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In the end, everything shall return to what it came from: ashes and dust. There is no Good, there is no Evil; there is only Order, Harmony, and Chaos. In the end, not even those matter, because I will always be there when they return to ashes and dust as well.
I am That Which Is Infinite, It That Watches; I am Nameless, The End of All.

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Comments ( 15 )

Death, as a character, is always so cool.
That was a nice little story.
I just hate how bad I am at explaining my satisfaction.

's fine.
Thank you.
Hrm. Maybe I should do a second chapter.

Wow, this is kinda fucked up.

In a good way :pinkiehappy: I like it. Have a thumb.

I may actually make a second chapter once I get back into writing.

!hcum os siht dekli I yhw dneherpmoc ton nac dnim yM .woW

I'm glad you liked it!

2829226 You should do a second chapter.


That was amazing.

Well done!

Woah, thanks!

4475965 Why are you surprised that your amazing writing got a positive comment?

Or is it that you're still getting comments almost a year after you published this?

Both. I've been having trouble writing recently, so I haven't updated any of my stories in a long time- thus, it's a surprise to see that someone's found it.

4476333 Ah.

I was looking through theRedBrony's old blog posts to bug him about updating, and I saw this.

Keep writing! Why did you stop?

I have life stuff going on, so I don't have much time to write. My main focus writing wise is 'The Wolf and the Sun'. I'm not at all happy with anything I produce for it even then, so... yeah.

4483173 Eh, fair enough.

I'll start reading "The Wolf and the Sun" then.

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