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Tempest has been a pirate for nearly all his life... but he is no ordinary pirate. He is cunning, quick, dashingly handsome, strong and most importantly a gentlecolt.

The life of a pirate isn't easy, there's the gambling, the drinking, the fighting, the bedding of sultry mares and of course the plundering of vast riches. However Tempest steals the one thing he could never have foreseen... The hearts of not one but two princesses who then wage bitter war over his heart. So you go ahead and listen to his story and you tell me if you think being a pirate is easy.

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Absolutely brilliant name for a story, taught story itself was unreadable(way too much italics and not enough well anything interesting).

SOOO AWESOOOME, i can hardly wait for more :D

The Pirates of the Caribean theme was playing in my head while I was reading this :rainbowlaugh:

2725447 heh the pirates of the Caribbean was playing when I wrote this

When shall yeh be updatin',Capt'n?
:eeyup: (big macs kinda like a pirate)


(Remove "well") I was born in the seaside city of Trottingham, I’m a unicorn and as far as I know I was abandoned at birth by my parents. So I grew up on the streets fighting for everyday of life until the day I met my true family… it’s quite a riveting story. Would you like to hear it? You would? Great! Well it was way back when I was just a colt no older than six or seven…

“Look at his face! Priceless!” one of the guards choked out between bouts of laughter.
“H-he actually believes it(!)” another said.

I looked the guard straight in the eye and drew my hoof back. “Hey mister(.)” I said softly.

I bolted through the crowded market ducking and weaving through the mass of ponies. I could hear the guards behind me, trying to push through the crowd(,) but their large size made it difficult. Despite my advantage(,) the guards had soon leveled the playing field by taking to the air.

“You’ve got heart kid(,) I’ll give you that. Not many would dare strike a guard(,) but you’re gunna have to pay for that(period)” he said removing his helmet and raising his hoof to strike me. I shut my eyes and waited for the beating, but it never came. Instead I heard a loud smash and cautiously opened one eye just in time to see the guard slump forward unconscious with a stupid look on his face.

A largely built brown stallion stood behind the guard holding what was left of a rum bottle between his teeth. He had a ragged beard, unkempt mutton chops and a black patch adorning his left eye. “Hey buddy *hic* you should pick on someone *hic* your own size(.)” He said in a gruff voice, dropping the broken bottle on the ground and walking over to where I lay.

“You okay kid?” he asked swaying slightly. Goddess(,) he smelt heavily of rum and sea salt nearly making me gag. However, I managed to choke out a reply.
“Yeah, I guess so(.)” I replied, trying to stand. I felt a hoof on my shoulder and winced with pain as I felt him lift me up onto his back.
“Easy kid, you had quite a tumble *hic* there(.)” he said slowly, trying not to slur his words as he walked quickly through the streets with me bouncing on his back.

“I don’t have a name mister, my parents abandoned me when I was just a new born foal(.)” I replied truthfully. He stopped in front of a large oak door and turned to face me.

“I found this one outside the tavern picking a fight with a guard(,) and before you ask(,) he don’t have a name nor a family(.)” Ocean answered bluntly.
“My, that is unfortunate(...)and I suppose you are thinking of adopting him into our little band of merry misfits then(,) hmmm?” the voice mused.

At the mention of adoption I felt a warm surge within my heart. ‘Adopted’ I thought over and over, almost in a trance. It was unreal, the thought had never crossed my mind before. I had always accepted the fact that I would always be alone. Suddenly Ocean shifted and I rolled off his back onto the floor, sending my train of thought off the rails.

I stared up at the silhouettes of the ponies gathered around me as Ocean replied. “Yes(,) if that is what he wants. What say you kid…wanna be a pirate?” he eagerly asked, staring intently at me with a grin on his face as my reaction became one of intense surprise.

“I’ll take that as a yes. Welcome to the crew of the Maelstrom(,) kid. We sail at first light so get some rest(.)” Ocean said(,) picking me up again and carrying me over to a hammock, where he placed me down gently. I quickly fell asleep, exhausted from today’s events. A small smile had formed on my lips as I slept… I had finally found a family… I wasn’t alone anymore.
Bet you smiled at that(,) huh? I knew you would(,) it’s a very heartwarming story. Perhaps one day I’ll tell of my adventures on the Maelstrom. But for now(,) you’ll have to settle for the main event. It’s a whale of a tale, so let’s not waste any more time.
On with the story(,) which(,) come to think of it(,) starts in very much the same way except I was in Canterlot for some reason…

This is where I choose to stop, being busy with other things. If you wish for me to proofread the rest, send me a note.

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