• Published 18th Jun 2013
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A Rare Apple - Hopeful_Ink_Hoof

During a harvest at Sweet Apple Acres where all are helping, Rarity contemplates a relationship with Big Macintosh. But can a hopeful fashionista unicorn be content with a simple living earth pony?

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Aftermath of a Break-up

"Rarity?" Applejack asked as she opened the door to Carousel Boutique. The orange earth pony moved further in, looking around as she went. The main shop of the boutique was well lit by the morning sun coming in through the windows, but quiet. Applejack shut the door, the sound seeming to echo, and continued further into the shop. Soon the sound of scraping on parchment got her attention, the noise growing louder as she moved closer to the office where Rarity did her sketching.

There, the white and purple unicorn sat at her desk. Her hooves rested on the surface and the faint glow of her horn could be seen.

"Rarity?" Applejack asked again. The sound of her voice made the unicorn jump in her seat. Turning around, she looked at her friend, blinking a rapidly as she stared through her glasses. A look of recognition was followed by a friendly, but tired, smile.

"Hello Applejack," Rarity said, "I didn't hear you come in. Just give me a moment please." With that, she turned around and continued to work. Applejack stared at the back of her friend a moment before moving closer.

"Big Mac told me what happened yesterday." She stepped up beside her friend, looking at her. "You alright, Sugar cube? You look tired." Rarity stopped working, but did not respond for a moment. With a sigh, she took her glasses off and rubbed at her face with a hoof. She turned to her friend.

"I am tired," Rarity said, "I was incredibly shocked by what happened. In honesty, I did not expect him to be the one that initiated a break up. I ended up lying in bed nearly the entire night thinking about what he said. Do you know want to know what I realized?" She looked at her friend a moment longer then turned toward the desk and looked up at the ceiling.

"He was right. I was not even aware of it, but I was trying to change your brother. Nothing major mind you, at least not yet. I was starting with trying to get him to keep his hair neat and combed. After that, I was trying to get him to have a wardrobe. Some outfits to wear when we go out together, maybe one or two for working around the farm.

"Only, as I was thinking about it I realized I was not going to simply stop there. Without even knowing it, I was planning to do so much more. I was going to try to get him some sort of speech training so he would lose the country accent. I was going to encourage him to seek something more than a simple life in Ponyville of having his own home while still working at the farm. Eventually I imagined him and I married and moving to Canterlot where we would become the newest part of the aristocratic class

"That's when I realized that he was right, Applejack. I was trying to change him, to make him the type of stallion I wanted instead of liking him for the type he was. I was not wanting to be with him for who he was, but for who I could possibly make him.

"He was also correct in my not wishing to change myself for a stallion. I want somepony who will accept me for who I am. A stallion who will love me for me and willing to accept my flaws. I don't want to have to change who I am or what I want to be loved. I want someone to feel for me the way I want to feel for them." With that she turned and smiled at her friend once more.

Applejack looked at her friend a moment. The earth mare moved to sit down.

"That's quite a lot for me to take in," she said, "I'm sorry things didn't work out with mah brother, but I'm glad you're handling it so well. So, what are you going to do now?"

Rarity turned back to her desk. Grabbing her glasses, she placed them back onto her snout. Her horn gave off the white glow as she used her magic to grab the quill once more, dipping it into the ink.

"First, I'm going to finish this letter to Princess Celestia. After that, I may just take a nap to catch up on the beauty sleep I missed out on last night, or go to the spa instead. Although it's possible I will fall asleep during the facial or massage. In the greater sense, I suppose I'll resume working on some garments and reconsider what it is I want out of a romantic relationship. Perhaps the time with Macintosh has given me a slightly better understanding of my own desires."

Applejack looked at her friend, and slowly smiled. Standing up, the orange mare moved toward the white unicorn and hugged, giving a gentle nuzzle.

"Well if ya ever need to talk, I'll be there sugar cube."

"I know. Thank you."


Big Macintosh sat at the edge of Sweet Apple Acres, looking up at the sky to watch the setting sun. It had been a long and busy day, and he had worked extra hard. He felt bad about breaking up with Rarity the way he did, but it had been necessary. According to what Applejack had told him after getting home, Rarity was taking things pretty well.

"Hello Macintosh," the sophisticated feminine voice said, drawing his attention from the sunset. He could not help but look surprised as Rarity moved closer, sitting down next to him.

"Miss Rarity," he said slowly as he collected himself, "Didn't think I'd be seein' ya again so soon."

"I wasn't really planning to come by originally. I assume your sister told you she visited and we spoke."


"Well," she looked down at the ground, "I sent the letter to Princess Celestia about what you taught me; accept somepony for who they are and don't try to change them if they are happy. I took a nap and then did some work while I thought about some things. After much consideration, I've come to a conclusion." She turned and looked at Macintosh, giving him a smile.

"I want to be your friend, Macintosh. Things may not have worked out between us, but you are still a very kind and caring stallion, and I would like to get to know you. We could even come to each other for advice regarding relationships." She held out a hoof to the stallion. "So, friends?"

Big Macintosh looked at the unicorn then down at her hoof. A slow smile spread across his mouth as he shifted to face her. He lifted his own hoof, pressing it against hers and shaking.


"Wonderful." Rarity pulled her hoof away and moved to stand up. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to break the news to Sweetie Belle. It possible she might end up developing a little crush on you." She grinned and trotted off. Macintosh watched her go for a while, unable to help himself. Once she was out of sight, he turned back to the sunset.

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Short, sweet, but still gets the point across clearly. Well done.

I reached the end and I;m like, "Is this the end? Please let there be more!" Then I went to the cover and saw the Completed tag.
"Darn it."
Epilogue? :applecry::applecry::fluttershysad::fluttershysad::twilightsmile::twilightsmile::scootangel::scootangel:

Their choosing to stay friends was intended to be the epilogue. I really don't know what else I could add to the story to require another chapter. If it helps, imagine it taking place during season two, specifically between "Sisterhooves Social" and "Sweet and Elite." It also gives the opportunity to keep the canon events that occur in "Hearts and Hooves Day."

Has anyone else had this problem? I ask because I set it up with indentations for new paragraphs, and it appears as such for me.

Wonderful story, though I couldn't understand why you needed to make the scene with the other stallion. May I ask why you did so? Also I liked the pace as well. Lately it's been way to fast on other stories. However I think you could of gone a little bit slower. As I said before wonderful story.

I needed something to emphasize that their was conflict between the two personalities and it was what came to mind. I don't recall what it was, but something had reminded me of the "Nice guy"/"Friend-zoned" issue some guys seem to have in regards to rejection (think it might have been a comic where Fluttershy met a unicorn called White Knight that was similar). I did not like it, but could not really think of anything else.

As for length, it's actually longer than originally planned. It was supposed to be short, about the length of the episode. Just... didn't seem to work out that way :raritydespair:

Figures, after so much time without a Rarimac fic, one appears and shoots it down. :applejackunsure:

lol implied future SweetieMac.

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