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Granny Smith is more than an old coot living with her grandchildren. She's seen the birth of the frontier, the life of Ponyville from it's very beginning. She's seen more love and loss than most ponies can really imagine. She's upheld her family values and traditions for her entire life, and watched as her family grew and prospered.

Yes, it's been a good life, and she sure is going to miss it.

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I kind of finished this one in a hurry, so I'll go back to revise it later. :applejackunsure:

Are... are you projecting? :fluttershysad:
damn dude, you're not THAT old yet

so like
that was fucking sad
so here's a fucking sad song to go with it

:rainbowlaugh: I actually wasn't. I just have a respect for the elderly, and I think Granny Smith has a lot unexplored potential.

The feels... They hurt so good!! :'(

Granny Smith can't die in fanfiction. Really, I refuse to believe it. To me, she's a Highlander. She's lived over a hundred years and she has enough energy to put most kids to shame. I can't kill her in any of my fics because nothing could in the show. She's immortal to me. Even if the fic takes place centuries in the future, and she doesn't appear on the story, she's not dead. She's dancing limbo and drinking cubalibres in the pony version of the Bahamas.

I actually agree with you a little bit, which made me hesitant to publish it at all, but I basically wrote it to see how she would deal with it if she were to die.

Pretend there's and AU tag if that makes it more believable.

We've still got each other, 'till the end of our days.

—And longer. Death cannot be the end. ...It just can't
*sniff* ahem...al-allergies! Go about your business.:raritycry:
Somehow, after a story like this one (and after I've ...recovered from my aller...alright! I'm crying like a foal, happy?) I feel clean, refreshed. ...thank you.

Huh, wow. This was pretty good. I guess sadfics really are your forte, eh?

:fluttershysad: That was really touching. The part that really got me was when Granny was hallucinating about her daughter and AJ was pretending to be the later, and talking about how happy they all were. That part came close to bringing me to tears. Everything else was pretty good too. In the end though, I think it would have been more powerful if both Applebloom AND Big Mac came back. Why didn't he?

But anyway, yeah. Great story!

He did, he just talks so little I couldn't figure out how to point it out without making him feel OOC.

Thanks for the compliments, by the way! :twilightsmile:

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