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Huzzah! A sequel! Can't wait for more shenanigans :pinkiehappy:

Continuation stories are the best stories, ain't no doubt about that!

What shenanigans is our human friend going to get into this time, I wonder.

god what have "i" gotten myself into now? :facehoof: well time to find out! :pinkiecrazy:

Not to be rude but...it's HeartH's Warming Eve

Well, I'm going to wait for the second chapter to read buuuut.... I'm tracking now.

I like the flashback part. Are you going to be doing more of them?

....:facehoof:..:twilightoops:....:facehoof:....:twilightoops:...:facehoof:...the stupid changlings...whelp time to get out the giant flyswatter and newspapers..

AWWWWW SHIIIYUT! This just got a whole lot more interesting. Loved the new chapter man, can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

Changelings??? What do they want with a human? This only raises more questions!

Damn your cliffhangers!

Hey, me!

Yeah, you! I mean, me!

Notice how the brother of your- I mean my- marefriend looks at you sharply? You know, when he sees me/you playing childish handy games with the nutty girl who's obsessed with you anyway, and his sister tells him I/you've been distant lately? Know what that looks like?

Stop looking like a cheater, dammit!

Fuckin' A, Man!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:
Good ol' Chrysy's back with a to get revenge on AJ and the rest of the Mane 6 for screwing up her plans at the Royal Wedding.:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

And here I thought this was just payback for that lost betting pool... XD

3279873 Yep, Kick changling ass. Save the hands. then the human. nibble said hands. save the others. escape.
huh..i think get caught goes in there somewhere but im not sure where

For a minute I thought Lyra was a changeling, which would have upset me slightly.

you're doing it wrong lyra

there had to be a set chain of predators and their pray.

I believe you ment "prey"

Other than that, *sigh* Lyra...:facehoof:

Seeing this title I instantly thought of this,

Hmm, I can't help think that last part was directed at me. I wondered if she’s angry about something…

:facehoof:I....I don't even- I just- I....:facehoof: Idiot.

...Human baseball just took on a whole new meaning.:pinkiecrazy:

“YEAH! I’ll go get the things from my shed!”

You just had to go and remind me of this, didn't you?

And secondly, Go Lyra!




And a fifth time...




And a sixth time…




:rainbowderp: :twilightoops:

Tsundere Lyra is best Lyra! :rainbowlaugh:

“I thought that maybe *sniff* maybe then you’d want to… want to be w-with me more…”
Everypony, and even Changeling, in the room suddenly turned to look at you with wide eyes. You had honestly not expected anything like that, and you could only blink as you tried to select your words carefully. The seconds of silence threatened to turn into minutes, but eventually, you found something the resembled a correct answer.
“Lyra…” You paused to make sure you had her attention, and you did as she looked at you with big, round, and hopeful eyes. You could only give her your best smile, and…
“Lyra, we already hangout a lot though.”
And everypony in the room facehoofed, or they would have at least if they weren’t bound, as what Lyra just confessed to you went clear over your head.

“By the Queen, you are thick…”

MY thoughts exactly.:facehoof::moustache::rainbowlaugh:

Hmm, I can't help think that last part was directed at me. I wondered if she’s angry about something… Those were the last thoughts that ran through your head, right before you and the changeling hit the wall on the other side of the room in a pile of unconscious limbs, rapidly fading green fire, and smoldering wood.

Good God, man, how can you—I mean, seriously, are you even—gah! You know what?

Peace out.

Again with your favourite human person Mr. You... no he is not chinese.:rainbowhuh:

My proffesional thoughts on this chapter.........


Lyra doesn't appear to be strong on the "tactician" part in this story:facehoof:.
Why did she bother to sneak into the house in the first place? Why not burst in and take on the Changeling instead? Buuut NOOOO! She has to give the others false hope by sneaking in and then utterly fail their only hope for rescue in this situation...

Well:rainbowderp:.....shit. As Owen said in Total Drama Season 1:

I'm going to die now. I'm going to totally die now.

You: Doesn't matter, had- Oh wait.
AJ: :ajbemused: And yah likely won't have ever again.

I can't begin to say how happy I am to see another chapter, mate! :twilightsmile:

Now, likewise I actually can't begin to say much plot wise; it's been going along as one of my favorites since the original series and I've been sorta silently waiting for the next chapter (even muttering about it yesterday too). So lets see what a plebeian like me can actually offer.

I like the plot, I've always liked the plot, and between that and a great pacing I can't criticize anything anything in that realm. The chapter itself just feels like a nice establishing chapter, reflecting and dwelling on the nicer ambiances of the past and certainly giving the reader something to croon at too. Between that and setting up that next awkward new inter-personal conflict, what more could be asked?

The hazy confused feeling just between the two ellipses did make me stop and wonder exactly what was happening so in that 'confused' sense it works like a charm to establish a good state of mind. The actual barn setting and later cave setting come across strongly; the former in particular felt complete and came with that rich earthy smell too. Just worked and I appreciate the whole 'hay' thing, might just be me but I liked it.

I still like Lyra. It's just a really fun portrayal of the emotionally open but seemingly less opinionated mare that sticks to how she has been throughout your series. More over, her nature doesn't seem overly opportunistic but merely maladaptive to actually making any move on her own; which made her plan stand out so well from the earlier chapter. The 'off the cuff' feels unpracticed for her which shows her out of her element. So her very nature makes a terrific counterpoint to the whole Apple family's more emotionally guarded but otherwise open selves so it plays off a shadow of Applejack quite well. Lyra's fascination and the whole awkward 'non-instigator but happy to oblige' nature comes out in spades as I really have to wonder how long she was awake.

Big Mac, well... ouch, I'm reaaaally wondering how much this is going to hurt and why he didn't intercede on your not-quite sensible behalf. See, no matter what it is it's actually his fault when you think about it... :raritywink:

I guess I have to be a grammar-Oberschutze, I've got little else to offer after all and that makes me nervous and awkward :twilightblush: So as much as I hate being one -and I'll state this right now, there wasn't a single one of these that actually detracted me enough to sully my enjoyment of the chapter- this is what I got:

Whatever fight she had had at the...

Nothing wrong with it, but to avoid a double 'had' which can be a hang-up, could I offer 'possessed' as a substitute?

...and allowed you breathe.

'to breathe' as breath is used in the next sentence.

...felt yourself sub-come to


...anypony like Applebloom,

I could be wrong, but I think her name is separated strangely enough. Apple Bloom is like Sweetie Belle though I have no idea why.

...warmth of an event form so...


There could be a few other things but it's merely an author style thing, and some of the choices for sentence structure itself just seems to fit better than any of my knee-jerk suggestions would be given Applejack is the subject. So, it's unpretentious and completely engaging. Loved it.

In case it wasn't also blatently obvious...


I'd like to say I have been reading all the comments since this story started, but dang. Been so busy trying to write the story in what little free time I have that it kind of became a sad, sad pattern of post new chapter, walk away, write, post new chapter, walk away.

Imagine my surprise when I actually managed to sit down and read them :pinkiecrazy:

First off, glad to see a lot of the old readers from the first story stumbled their way onto this one too :twilightsmile:

I know you all came here because of my awesome writing skills, plot development, and humor, and... and...

:ajbemused: ...

Fine, I'll get off my high horse... hehe, horse joke.


Anywhoody~ :pinkiecrazy:


Yes. There will be more because I like to write them :rainbowwild:


Yes. They're awesome :pinkiehappy:


Yes. Let's face it. It was only a matter of time. I mean, you already dangled your dangles in front of her. :rainbowwild:

Plus, she's my favorite background character.

Now, this right here though, made my day :pinkiecrazy: Helped remind me of why I liked reading the comments so much while writing the first story. Why I liked reading everyponies' comments.

All in all, its a great motivation to make me want to write more and maybe, just maybe... not take like 2 months to write one chapter.


I know, shocker.

As for the grammar and spelling errors though, I'll go back at some point and correct them.

And that's it from me! Hope everypony enjoys what's to come in your adventures in Equestria.

Oh! Almost forgot that I forgot how to get somepony's name to show up on these post so that when I post comments ponies know what I'm posting about...

Posts :pinkiecrazy:


As much as I LOVE fan fiction, I'm getting annoyed that half of the story's protagonists are changelings. Awesome story, just an observation.

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