probably over a course of months) that he forgot about those cards?
And something about them interacted with Equestria's native magic and is doing that?

One thing about Anon in Equestria stories is that it isn't always necessary to explain how or why Anon has showed up. To some writers, it's just unnecessary to the plot of a story; we'd rather just get to the point.

The background to why the cards are doing what they do, I'll get to in time.

Over-analysing shit is fun, though.

Huh. Oops. Congratulations, Anon. On the bright side, you may get to see what happens when the Elements of Harmony get used on Nicol Bolas. On the other hand, well, you may run into Nicol Bolas.

Ahem. Ahem ahem. Additional gratuitous coughing sounds. Lots of them.

Just wanna say, Jace Beleren is the only True planeswalker currently in existence as far as I'm concerned. He is epicly badass and wtf pwns everyone with massive amounts of Just As Planned. Tzeench would have a heart attack.

That, and his outfit is wtf awesome.

Also, please continue this! :pinkiehappy:

2913421 strictly speaking there haven't been any true planswalkers since the mending.


Yes, but since I can't have truely true planeswalkers, I have to take the next best thing and work with what I've got. Stupid wizards of the coast. The whole point I started playing was because of the planeswalker fluff, which they then ruined (IMO).

Besides, I love his outfit.

Hey wait. It just occurred to me. Didn't the original (pre-mending) lore say that Elder Dragons were as powerful as planeswalkers, just without the planeswalking ability? So, given that, wouldn't Nico Bolas still basically be invincible, even post-mending?

3683473 actually they rivaled the planeswalkers. So Nicol Bolas was stronger than many a god pro-mending. He's still tough as fuck now though.

3691705 And you can have a Nicol Bolas and a Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker out on the field at the same time! Isn't that just nice?

Now that I think about it, why did they make him/call him a planeswalker if he isn't one?

3834947 yes, yes it is, Anyway, he is a planeswalker. Now, but planeswalkers are made(sort of) not born. He started out just as an elder dragon.

3862205 No, all planeswalkers are born, it's just that their spark doesn't always activate.

3862754 that's what the sort of is for. And you can steal a spark. At first you're just a person with a planeswalker's spark, it's completely useless until it ignites.

3866576 Did you just counteract yourself?

3876918 No, I think you did. CONFOGGLED:rainbowhuh:

3877759 No, I counteracted you, then you agreed with me.

Can you two not spam my comments, please? If I hear the notification thing one more time while I'm writing and it's for this shit, I'm gonna go bananas.

3877818 if you don't like comments on your stories, why don't you ask the admins to add a "comment lock" or just turn off the notifications?

I'm fine with comments. I'm not fine with comments bickering about an week long argument.

3877855 then why not just turn off the notifications?

3877818 Of course. Terribly sorry. But you should totally uncancel this story. Just saying.

*shuffles in late to the party* Moar? Pwease?

5612924 What he said. Story rocks, and I'm only just now getting into MTG because of it.

Holy shit....why you do this to us Bolding?

I've read the books and a bit of the lore into this a few years ago and I was entranced by it.

The fic reminds me of those times...and a little bit of Yugioh back when it was actually a thing.

Good times....please continue to be amazing.


You...I need to have some words with you.

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