• Published 30th Jun 2013
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Pastel - FlutterDash777

Fluttershy's long-time relationship with Rainbow Dash may all come crashing down if she can't find a way to cure Rainbow Dash's jealousy over her friendship with Rarity.

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Baby Blue

-Baby Blue

Fluttershy looked in the mirror on her way out of the spa. Her eyes shined as her heart was brought happiness. Rarity had done such a great job with her mane. It was almost even better than Rarity's herself.

"Oh, Rarity. It looks lovely!" Fluttershy tried not to stare too much. She knew it was great, but she was only doing this for Rainbow Dash and not herself.

"It does indeed." Rarity brought a hoof over to Fluttershy's mane and fluffed it a few more times before she let her walk out of the door of the spa.

"I just hope it's not too much..." Fluttershy felt the curls in her mane with one hoof.

"It's never too much, darling. Never." Rarity began to make her way next to Fluttershy as they parted from their meeting place.

The yellow pegasus smiled softly with the thought of Rainbow Dash's reaction. She would definitely love it, and maybe she would come back to her normal self instead of just mope around like she had been lately.

The two ponies walked side by side as they started on their way home. Their hooves clopped against the ground and it was going to the same beat as Fluttershy's heart.

"Thank you so much for today, Rarity. You didn't have to do all of this for me..." Fluttershy looked up at her unicorn friend. She could see Rarity's eyes glimmering in Celestia's sun as they always did.

"Oh, but I did. You're my best friend, and you don't need to ask me twice for me to help you out with anything." Rarity smiled with reassurance.

The sun was starting to lower, and Fluttershy had just now noticed that she had been out longer than she had planned. Would Rainbow Dash be mad? No. She would understand.

Fluttershy smiled herself and the two began to approach Rarity's boutique.

"Well thank you again. Have a great afternoon, Rarity." Fluttershy waved her friend goodbye as Rarity turned to her home.

"Don't worry about it. You have a great afternoon yourself." Rarity opened the front door with her magic and began her way inside.

Fluttershy watched as Rarity began to shut her door, but she soon popped her head out once more and caught Fluttershy's attention before she headed home herself.

"Oh, and....good luck!" Rarity winked smoothly, and without a word, shut her door.

Fluttershy felt startled at first, but she then remembered what she was planning to do. Was this mane-do really going to seduce Rainbow Dash back on her hooves? That was something Fluttershy was hoping for, but she wasn't really sure if she was confident enough to go home like this now that Rarity was gone.

With the white unicorn around, Fluttershy felt like she was on top of the world, but now that she was alone, how was she going to build herself up to actually pull this off?

The yellow pegasus closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She let her thoughts settle down before she opened her large eyes again.

She looked down to a puddle of water beneath her. She could see her reflection so clearly in it. Her mane was so fancy, and it took Rarity hours to perfect it. Fluttershy knew that it did look nice, and she felt like it made her stand out a little more. She couldn't just let all of Rarity's hard work go to waste. She couldn't just bail on the plan and risk disappointing her best friend.

Fluttershy looked up from her reflection and let out another deep breath. Her legs trembled underneath her, but without anymore hesitation, she began to move forward in the direction of her home.

Rainbow Dash was waiting for her, and Fluttershy was going to make the perfect entrance.


The yellow pegasus hovered above her cottage door. Her heart pounded against her chest as she edged closer. This was it. She would finally make her scene and hope that Rainbow Dash would be intrigued by it all.

Fluttershy lifted her hooves to the door and slowly opened it. She quietly floated in without making not one sound.

The home seemed to be empty at first sight. Nothing was out of place, except for the fact that Rainbow Dash was no where to be seen.

"Dashie?" Fluttershy flew through each door quickly as she searched for the rainbow mare.

She was no where downstairs. Fluttershy turned to the staircase and began making her way upwards. Maybe Rainbow Dash was asleep as usual.

"Rainbow Dash?" Fluttershy looked up as she reached the top of the stairs. She walked over to their bedroom to find that nopony was there either.

Fluttershy could feel herself begin to panic, but she tried to find an explanation.

Rainbow Dash was probably out either flying around or working on weather duties.

Fluttershy smiled with confidence. She was almost certain that where ever Rainbow was, she was probably up in the sky.

The pegasus turned back to the stairs and made her way back down. She could see that Angel was now sleeping back on the couch as he was doing before she left earlier. She smiled at the little bunny and walked over to the front door. She opened it softly and quietly slipped out, trying not to wake her slumbering Angel.

Fluttershy slowly pulled the door shut and she smiled once she heard the quiet click.

"It's such a lovely afternoon." Fluttershy smiled as she turned to the sky. She hovered a bit above the ground enough to see the forest slightly overhead.

She landed softly upon the grass and sighed. It was indeed lovely, but it just wasn't the same if there was nopony here to share the beautiful view with. Fluttershy lifted one hoof to her mane. The curls felt as if they were loosening from the spray that was holding them in place. The humidity was beginning to ruin Rarity's hard work.

Fluttershy quickly turned back to her home and went inside. She looked over to the closest reflection and began to try to salvage her mane.

Most of the curls were still in tact, but Fluttershy couldn't help but feel disappointed that it wasn't fresh anymore. Rainbow would never be able to see it the way it was moments ago.

The yellow pegasus sulked to her kitchen. She sat down in her chair and looked up to the clock that was hanging above the sink. Fluttershy's eyes perked open when she noticed how late it had already gotten. Her clock was telling her it was already 5:15 and Rainbow Dash wasn't home from her work yet.

Usually Rainbow would be done with weather around 4:00, but Fluttershy wasn't even sure if Rainbow Dash had to work today. She never mentioned it when she left. Maybe she got the day off and decided to go visit Applejack or something.

Fluttershy brought her hooves to her face and sighed.

Rainbow never really spent any time with Fluttershy anymore. If Rainbow Dash wanted to have fun she would do it with one of their other friends. Usually it would be Applejack or Pinkie Pie. They had so much in common with her, unlike Fluttershy. But the yellow pegasus couldn't help but feel like spending time with Rainbow Dash was really something the both of them needed, but never seemed to get.

"Oh, Rainbow...." Fluttershy sighed and laid her head low on the dinning table.

She could feel that Angel had made his way over to her and was trying to pet her for comfort. Fluttershy of course appreciated his attempt, but nothing would really make her feel better more than seeing Rainbow Dash come home.

She closed her eyes and let the darkness seep through. Her mind was trying to empty of all thoughts, but it was soon interrupted by the house phone.

Fluttershy was startled by the loud ringing and quickly jumped out of her seat.

A few more seconds of the phone ringing, and Fluttershy finally relaxed herself. She let her heart slow back down to a normal pace and then she finally walked over to the phone that was sitting on the kitchen counter.

"I wonder who it could be..." Fluttershy looked at the phone for a few more seconds, and then she picked it up and placed it next to her face.

"Hello?" Fluttershy's voice was calm and collected as if she were never frightened just moments ago.


The yellow pegasus pulled the phone away from her ear. The screeching voice rung through her ears for a moment before she brought it back to her face. Fluttershy was trying to connect the voice with a pony, but she didn't hear it good enough to recognize.

"Yes?" Fluttershy quietly said, questioningly.

"Oh, Fluttershy! It's Rarity!"

Fluttershy was finally able to hear Rarity's voice speaking and she felt a bit relieved to hear her calling, however, Rarity seemed like she was in a panic and this made Fluttershy's heart begin to race again.

"Is...is something wrong?" Fluttershy spoke softly but loudly enough for Rarity to hear.

"I...I'm not exactly sure, but I think you need to come by the shop quickly!" Rarity seemed like she was stressing her words a lot.

"I....Oh...okay!" Fluttershy looked around in confusion.

Rarity's end had already cut off before Fluttershy heard a response. She quickly slammed the receiver done on the counter and began making her way quickly out the front door. She wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but whatever it was, Rarity seemed to be in quite a fix.

Fluttershy could feel her heart racing as she flew as quickly as her wings would take her in the direction of Rarity's boutique. Her mind was spinning in so many directions that she was beginning to feel dizzy. Her vision was blurring as she flew swiftly towards Ponyville.

What in Equestria was going on over there?!


The yellow pegaus jolted to a sudden stop. She tumbled from the sky onto the ground below and she could feel that her wings had been scraped up from her fall. She turned to see who had called out to her.

"Applejack?" Fluttershy let the farm pony help her to her hooves. She began to dust her coat off as Applejack wiped her face clean.

"What are y'all in such a hurry fer?" Applejack brought her attention to Fluttershy's mane. There were curls going off in all sorts of directions, but the farm pony avoided that conversation and kept it to herself.

"I...Oh yes! I need to hurry off to Rarity!" Fluttershy began to lift herself from the ground with her wings, but she quickly fell back down. She turned to see that her feathers were all ruffled up and she hadn't noticed till now the pain that was surging through her body.

"Oh no. This don't look good, sugarcube. We need to get you to the hospital." Applejack started towards Fluttershy with a helping hoof, but was suddenly stopped by the usually timid pegasus.

"No. I'm fine! Really. Rarity needs me!" Fluttershy said in a frantic.

Applejack looked closely at her panicking friend. She wasn't sure how to take Fluttershy's unusual behavior, but she knew something must be awfully serious to get her all worked up like this.

"Ah....all right. But let me take you there. I was actually headin' over myself to give Rarity a visit. What y'all mean she needed yer help?" Applejack lifted Fluttershy over her back and turned to make sure she was comfortable and secure.

"She called me just a while ago in a panic! I need to get there!" Fluttershy's voice was cracking with every syllable. Applejack could tell that her friend was on the verge of tears.

"Don't worry, sugar. We will get y'all there in a jiffy. I'm sure everythin' is just fine." Applejack reassured her as she began to make her way to town. Fluttershy, on her back, was making it more difficult, but Applejack was good at heavy lifting, and she knew that her friend was in a fix. The best thing to do was to help her get things straightened out with Rarity, whatever that happened to be.

"So, what exactly did Rarity say to ya?" Applejack tried to keep Fluttershy calm with her soothing voice. She held one hoof on Fluttershy's side as she lugged her to Rarity. She could see the town was only steps away from them.

"I'm not exactly sure. She was very subtle and quick, but she really seemed like she was in some sort of trouble." Fluttershy's voice seemed to be calming down as a result of Applejack's comfort and also the sight of town before her.

"Well we're almost there, so don't you worry yourself now." Applejack stopped for a moment to regain her strength, and she was soon walking forward again.

Applejack walked slowly with Fluttershy on her back in silence for a few moments. The two were both starting to worry again about Rarity.

The town seemed to be normal as it usually was. Ponies were out and about doing the daily things of life. Applejack and Fluttershy could see that Rarity's boutique was eyesight away from them.

"I can walk from here!" Fluttershy began to climb off of Applejack's back before the farm pony could even object.

Fluttershy was running towards the boutique at this moment. Applejack began to catch up with her as the two finally approached Rarity's home. Fluttershy knocked on the door once, but she hesitated not to open the door before she was given a proper answer.

"Rarity?" Fluttershy called out upon entering.

Applejack looked around as she entered in behind the unusually forceful pegasus.

"Rarity?" Applejack decided to call out as well to give Fluttershy a little more help with her mission.

Neither of the two heard a response at first, but soon they both turned to the sound of hoofsteps making it's way around the corner.

"Is that you, Rarity?" Fluttershy quickly made her way to the sound of the hoofsteps.

Her heart raced with fear, but to her surprise, Fluttershy crashed straight into a rainbow-maned pony.

Applejack galloped over to the two collided ponies. She looked down with confusion as to why Rainbow Dash was hear at Rarity's boutique.

"RD? What'cha doin' here?" Applejack looked down upon her two pegasi friends.

Fluttershy looked up into Rainbow's bright pink eyes with her own confusion as well as relief.

"I see you decided to finally come." Rainbow Dash got up and turned away from the two ponies behind her.

Fluttershy helped herself to her hooves.

"Where's Rarity at?" Fluttershy asked frantically. She was glad that Rainbow Dash was here, but what about Rarity's call for help?

"Hmph.." Rainbow flicked her tail sarcastically in Fluttershy's face.

Applejack was a bit startled by Rainbow's strange attitude, but she slowly made her way over to her friend.

"What's goin' on here?" She placed an orange hoof upon Rainbow's shoulder.

"Oh, nothing. I was just wondering where Fluttershy was off to. I can never keep my eyes on her. She's always gone somewhere." Rainbow turned around and shot Fluttershy and nasty look.

The yellow pegasus' heart was pumping quickly and her mind was spinning out of control. What in the world was she talking about?

"I...I..." Fluttershy started, but her words were not heard.

"You can never stay put." Rainbow Dash walked over to the other side of the room and then back again. Her pacing was making Fluttershy nervous, and Applejack was just completely dumbfounded as to what was happening between the two.

"Well....do you know where Rarity is?" Applejack asked the pegasus who was continuing to pace the wooded floors.

"Somewhere." She answered coldly.

"Where?" Fluttershy popped her head up. Her voice was soft and timid once again.

"Why does that even matter? Why all of a sudden do you care so much about her?" Rainbow Dash turned around from her pacing and looked Fluttershy directly in the eyes. She looked at her from head to hoof. Her lips curled, and she had a look about her that Fluttershy had never seen before in her life.

"What did she do to you?" Rainbow looked directly at Fluttershy's mane. The curls were completely ruined by now and Fluttershy had no way of seeing.

"Wh-what do you mean?" The pegasus began to cower down lower and lower. She could feel her eyes burning with tears and fear.

Rainbow Dash didn't answer. She instead turned back to the room she had entered from and disappeared into the shadows.

Applejack looked down at Fluttershy who was now covering her face with her hooves. The farm pony wasn't sure if she should go down there and comfort her, or go over to Rainbow Dash and give her a nice pop in the muzzle.

She wasn't able to choose, because Rainbow came back from the room and this time Rarity was behind her.

"Thanks to you I was able to find her." Rainbow looked at Rarity with a smirk.

The unicorn's expression was ghostly. She didn't have neither a smile or fear to be seen. Applejack turned to her marefriend with her own confusion, but Rarity wasn't able to give her any answers with her expressionless face.

Rainbow Dash turned back to Fluttershy who was still crying on the floor. She walked over to her and offered her a hoof to help herself up. Fluttershy didn't know how to take it. Should she accept the offer, or should she just stay on the ground in fear? Rainbow Dash didn't give her enough time to process. She quickly grabbed Fluttershy up herself and lifted her from the ground with force.

It didn't exactly hurt Fluttershy, but her heart was aching from all the questions she had inside.

"Come on. Let's go home and get you cleaned up." Rainbow Dash smiled at the yellow pegasus as if she had suddenly changed to another pony. Back to her old self.

Fluttershy didn't know how to take it. She was confused enough as it was. She turned to Applejack who just looked back at her with just as much confusion as before. She had one eyebrow perked up like she was a bit afraid for her friend, but she knew that Rainbow Dash wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She could get brash sometimes, but that was really all to the pegasus.

Applejack slowly nodded her head at Fluttershy in assurance. She smiled to give the pony some comfort before she was taken away from the shop.

Fluttershy was softly being pulled away back in the direction of home. She could feel Rainbow's grip on her arm become stronger, but she felt as if it were protecting her from the Rainbow Dash that had just lashed at her.

This grip was from the Rainbow Dash she loved, and she was no longer being attacked by the Rainbow Dash she didn't know.

She was still confused as to what exactly had just happened back at Rarity's boutique, but she hoped that she wouldn't have to remember it ever again. It didn't even feel real anymore.

As Fluttershy looked up at the pegasus who was walking beside her, she felt a sense of safety. This was the pony she loved with all of her heart.

"Are you okay, Fluttershy?" Rainbow looked down at the yellow pony who was still staring into her eyes.

"Ah...y-yes..." Fluttershy looked down quickly, avoiding the beautiful pink eyes of Rainbow Dash.

However, she could still see a glimpse of the baby blue pony that was leading her home.

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